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Get description in wordpress - Cost of Goods allows you to easily track total profit and cost of goods by adding a Cost of Good field to simple and variable products. Set costs of goods for y...

Get description in wordpress

Every WordPress blog post must have the title, post title shows what the article is all about. Even the google crawler checks the post title to index the page. If you are a beginner to the WordPress theme development you may be wondering, what are those WordPress functions for post titles? Inside the wp-includes open a PHP file written post-template. If there is no string, nothing is returned. So, the ID is passed as the parameter of the function.

How to change the preview of WordPress posts on Facebook and Twitter?

You can easily create menus of any complexity, simple or multi-layered, consisting of several subsections. There are several ways to customize your WordPress website menu. You can do this through the admin panel, as well as using plugins and shortcodes. With their help, you can correctly and with style increase the usability of your pages.

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Often when creating your homepage or a featured content page or slider you will need to get content from specific pages in your site. The following code snippet show a quick and easy way to do this, based on the ID of the page, post or custom post type. Rinse and repeat to include content from multiple pages. If you need to get the page ID you can easily do this by logging into your WordPress website admin and opening the page, post or custom post type for editing. The page id is visible in the address bar as shown in the screenshot below.

If you fill that box in, however, you can then display what's written in it with the following piece of code (provided your theme doesn't.

How to get author details in WordPress

How to get author details in WordPress

Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission. Defining your keywords and meta descriptions for each of your posts in WordPress is a great way to step up your SEO strategy. Ready to get started? Adding keywords and meta descriptions to your WordPress site helps Google rank your website better. This, in turn, means more traffic, which can lead to more sales and a growing audience. Keywords and meta descriptions let Google know what your site is about. By adding keywords to your site that people often search for, you allow those people to more easily find your website and its contents. And what good is a website if nobody can find it?

Learn more View pricing. Our field builder allows you to quickly and easily add fields to WP edit screens with only the click of a few buttons! Fields can be added all over WP including posts, users, taxonomy terms, media, comments and even custom options pages! Load and display your custom field values in any theme template file with our hassle free developer friendly functions!

The menu is the main navigation on a site.

WordPress is a powerful publishing platform which allows both users with no coding experience and developers alike to create and share content quickly and easily. What if you want to start developing themes and plugins for your WordPress website or for clients? Theme developers and plugin developers have access to hundreds of functions the WordPress core exposes so that they can extend and customize any WordPress installation to perform and behave exactly as they would like. We checked to see what are the most common WordPress functions these themes use to create great WordPress Experiences. The following list of WordPress functions is what we found.

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“get page title wordpress” Code Answer's $ID);?>.

Easily configure, monitor, and protect servers and sites in minutes. We provide you with the tools needed to create and automate all server management tasks, allowing you to focus on empowering your customers and build every facet of their website experience. Manage hundreds of features baked into cPanel or allow your customers to take the wheel.

Would you like to learn how to add a meta description in WordPress , easily? We take you through the steps necessary to make sure you can set up your meta descriptions and keywords. Find out how to fill in the WordPress meta box , simply and correctly. We also review what benefits adding metadata to your site can provide, looking at how it could help you beat the competition and get more visitors. This can all be changed, however. The use of Search Engine Optimisation techniques can turn around the fate of most sites.

Categories allow you to easily sort content on your website.

How to Use get_the_author_meta in WordPress to Show Author Info

Creating a blog, website, or e-commerce on WordPress is quick and can be done without any coding knowledge. In this post, we'll show you why to choose this platform, how to set up and customize themes, and how to make your site perform as best as possible, attracting new customers. Did you know it is possible to have a fully functional and attractive website for your company without writing a single line of code? For sure, it is not ideal if you are trying to optimize lead generation and conversions while focusing on security and data protection.

But, to start building your presence online, you can quickly set up and create a WordPress site without coding. Want to know how? Here are the topics we will discuss:. But there is more to it. WordPress is a fully-featured, ever-growing, and community-based service. It is free to start and offers everything you need to create and manage content-focused websites.

