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Church website hosting and design

Church website hosting and design

The Revelation Platform is a Website builder specially made for churches , ministries, pastors and kingdom businesses so that they are able to easily edit, blog and share with the world. Weekly Social Media posting. Website hosting. Weekly Social Media Posting. Website hosting and management. Free Website Migration. No setup fee. Unlimited Flyers. Unlimited Videos. Every Genesis Begins with A Revelation. The Revelation Platform is a Website builder specially made for churches , ministries, pastors and kingdom businesses so that they are able to easily edit, blog and share with the world the message of Jesus.

Client: Dr Oscar Guobadia. Solution: Dr Oscar was self managing his websites with WIX, with no human support and no background knowledge, he built a website with a free editor. We had contacted him and renovated his website with the focus being visitor engagement.

Today he is receiving over views on his site, with contact form submissions increasing day by day. The results have been amazing. Is your church website mobile-friendly? Google knows how important pagespeed is to user experience and factors it into their ranking.

People Visit Your. Church Online. As the founder of Revelation, Joshua invests much of his time reaching out to Pastors and building value into small to medium sized ministries. He identifies with the lack of resource and shortage of time that every minister has and desires to bring productivity through systems.

Recently he has graduated from Masters of Ministry and is pursing further studies. Website hosting 6 flyers monthly Weekly Social Media Posting. Contact us For special enquiries. No setup fee Unlimited Flyers Unlimited Videos. Revelation Websites Blog. As we see that Chatbots have taken the marketing world by storm and are offering Artificial Intelligence powered technologies to companies.

Chatbot integrates your customer or your church visitor with the brand, which is the church website itself. And also provides clear information about your motive and creates its awareness. It also creates the ability to communicate effectively with your customers by first telling them how you can help them. And then proceed by greeting the visitor through a welcome message. So it is vital to assure that a church website is able to serve its visitors who are unfamiliar with the church.

The service information and the products that the church sells should be vibrant, evident and obvious. A church website also needs to notify existing members with information on donations, events, small groups, sermons ministries, books, songs and more.

Well even the greatest websites in the world are useless if nobody finds them. So to solve this issue, our platform will give you full insight into to find out how many people are visiting your website, how they are finding it and what they may look at. This will ultimately enhance the measuring process. Also allowing you to check statistics from time to time so you can assess how effective your marketing efforts are and also call us for an upgraded plan where you can sell more products and services.

This is why Revelation is a solution for many churches as we're able to offer the capabilities to easily sell and manage your resources such as church products, books, songs etc. And with this you will also be able save your money which you would have had invested in a dedicated e-commerce platform. Our website is similar to Shopify as it offers a wide-ranging collection of tools for creating and managing an online church stores at affordable worth.

The church shops are fully hosted, and the company delivers a top notch content delivery network at no additional charges to ensure that church stores run quickly, worldwide. And there's absolutely no shortage of variety. Hence the customizable features and functions we offer are more improved, managed and well-organized than those of shopify. Other features of our platform are equally flexible.

We also have an easier payment method for you using stripe cards which will directly be linked with your bank account. Also the church sites can accept payments via PayPal or from other payment options. Not only this, you can manage your products from your mobile phone and also add up to ten free products on our basic plan. You can also call us for a plan upgrade once you are gratified by the experience of gaining more customers through our platform.

We understand that the Churches look for ways through which they can increase the revenue and streamline the buying process in such a way that they may be able to keep their customers and reduce the churn rate while keeping customers intact. Hence we are assertive that through our platform not only you will be able to save money while being in the phase of acquiring customers, but also you will be able to generate a reasonable amount of revenue.

Duda is a web design platform for media agencies and companies that offer web design services. But we are happy to announce that through our platform designers will be able to create any kind of design that they come up with.

We assure you that we have put in a lot of work in regard to the store theme designs. Through our platform we also let you integrate with Facebook and allow you to sell your products on Facebook. As through Facebook you can connect with more customers. We will also initiate the concept of Chabot messenger through the platform of Many Chat and Chat Fuel. With Chat Fuel, we will create a Chabot for you that will deliver your content and more.

