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If you're an aspiring web designer, you've likely heard of the term UI before. But how is it different from UX, and what does it have to do with designing websites? To answer these questions, let's start by defining what UI design is and why it's important. User interface design plays an important role in determining how people interact with a software product.

What Does a UX Designer Do? [Updated 2022]

The intent is to address the primary questions designers face and identify possible solutions and directions. This post focuses on two aspects of the initial layout and display of facet filters in a results list.

Designers of a faceted navigation start with 2 common questions:. This is perhaps the most common position and seems to work well for obvious reasons. A left-hand position is common for navigation menus on the web. Here, the top facets will always appear horizontally, even at smaller browser sizes. Of course, there is more vertical scrolling involved to reach all the facets, and some may be below the fold. The results list can appear prominently in the center of the page and should be visible with this arrangement.

Typically, the values are stacked vertically. There is no guarantee that users will notice and interact with this arrangement, though. Daniel Tunkelang, for one, suggests that a column on the right may be too subtle for users to notice. The Flamenco interface for faceted navigation developed at the University of Berkeley California even has an algorithm to determine label length, and if they are short the values are presented in two columns.

Some instances of faceted navigation place the filters horizontally at the top of the results list. Studies with users at Ebay suggest that people used the facets to filter a list of items more when located horizontally than on the right side. Of course, on the downside a horizontal arrangement is that the results list is further down on the page. A horizontal arrangement also has more constraints than on vertical arrangement. Generally, not more than facets with their values can be shown at any one time.

Also, the Inline Expand approach to showing more values is not viable. See my previous post on showing more values. With a horizontal layout, the values are typically listed in vertical stacks, as in Figure 3. However, there are examples of also listing the facet values horizontally as well.

My suggestion is to consider surfacing that type of metadata as pivot links within the list items. For example, NextBio links author names in the results list circled in yellow in Figure 6. Clicking one pivots to a new results list for that author. In this example, a complete list of all author names would be quite long to display. There are not many examples of linking faceted metadata within a results list, and for reason: the chance of getting lost in hyperspace potentially increases.

In general, some facets may need more space depending on the way they are displayed. For instance, a large date filter that charts results set size may be better displayed horizontally across the top, while topics are better in a vertically stacked list. Conceivably, the UI could have both vertical and horizontal display of values depending on the nature of the facet. In all of the above examples, the values or subset of values within each facet are revealed by default. However, some implementations of faceted navigation opt to hide the facet values by default.

For instance, on Forrester. See figure below. In a presentation given at the Information Architecture Summit , Mike Madiao refers to these are accordions. If the facets were open by default with, say, 5 default values, only about half of them would be visible above the page fold.

If facets are positioned horizontally across the top, hiding them by default saves valuable real estate. The filters are horizontal and hidden by default. See the dark blue button-like bars in the center of the page just above the results list. Clicking on the facet label reveals a dynamic menu with the values. Selecting a value then replaces the facet label with the selected value for proper feedback on which filters are set.

Here quickly admits that many people may not even be aware that the facets exist with this arrangement. There is also the general question of whether or not control should be given to the user to expand and collapse the facet components. Of course, if they are not shown by default some mechanism will be needed. If they are open by default, it may not be necessary to provide control over the visibility of facet values.

Pingback: Faceting — na lewo czy na prawo? Pingback: What have we learned? Good Enterprise UX links from this week Fransgaard. Thanks for this info. Very useful. Pingback: Designing faceted search: Getting the basics right part 1 « Information Interaction. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Next ». Designers of a faceted navigation start with 2 common questions: Where are the facets located?

To be or not to be? That is a question and a constantly repeating situation. People often have to face some choices which are hard to make. When it happens, a creative team runs tests for both to find out which solution is the best. A creative team divides users into two groups and each of them is shown different variants.

See more ideas about faceted search, user interface design, interface design. Mobile Facet Tray Overlay Examples Filter Design, User Experience.

A Peek into the UI/UX Universe (with examples)

Recently, Office Depot redesigned their search user interface, adding attribute-based filtering and creating a more dynamic, interactive user experience. The good news is that the Office Depot site presents us with an excellent case study for demonstrating some of the important best practices for designing filters for faceted search results, as follows:. By following the attribute-based filtering design best practices this article describes, you can ensure your customers can take care of business without having to spend time struggling with your search user interface. There are two basic ways of selecting values for filters: drill-down and parallel selection. Ignoring the various modalities of the many derivative mechanisms for these primary modes of selection, the two basic ways of specifying a value for a filter essentially boil down to two choices: links and check boxes. A link is the simplest mode of filter selection. By clicking a link, a customer can either select a single value for a specific filter or drill down a level in a taxonomy, like a category or department hierarchy. In contrast to links, which let customers indicate a single filter value, check boxes let customers indicate parallel selections of multiple filter values, limiting the scope of search results to those that match them. The Kayak. Links and check boxes complement one another very well.

Both tools help users narrow large sets of content, but faceted navigation — while more flexible and powerful — is more difficult to create and maintain. By Kathryn Whitenton.

Design Patterns for Mobile Faceted Search: Part II

Another example shows how facets can be organized into tabs to provide better UI: Although tabs are an option; they can create “friction” for.

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Years ago, we had doctors - just doctors. They practiced every kind of medicine, had small offices, and even made house calls. We called them general practitioners. As the field of medicine grew and research and knowledge expanded, doctors began to specialize. Now we go to one doctor for ear, nose and throat issues; we go to another for skin issues; we go to others for issues with any of our major internal organs.

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How to display category posts in wordpress page

By default, WordPress shows 10 posts in every archive type page. That includes category, tag, and serach pages as well. This is an easy option to tweak. But what if you want different numbers of posts for different categories? Or you want to change the number of search results that are displayed separate from the regular archive section? Fortunately, we have some hooks that will help us achieve the results we want.