The theme you choose will make a significant difference in your success. There are two ways to find the perfect free WordPress theme that fits your business and your brand. But you can also search on Google for more variety. Just keep in mind that themes outside WordPress can present some flaws that will need coding to be corrected.

Therefore, it is time to find the right colors, fonts, and layouts. Fortunately, WordPress has a native tool for customizing all these aspects without any need for coding. The options are limited, of course, but they can help you match your website visuals with your brand persona better. The official marketplace for them offers a great variety of plugins for free, including those that can improve your theme customization options.

With your free theme ready, it is time to fill pages with content. The hard part of doing that for yourself is optimizing it for better user experience and, even more important, SEO.

A great business website needs to climb positions on Google based on relevant keywords, to attract and retain leads, and, of course, to boost conversions. Doing that without knowing how to code is possible when you have the right partners at your side.

Our specialized professionals will work with you to find the right themes, the right content, and the best way to improve SEO and user experience. We do everything your site needs to make it a conversion machine so you can focus on your business. All of that is done in the most popular and familiar platform, so you can be part of this evolution.

WordPress is the most popular website builder platform today. It powers more than However, you might not be sure where to begin, and It could be overwhelming when you first get started. Now we need to find you a domain name. The domain name is your website name.

It's now easier than ever to create your own website, even if you have.

A Beginner’s Guide to Developing a WordPress Theme

WordPress is a fantastic platform for building websites on the fly with little to no development time required to get up and running.

Top website builders for WordPress in 2022

People do everything on their phones these days, from checking emails to shopping to setting appointments. But building a new website? With the WordPress app, you can quickly and easily create an exciting, unique site — right from the palm of your hand. There are dozens of platforms you can use to build your website and some of the others offer the ability to build from your mobile device as well. So why choose WordPress?

Yes, it's possible to make a completely free WordPress website. So whether you're a blog hobbyist, web developer, business owner, or just someone looking to try.

More bloggers, small businesses, and Fortune companies use WordPress. And one that search engines will love. So you can focus on sharing your work, growing your audience, and even making money. Choose from 60 styles depending on the content and functionality you want — and your website needs.

Creating a blog, website, or e-commerce on WordPress is quick and can be done without any coding knowledge. In this post, we'll show you why to choose this platform, how to set up and customize themes, and how to make your site perform as best as possible, attracting new customers.

However, if you are new to WordPress, all you have to do is to follow the steps mentioned in this tutorial for beginners. I have listed the required steps and discussed the important aspects of developing WordPress theme. WordPress is a widely used open-source content management system CMS around the globe. You can also choose this platform to create a strong online presence and establish your business online effortlessly with the help of powerful WordPress software. WordPress is an obvious choice and the simplest one to begin with.

There are a bunch of ways to build a new WordPress website while the existing site is live. None are more technically right than any other method, but all of the ways you could approach this have varying demands of your technical capability. Of course the goal here is to make sure that the existing website still functions right up until the point where you want to switch the new site on — with almost zero downtime.

Html a href id css

We occasionally use anchor links in our longer WordPress posts to help users quickly jump to the section they want to read. Anchor links are often used in the table of content sections because they help users move up and down a lengthier article without reloading the page. It can also help with SEO as Google may show them below your search listings for easy navigation more on this later. In this step by step guide, we will explain what are anchor links and show you how to easily add anchor links in WordPress. Below is a list of all the topics we will cover in this guide. An anchor link is a type of link on the page that brings you to a specific place on that same page.

HTML id Attribute

Every web application generates lots of HTML markup. If the markup is static, it can be done efficiently by mixing PHP and HTML in a single file , but when it is generated dynamically it starts to get tricky to handle it without extra help. Yii provides such help in the form of an Html helper, which provides a set of static methods for handling commonly used HTML tags, their options, and their content.

The second one is the content to be enclosed between the start and end tags. Note that we are using Html::encode — that's because the content isn't encoded automatically to allow using HTML when needed.