Beautiful Church Website Designs

Updated JAN 19, This page may contain affiliate links. The first thing I do when I start a new website project is go check out what others are doing in the space. Dive into each one to see how they are making the most of all the Squarespace features and start writing down some ideas for your own church website. These are real church website examples that you can use to launch a new site or make your current one even better! The best church websites are more than features and design. Grove Church has all the elements of a minimalistic ministry website.

It has never been so easy to create a church website as it is now. With the right website builder, creating a religious website takes just a few minutes!

Create a simple church website with a drag and drop church website builder

Create your church website in minutes using Tithe. It's the best website builder for churches - perfect for beginners or expert web designers on any budget. Make your choice from our collection of church website templates designed by professional web designers. Your site will look beautiful and function like one of the best church websites in the world.

Synagogues, Hebrew schools, and religious organizations. Celebrate culture and tradition with this warm, inviting, and lively template.

We are grateful for your visit and hope to be of service to you and your congregation or ministry. During your visit, we hope to make you aware of the many ways we assist our clients with their website projects. For the last 19 years, we have been the first and only full-time, one-stop-shop company, exclusively for members of the church of Christ , where everything you need is provided within one easily understood package :. If you would like to use our services, please feel welcome to complete our sign-up form so we have enough information to help you further and to get started. We pray that whether you use our services or not, that you will be successful in having a website that is pleasing to God and promotes His true Word to the lost and to your community. Our designs are beautiful, unique and tailored to your specific needs.

We make tremendous church websites, custom design and development, virtual ministry consulting, communications ministry support, and social.

9 Best Church Website Builders of 2022 (Easy for Beginners)

My yearly collection of the best church websites. Each of these sites was handpicked and compiled by Brady Shearer with help from the Pro Church Tools team. Please note: These are not ranked in any specific order.

Designed for churches with built-in media, events, digital giving, live streaming, and more. Ready to create a beautiful, powerful website in just a few clicks?

If you are looking for a church website builder to make a website for your religious organization, you have come to the right place! Doodlekit offers a free website builder that allows churches and their followers the ability to create their own website. Use our advanced template design tools in combination with photos of your members and facilities to create custom church templates.

How many websites run on wordpress

In the first six months of , WPScan catalogued plugin vulnerabilities in their WordPress vulnerability database. In the first six months of , WPScan catalogued 47 theme vulnerabilities in their WordPress vulnerability database. One of the best and easiest solutions is to always keep your WordPress plugins, theme, and core running their latest versions. WordPress has evolved rapidly in the last two decades. Transforming from a blogging platform to a highly extensible CMS, WordPress has grown in terms of users, plugins, themes, and security risks.

The statistics above can help keep you informed about the current state of WordPress — and suggest how it might change in the future.

WordPress Security Statistics Wordfence blocked Wordfence, Wordfence, a popular firewall service, blocked over 86 billion password attack requests in the first six months of The Wordfence Web Application Firewall blocked 4 billion requests coming from blocklisted IPs and attackers attempting to exploit vulnerabilities in the first half of Wordfence, WordPress plugin and theme vulnerabilities remained one of the top targets for threat actors targeting WordPress sites in WPScan recorded new vulnerabilities across WordPress plugins, themes, and core in the first half of WPScan recorded over plugin vulnerabilities in the first half of Wordfence, In the first six months of , WPScan catalogued plugin vulnerabilities in their WordPress vulnerability database.

WPScan recorded 47 theme vulnerabilities in the first half of Wordfence, In the first six months of , WPScan catalogued 47 theme vulnerabilities in their WordPress vulnerability database. Topics: WordPress Website. Don't forget to share this post! What is WordCamp? Expand Offer. Download for Later.

Why Use WordPress Over Other CMS Platforms?

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms in the world. WordPress is compelling, which is one of its many defining traits. Anyone who has ever worked with it will know that anything is possible if you try hard enough. WordPress has continually evolved in its year run, and today has one of the most vibrant website design communities around. Interesting WordPress Statistics. One of the most important metrics that define WordPress is its market share. Currently, WordPress is dominating the market, both as a website design tool and as a content management tool CMS.

There are million live WordPress sites. million people view billion pages every month. million posts are published every.