I do have two questions for you, though. Your email address will not be published. Dan Olson says:. August 7, at pm. Bhagwad Jal Park says:. Thanks, will try that. December 12, at pm. Thank-you for the plugin! Very helpful!

Certain WordPress blogs require their content displayed in a very specific way. Some publish tiny short stories of 55 words each, others might have poetry carefully calibrated to particular screen widths. By default, WordPress shows 10 posts in every archive type page. That includes category, tag, and serach pages as well. This is an easy option to tweak.

Category Posts Widget is a light widget designed to do one thing and do it well Customize your WordPress site's appearance by easily adding custom CSS.

Display Posts From A Specific Category In WordPress

Are you a WordPress blog or site owner and want to create a custom homepage with category wise posts, then this post is for you. Following are some queries by site owners: Show category posts on wordpress homepage, Show recent posts from specific category, Category wise recent post in grid layout with title and thumbnail and Recent posts from specific category. Now, if you are also searching for the above queries, then the following is the answer of your all queries. Latest Posts block have content, featured image, sorting and filtering setting options, which helps to create category wise post listing.

You can find some plugins that give you a shortcode to list category posts.

How to Display Recent Posts from Category in WordPress

How to Display Recent Posts from Category in WordPress

It was more of a marketing thing than development upgrade - individual add-ons got eliminated and costlier pricing plans with pre-bundled modules were introduced. These shortcodes will be replaced by the actual information when …. Using the Dokan tool section you can create the default …. Within the page shortcodes you'll find:. This shortcode will work only for WC Marketplace, because this plugin has options to add custom fields in registration forms. Display vendor store-name Dokan on WooCommerce admin order preview. Boost your website's functionality with Shortcodes. The plugin provides sufficient base elements and WooCommerce elements, developmental tools for users to build a completed email.

a development installation of WordPress; an existing theme with a ultrasoft.solutions Writing a Query to Output Posts in the Same Category.

It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. I'm trying to get my news page to display content from one category only number 3 but I cant seem to get it to work. Instead of just displaying posts from category 3 it displays posts from all category's.

This code snippet has become a WordPress plugin!

The principle of alignment in web design

Learning from Bad Web Design

Graphic design is a sought-after skill that can help produce high-end designs to promote brands at a national and international scale. Adding graphics to your design can help you showcase your creative skills and make a good impression on your clients. Graphic design courses can equip students with the necessary skills to apply for a position in the fields of advertising or marketing across all business sectors.

In the context of graphic design, balance is of three types. This fundamental aspect of a design which creates a visual connection between elements such as images, shapes or blocks of texts. Alignment helps develop a sharp and ordered appearance by eliminating any distortion within the layout.

Rhythm brings together different elements to create a more organised and consistent look. Repetition of certain elements such as logos or colour can help make a brand easily recognisable and strengthen the overall look.

Rhythm is classified into two types;. Proximity helps in decluttering the overall design by creating a relationship between related elements. It forms a visual connection among important design factors such as colour, font, type or size, ensuring the layout is balanced to form a perfect design. It enables the audience to have a pleasant overview of what they are looking at, thereby offering a good user experience. Choosing the right colour can help define the tone of the design.

Graphic designers use a colour palette to choose colours that can create contrast or even work together to complement other elements. You can apply to one of these courses and unleash your creative potential! We use cookies to enhance your experience. By continuing to visit this site you agree to our use of cookies. Please read our Privacy and Cookies policy to find out more.

BA Hons Fashion. BA Hons Graphic Design. BA Hons Hospitality Management. BA Hons Illustration. Global Master of Business and Management. MA Fashion Business and Management. MA Global Marketing and Communications. MA Luxury Business Management. Home Blog Careers 7 basic principles of graphic design. Enquire Now. Amelia Hayward-Cole. Balance This refers to the distribution of the graphic design elements, such as shapes, text boxes and images, of a design evenly throughout a certain layout.

Radial — Here, the elements of a design are placed in a circular pattern on the layout. This provides a sense of movement and dynamism to the eyes of the viewer. Alignment This fundamental aspect of a design which creates a visual connection between elements such as images, shapes or blocks of texts.

Rhythm is classified into two types; Fluid — This adds a significant amount of variation to the design, keeping the flow in a single direction. Progressive — Progressive rhythm is based on a clear sequence which controls the visual movement of the audience between the different elements. Proximity Proximity helps in decluttering the overall design by creating a relationship between related elements.

Proximity Principle in Visual Design

Proximity Principle in Visual Design

In the visual age of the Internet it's relatively easy to create your own graphic designs, but they don't have to look homemade. Whether you're designing a logo, an event announcement, a social network banner, a letterhead, or an email newsletter; you absolutely need to know five basic principles of graphic design. Notice below in the template on the left, taken from Apple's Pages, related elements are grouped together, as opposed to the linear arrangement of amateur designs as shown on the right. Though at first the elements may appear scattered, their proximity adds unity and continuity to the page. Even if you intend on sticking to templates, it still helps to know design principles for the purposes of customizing an existing design. Another important design principle is aligning elements in a visual and readable arrangement. Most amateur designers start off by aligning everything in the center of the page, but that's not the only way.

The 'Z' layout is another important design principle. This is when the eye scans from left to the top right, forming an imaginary horizontal line. Them, it goes.

The importance of alignment in web design

In simple terms, alignment refers to the arrangement of different design elements on various positions.

CRAP Design Principles: Creating a Great UX Design [Infographic]

Alignment Principles of Design

Alignment is part of the structure by which elements are placed in a design. It dictates that visual components, whether they be text or images.

Design Principles Alignment

Design Principles Alignment

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