If the CSS class option is specified using the array style, you may use a named key to mark the logical purpose of the class. In this case, a class with the same key in the array style will be ignored in Html::addCssClass :. When using addCssStyle , you can specify either an array of key-value pairs, corresponding to CSS property names and values, or a string such as width: px; height: px;. The removeCssStyle method accepts an array of properties to remove.

Dealing with form markup is quite repetitive and error prone. Because of that, there is a group of methods to help dealing with them. Note: consider using ActiveForm in case you're dealing with models and need validation. Forms can be opened with beginForm method like the following:. The first argument is the URL the form will be submitted to. It can be specified in the form of a Yii route and parameters accepted by Url::to.

The second one is the method to use. The third one is an array of options for the form tag. The first argument for all three methods is the button title, and the second one is an array of options. The title isn't encoded, so if you're displaying data from the end user, encode it with Html::encode. There are two groups of input methods.

The ones starting with active , which are called active inputs, and the ones not starting with it. Active inputs take data from the model and attribute specified, while in the case of a regular input, data is specified directly. The first argument is the name of the input, the second one is the value that's currently selected, and the third one is an array of key-value pairs, where the array key is the list value and the array value is the list label.

The first argument is the title. It's not encoded, so if you're using data entered by the user, you need to encode it with Html::encode. See Url::to for details on what values it accepts.

Edit it on github! The Definitive Guide to Yii 2. Version 2. Go to Top. User Contributed Notes. Leave a comment. Signup or Login in order to comment.

The easiest way to achieve a smooth scroll effect is to add a CSS rule called scroll-behavior to the whole document (the html tag). However.

CSS Specificity: Things You Should Know

CSS Specificity: Things You Should Know

This means to change the color of a link all you need to do is use the CSS color property on the anchor tag with whatever color Hex you want, in the example below we use red. For the examples in this tutorial we'll be using a Hex color code, but remember, there are many other possible CSS color values; check out our other CSS guide for an overview of all the various ways to use color in your stylesheets. You've probably seen them before, IDs are prefixed with a ' ' sign in CSS and are generally meant to be used only once on any given webpage. Classes on the other hand, are intended to be reused throughout a webpage, and are much more common than IDs. CSS classes are prefixed with a '. Here we use a class with the same red Hex color code. You've probably noticed links changing color when you place your cursor on them, a stylish effect and one that's very easy to implement using CSS. To change the color of your link on hover, use the :hover pseudo property on the link's class and give it a different color.

Selenium Easy

A smooth scroll to anchor is a common concept for single-page applications. There are two ways you can implement it:. The easiest way to achieve a smooth scroll effect is to add a CSS rule called scroll-behavior to the whole document the html tag. However, this rule is applicable for any scrollable container, so you can add this feature only to a specified part of your page. So for our navigation, we can set the scroll-margin-top property to all of the sections that will be equal to the height of the navbar, e.

HTML offers many of the conventional publishing idioms for rich text and structured documents, but what separates it from most other markup languages is its features for hypertext and interactive documents. This section introduces the link or hyperlink, or Web link , the basic hypertext construct.

Complex Selectors

For example, you might want to style paragraphs, but not lists, or you might want to style just one specific paragraph, but not any others. CSS allows you to make these distinctions using selectors. The selector is the opening portion of a CSS ruleset that defines what HTML elements the declarations inside the curly braces should affect:. Like most HTML attributes, it consists of two pieces:. It doesn't matter what particular value you choose, because the id attribute doesn't do anything in and of itself.

How to hide an anchor tag by href #id using css

Get access to thousands of hours of content and a supportive community. Start your free trial today. Watch Video · CSS CSS Basics () Basic.

Probably the most common and easiest way to do this is by simply applying a different class with appropriate styles on the current page link. So in your HTML you would see something like this:. The body class would change depending on what page the user was viewing. This includes a separate selector for each nav item. I agree that the html element is more appropriate than body element, but for this reason: The tagging applies to the whole page, hence the root element should carry that tag. Keep in mind that at some point you might want to display content of the head element which is outside the body element.