WordPress now powers 40% of the worlds websites

GTmetrix requires JavaScript to function properly. Please enable JavaScript in your browser and refresh the page to ensure the best GTmetrix experience. We discuss the implications of using low-cost hosting for your WordPress website. Affiliate notice: You may find affiliate links to recommended products below — If you decide to purchase them through the links provided, we may be paid a commission at no extra cost to you. While GTmetrix primarily focuses on front-end performance i. One of the common things we see when analyzing slow performing websites is the combination of complex WordPress websites on low-cost hosting. In this article, we discuss why low-cost hosting might not be the best option for some WordPress websites and what you can do about it. The faster the response to the browser, the faster the browser can start loading your page and displaying the content. There are many factors that determine your server response time including:.

Want to know how to check if a website is built on WordPress?

More Surprising Statistics About WordPress Usage

How Many Websites Use WordPress. WordPress is not only the top technology in terms of the number of live websites using.

Cases make perfect

WordPress is known to be the most frequently used content management system CMS on the web. Nowadays, But why is it so popular and is WordPress good if you need a reliable website for your business? Originally, WordPress was built to be a platform for blogging.

What began as a blogging platform is now the most widely-used content management system in the world, and a wise choice for site owners looking to scale for years to come. In addition to the benefits of using open source software, using WordPress means having access to an entire ecosystem of developers, designers, and WordPress-specialized agencies. The WordPress community is a large and knowing group of experts who are willing to share and collaborate. Its size in the market makes WordPress a leader in innovative digital experiences, and the scale of its developer ecosystem continues to drive innovation and adoption.

Written by Anna Fitzgerald.

For every ten websites you visit, four are probably created using WordPress. An open-source software, WordPress has made a huge impact on the internet that is perhaps hard to imagine, considering its roots as a primarily blogging platform. Today, individual bloggers and well-known brands—including Zoom, Grammarly, Microsoft, and Udemy—are using WordPress to create professional-looking websites that can be combined with marketing software tools to grow their business. These facts and numbers will not only support the status of WordPress as a leading technology in its category but also help you learn more about the costs behind building your own website using the platform. Questions like how many websites use WordPress and is WordPress really free will all be answered, so read on. Current data on the percentage of websites using WordPress in revealed that

By Nick Huss. Last updated: April 7, Currently, there are around 1.

Website optimization is the bedrock of building a strong online presence. An organized way of getting started with complete website optimization is by planning how much attention these areas of your website need:.

They started with the technical SEO audit, keyword research, and on-site content analysis. They also planned to create new landing pages, build off-page links, fix bugs, and improve page hierarchy. The number of targeted keywords in the top 10 went up from 11 to Optimizing your website not only brings traffic to your website but also helps convert visitors into prospects and customers.

GraphicSprings, which provides an online logo design tool, wanted to understand its customers and craft personalized experiences for different customer segments. They decided to create a feedback loop using Qualaroo surveys to target three customer attributes -. Using exit-intent surveys, they started collecting feedback and leads from leaving visitors to retarget them with personalized email campaigns.

By using data from surveys, session replays, and heatmaps, they decided to optimize the website using the following strategies:. We used this example to showcase the importance of incremental optimization changes rather than a complete overhaul.

If you just go ahead and start making changes, it may lead to adverse effects on visitors and conversion rates. That's why a data-backed approach is always rewarding.

To risk sounding like a broken record, website optimization brings in more conversions to your website. That is what we have seen from the examples in the previous points. Its landing page was initially designed with the assumption that people who landed on it knew what Hootsuite was and how it worked.

This approach completely sidelined the new visitors or potential prospects. Hootsuite decided to implement a short on-site survey using Qualaroo to gauge whether the visitors were able to understand the product messaging or not. So the Hootsuite team decided to optimize the landing page using the insights from the survey data. There are multiple ways to approach website optimization. These strategies are interconnected so optimizing one element may affect other aspects to produce an overall positive effect.

Page load speed is the time taken for the page to display the content fully. Page load speed is a primary step towards optimizing your website.

But what is the ideal page load speed? According to Google Webmaster expert Maile Ohye, the acceptable threshold is 2 seconds. According to SEMRush , if your website loads in 2. The first thing to do is evaluate your page speed. Use the Google PageSpeed Insights tool to test the loading speed.