Before moving forward, we recommend you to read Routing Introduction first.

W3c has listed all the possible kinds of CSS selectors that you can use in your CSS documents, but only few are them are used frequently. You will find examples for each selector that you can practice and understand the concept easily. The universal selector applied to all the elements. You can also use it for a particular element.

Free wordpress art gallery themes with paypal

This option is enabled by default. ScrollMagic is Wordpress version of ScrollMagic. Simply scroll down to the Changelog section and then click the 'version 6.

It takes you in all types of directions. However, they look like a clickable background on the left and right side of the page. We thank all the authors for giving us permission to ….

The markup will consist of the following elements: A header that will contain a nav. Although this is commonly used to keep menus at the top of your page to create floating menus, the plugin allows you to make any element sticky. So we've used the plugin to make a menu and an image sticky. Scroll up and down and observe the sticky behavior. Warning: There are two common scenarios where a position: sticky element will not stick to the window as intended: No inset property has been defined: Make sure the sticky element has top or bottom set.

Botiga is a complete WooCommerce theme that gets your online business up and running fast. CSS trick to make an image sticky. Sticky Header to the rescue! This plugin will make your WordPress site header sticky with additional options.

Really simple concept today folks! A sidebar that …. You can manage Sidebars in two ways. Im making a website using Wordpress, and I have a sticky menu.

Optional — Effects offset px you can change …. First up, we have breakfast recipes, and if we scroll down, amazing appetisers. Sometimes, we may need to show html "div" area to user once user has passed scrolling through it, so now in this method, we will use Javascript to make div visible on Scroll and stick it at top. EA Smart Post List will let you display your blog posts in a advanced grid layout which is visually stunning with separate cards view.

And in our last example, a query loop has been used to create a news page. Here are the top three WordPress plugins that can help you make a sticky image: Sticky Menu, Sticky Header or anything! Step 1 — Open the Container Settings and navigate to General tab.

From the advanced tab, edit position settings. Feb 3, image scrollable in wordpress, sticky imae in wordpress, WordPress Image scroll down There is no specific plugin to make a sticky image for your website to scroll on all pages of the website. Eclipse is a minimal WordPress responsive theme designed specifically for photographers and photography bloggers. Its deep support for the block editor allows you to easily construct …. In addition, you can also choose when to unstick the sticky block.

Here the important property is the "overflow" that should be hidden. Furthermore, there are a few tools ideal for doing the job, with WP Sticky being one of the most simple and efficient ones. Log into your WordPress dashboard. Responsive Scrolling Sticky Header. The following code will make your background fixed : background: url 'picture. Features of the free version include a long …. Ask Question Asked 1 year, 10 months ago. TextWP is text based, fresh, clean and responsive, free minimal WordPress theme for writers or personal blogs.

Sticky options and scroll effects are two of those …. Dispatch is a fully responsive and retina-ready WordPress theme for photography, portfolio, corporate, personal, and business ….

Now you can enable and disable the sticky menu. Sticky Menu or anything! It is flexible, lightweight, responsive and SEO …. Use these widgets to build the a beautiful website beyond your …. Define the maximum number of characters the script should extract from each header to create …. Sticky Header on Scroll is fully responsive, ensuring a comfortable browsing experience on all devices and screen sizes.

1. Art Gallery WordPress Theme. If you are an art lover and want to have a website to showcase different art forms like painting, sculpture.

Nowadays, it has become a trending topic. You can share your photos across social media thanks to the rise of platforms like Instagram. Making yourself visible online is almost mandatory nowadays to even get a shot at a decent business. You can host your photos yourself too. But, what makes a good WordPress photography theme? The first thing to have in mind is to choose an easy theme to use. Features like being fully responsive, fast loading, and well-coded are valued.

Selling your art online from your own store is a great way to cut out the middleman of online art galleries, art fairs, and marketplaces like Amazon. Even more importantly, you get to keep all of your profits instead of seeing a cut taken off the top. There are plenty of online marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, and Fine Art America out there that make it relatively simple to sell art online. For example, the platform might only allow you to use Caseify for turning your artwork into phone cases. These limitations take control out of your hands as an artist, and as someone setting up a business to sell their art.

When building a WordPress site, should you go with a free or premium theme? OceanWP is a powerful and free WordPress theme with multiple website templates. It can be used to create a nonprofit website with all the.

40+ Best Gym WordPress Themes 2022 (Free & Premium)

WordPress began life in as an extension of a publishing program called Cafelog.

Now click on bKash under Mobile Banking option. Laravel 9 stripe payment gateway integration; In this tutorial, we will learn how to integrate stripe payment gateway in laravel 9 app. Please refer to our extensive. Every aspect of our development is informed by behavioral and sales data, driving high-quality traffic to every product in your store. Rocket and 10 others payment gateway. Be brave, vocal and show your support to Ukraine. Stripe majorly provides payment processing software and application programming interfaces exclusively for e-commerce websites not only but also mobile applications.

Civicrm connect drupal user to contact

Turtle reality. CiviCRM Drupal is a winning combination for charity web design , but they can be very fussy and demanding about how they are set up. Foreign key checks on database tables make it difficult to manage backups and site migrations for a CiviCRM data site in the way you would normally handle a Drupal website - but it can be done. This recipe works for setting up a new development version - or copying data to a new server.

Civicrm connect drupal user to contact

New features and functionality are being constantly developed thanks to a worldwide user base and vast community of developers. Have we piqued your interest? Already a seasoned CiviCRM user, but find your system wanting?

Now go to your Civi site. First, you'll notice the new GDPR Dashboard menu item under 'Contacts'. When you click on this, you'll be taken.

Upgrade CiviCRM

After your application has been approved and your account has been set up, you can follow the steps below to configure your CiviSMTP Account. Step 1. Domain for your mailings. Step 2. Once your account was activated we sent you an email that contains a domain name that you will use for your mailings. It looks something like:. If you would like to use your own domain instead of the domain we gave you then follow these steps to set it up. Please note that whether you use our domain or your own it may take up to 72 hrs for the domain's MX records to fully propagate through DNS before you can send mailings. Configure your CiviCRM. This is the user with which our system communicates about bounces, subscribes, unsubscribes, replies, etc.

NOTE: We are in the process of modifying the file structure and configuration for many Bitnami stacks. On account of these changes, the file paths stated in this guide may change depending on whether your Bitnami stack uses native Linux system packages Approach A , or if it is a self-contained installation Approach B.

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If those Users are spammers, and therefore need to be Blocked or Deleted, you are faced with the difficulty of getting rid of both their Drupal user and the related CiviCRM record. To help us with this task and others related to "user and contact" problems we created a module feature that gives us some new toys to play with. The main functionality of this module is that it allows you to easily identify and delete drupal users Cancel User Account , and their associated Civicrm Contact Record Civi contact's are put in the trash. Additionally you can find drupal users for which there is no civicrm contact. You may find that a lot of your spammers can be identified in CiviCRM by simply running a search for where the domain contains.

Once the RedHen modules have been enabled, you can go to Configuration» RedHen CRM Settings, to enable the connection between RedHen contacts and Drupal.

Redirecting from login to a specific web page for CiviCRM

Civicrm login

Civicrm login

While your mission may stay the same, the way you implement it changes over time.

Feature CiviCRM RedHen CRM Core Create contacts for individuals, organizations and households families Strong overall feature set but lots of out of the box fields that are often not used and require code to remove them. Very few out of the box fields allowing for administrators to add only the fields needed for a specific project. When adding custom fields they cannot by default be merged with out of the box fields in the default views. The RedHen field that integrates with aspects of RedHen works well but needs to be expanded to phone, address, IM services etc. Very few out of the fields, allowing administrators to add only the fields needed for a specific project. Fields are all part of the Drupal Fields API so they are the same as the fields that are worked with in other parts of Drupal. Additional sub-contact types can be added very easily.