Few examples of these errors are:. In the same way, issues like uneven load distribution, browser incompatibility, high-resolution images, and crowded server hosting can severely impact your website's performance and user engagement. Run quality checks on your website and monitor user feedback to weed out these errors and issues in time to optimize your website. The discovery of websites depends heavily on search engines. That's why organic traffic plays a vital role in the growth of a website.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of making your website rank higher on the search results. If your website's SEO is good, it will attract more traffic and produce higher chances of conversions. But SEO is not just about keywords anymore; it is a combination of different small changes that culminate in optimizing the website for SEO ranking.

Did you know that there is a direct correlation between the keyword match in the title and its page ranking? Google processes over 60, search queries every second. That's why keyword research is essential to create targeted content for your niche. It will help to provide highly relevant content for these queries to the users. Using relevant keywords in your content, you can inform site crawlers about your page's topic, increase website traffic, and improve time spent on the page.

With the right keywords at hand, you can create quality content that matches the search criteria of your audience and improve your SERP ranking.

Schema Markup is microdata that helps Google create a rich snippet on the search engine for your web page when users enter the relevant search queries. It is code you add to the website that enables Google to show more information about your website to the users on the SERPs.

This enhanced description can be the product price, ratings, short paragraph, author, date published, reviews, and other details. Although schema markup is not a ranking signal, it affects your SEO by enhancing user searches.

With the help of rich snippets, people can click on results that appear more relevant. This, in turn, helps Google identify user intent and preferences to improve the page's ranking.

12 web design best practices for 2022

Web developers know what they're doing in terms of optimizing a website for page speed, but is it enough in Google's eyes?

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Why Good Web Design is Important, and Why You Need It

The web design firm you've been looking for. We plan, write, design, build, optimize, and maintain beautiful websites that attract attention and turn.

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This micro lesson is from one of our globally recognized digital marketing courses. It's the art of creating and continuously improving websites to improve the visitor experience, which is going to help result in higher visitor satisfaction, a better user experience, and high repeat visit and conversion rates. All of these things work together to create a better more optimized website experience. It's going to also help users find the information that they're looking for and lead them to make a purchase, sign up for your email list, or whatever else you want them to do.

February 18, By: Tony Mastri.

Download button in wordpress

Go to your admin dashboard. In a browser, select Add Page in the Site Navigation menu as if you were adding a new page. Here, you can add items to your newly minted menu. FTP the created file page-cleanpage.

Step 3 — Press the Add to Menu button. Then, login to your WordPress admin dashboard. This is essentially sub-navigation. To allow users to choose a specific category from a dropdown box and get along with their searches, three different tactics can be implemented in the search form: 1.

A drop-down element contains all of the different categories for a certain section of the website. Take a look at the design below. Example Explained. Add Custom CSS. Copy the URL for the path to the file in the media library.

Callaway Golf. For example, under Pages, simply tick the box next to the name of a page you want to have appear in your WordPress navigation menu. Step 2: Style the Menu. Create a new Link menu item and use as the URL with the link text of categories. This will take you to the Add New Page page, which has the WordPress editor and all the settings for your new page.

Galaico Folia. Of course, you can pick whatever checkout field. All you have to do is manage it on the dashboard page using a shortcode. If I take out the dropdowns though, it goes back to normal. The main advantage of a drop-down list is to save space because the number of views is not limited by space. Make sure you change these to reflect what you are trying to do. Each item in the table of contents links to a subhead lower down on the page. However, the behavior remains the same when you move the cursor over a page title.

Use Visuals. The basic steps of this are: Upload the PDF to the media library. Adding a PDF or document file to the dropdown menus in WordPress takes a few steps but is fairly quick and simple once you have done it a few times. Label: Label attributes works as another approach to labeling options value. There are two types of dropdown lists, which are as follows: Static dropdown list.

See our guide on how to properly create WordPress Posts for more detailed instruction. Then click on the field so that the settings open on the left. Display Pages list as drop down box php code 1. Lists offer web designers a great way to organize information on a page. And next we have comments. Add a drop-down menu like adding a new page.