CiviCRM Guide

Les deux premiers paquets sont pour Windows et les deux sont pour Macintosh et Linux, respectivement. Localization involves adapting CiviCRM for use in a specific country or language by translating the text displayed on the screen and setting region specific formats for dates and money including currency. If you are using CiviCRM in a different country, need to store contact addresses that appear in countries other than the United States, or want to use CiviCRM in another language, you will need to review and update the values on this screen. CiviCRM has been translated into a number of different languages.

Clause about revisions in website design service agreement

When it comes down to making changes to your contract, you should get an actual lawyer involved read: not me to make sure it holds up in your area. The most important thing is that your clients know just how important it is to get content to you on time.

This way they know what to expect. So just make it as obvious as possible. This start date only applies if we receive all the content in a web-ready state by a certain deadline. If they miss that, there is no guarantee of when we will be able to start their website.

I can basically guarantee you that some clients will still manage to mess it up, or add horrendous formatting within each section. You would still be better off than if you provided no guidance at all. If you find yourself doing similar websites regularly, you can reuse the document templates between clients. One way to make it easy is to use a tool like Content Snare , of course. Change requests and limitations need to be built into your contract.

The reinforcement is a tough one when you get a client who expertly navigates my polite requests with refusal to comply or just a "no". I've never had to pull out the signed contract before to stress and enforce the terms, but after this experience, I may have all new clients initial every line. This is definitely a good learning lesson. Oh that sucks. You could also emphasise just that one portion of the contract verbally and require an initial for that.

I'm going to look at your suggestion of deadlines and see how we can work it into our terms. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Our Blog Getting content from your clients and putting it in your contract. Last Updated February 23, Almost every website job that gets delayed is because of content. Make it clear The most important thing is that your clients know just how important it is to get content to you on time.

Website design and development contract: developers version

Changes to the specification are regulated – there is a process that must be followed by the client in order to prevent scope creep. Additional work is on an.

Drafting the key clauses of Sula Vineyard’s web development agreement

Description of the Services. All design and documentation shall comply with standards currently employed by the Owner. Such change order shall become effective when signed and dated by both parties. Design Team. The Designer reserves the right to make changes to the Design Team in its sole discretion and will provide prior written notice of any anticipated change and a reasonable explanation for the change. The Services will be completed in a timely manner. The Designer will begin the Services on the designated date and continue until the satisfactory completion of the Services. This includes a reasonable amount of changes requested by the Client and limited to no more than 3 rounds. In consideration for the Services, the Client will pay the Designer in accordance with the payment schedule and terms set forth on Schedule B.

Working as a professional interior designer for many decades, I've been involved in design-and-build residential building projects. The importance of signing an air-tight contract agreement between a client and the interior designer cannot be over-emphasized. After extensive consultations with clients, interior designers need to draw up an interior design contract agreement form that will serve as a signed bond between both the client and the interior designer. A contract agreement must include well-detailed instructions on what the project will involve, how it will be implemented and the modalities involved.

The thing most agency and freelance web designers despise is the administrative work involved and the time away from actual development. But a contract readily prepared for your client protects you and your business in order to maintain a clear and defined set of expectations of your service and what will be delivered upon completion.

Contract templates and Clause Library

FirstName] [Client. FirstName] [Sender. LastName] [Sender. This Web Design Agreement is entered into as of date by and between [Sender. Company] having its principal place of business located at [Sender.

Some Tips on How to Write a Contract

Some Tips on How to Write a Contract

As shown in PPP Contract Design Stage, the draft PPP contract is generally needed changes, such as extraordinary reviews of tariffs, or changing service.

Web Design Services Contract: Everything You Need to Know

Renting, buying and selling property, building and renovating, owners corporations, retirement villages. Refunds, returns, repairs, warranties, energy products and services, online shopping, contracts, advertising.

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