After that, click the Activate button. To customise the link more, click the cog icon at the end of the field before clicking apply. Define the dropdown menu order. This answer is not useful.

Create a Mega Dropdown Menu. The common screen comment screen appears much like the posts and page screen.

Add a Link to the menu or update an existing one with that file path Selected attributes enable at the very starting points of page loads to show already selected list item from the list. The most common placement of a menu is in the site navigation area or navigation bar and is referred to as a navigation menu.

Selected attributes enable at the very starting points of page loads to show already selected list item from the list. Step 3 - Select the template in the WordPress page editor. We want to achieve a couple of things: When the page is opened, the second-level menu items are hidden. Enter the drop-down caption and field name. Add Menu Items.

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Please wait while your request is being verified...

Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account.

There are 2 ways to add a download button to your WordPress site, either add a button block with default editor or adjust CSS code in.

Advertise here? Fortunately, dedicated download manager plugins exist to help you better organize and monitor the downloads. WP File Download is a powerful download manager plugin that offers drag-and-drop file management functionality. Overall, I enjoyed using this plugin and found the user interface easy to navigate, as the download manager is integrated into the WordPress dashboard. Additionally, WP File Download offers third-party builder integrations. Once you install and activate WP File Download, it will ensure the plugin is compatible with your server configuration. You can make some tweaks like changing the color of your download link or skip this part and proceed ahead. Doing so will redirect you to the Main Settings tab where you can modify various settings.

Download Media from WordPress

We'll let you know when the API is available for you to create something cool.

DataTables Buttons

How to Add a Downloadable File with WordPress (with Video)

Adding the PDF option to a post. It's pretty simple to get the Download PDF button to show up on your posts, if you know where to look. I'm.

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Do you want to have users enter an email address before downloading a file from your WordPress site? Many businesses use free file downloads like eBooks, white papers, etc to collect email addresses and potential leads. These lead magnets convert really well because it offers users an incentive that motivates them to sign up.

The next part will be about creating a download shortcode, a widget and the archive for the custom taxonomy.

So I got a call this morning asking how to download an audio file that WordPress was presenting with medialement. My first thought was to use a custom field to store the audio file URL. Then I could display both a player and a download button based on the same URL. My next thought was to modify how WordPress loaded the media player and hopefully filter the output to add a download link. While this may be possible, I ended up deciding against digging into the filters in WordPress core and just used a few lines of jQuery. Hello, I need help, please help me understand how i can add the same to my blog.

Wonder Gallery. I need my users to be able to download any of the self hosted video and image files. Is this possible?

This document lists the various space characters in Unicode. For a description, consult chapter 6 Writing Systems and Punctuation and block description General Punctuation in the Unicode standard. This document also lists three characters that have no width and can thus be described as no-width spaces. It is possible that your browser does not present all the space characters properly. This depends on the font used, on the browser, and on the fonts available in the system. Their widths are defined in terms of the em unit, i.

Html character web

Characters — Retreive the most common character codes or look around in the full list of thousands of characters organized in categories. Structures — Block of codes consisting of more tags which are always used together: table, list, definition list and form. Attributes — HTML tag attributes provide additional information about the elements.

Gibberish text — Lorem ipsum and other filler text generator to fill pages with content. Table generator — Specify the dimmensions of the grid and other attributes to generate the HTML table. Link generator — Create an anchor tag setting where to point, what text and tooltip to display. You can optionally set it to open the link in new tab. List generator — HTML list generator creates a demo list containing two items, based on the selected list type.

Head tags — Make sure you don't miss anything important from the head section of the website. Open graph — Complete the head section with the Open Graph protocol to help social media sites understand the page.

It seems that your browser is not supported by our application.

At tutorialrepublic. Here you will find:. The tutorial section encloses an extensive collection of tutorials and examples that you can try and test yourself using online HTML editor. You will also find large numbers of demonstrations, tips and techniques covering everything you need to create web pages. The references section outlines all the standard HTML tags and CSS properties along with other useful references such as color names and values, symbols and character entities, web safe fonts, language codes, HTTP messages and much more. Practice while learning is the best way to learn.

is used when you want to write an “&” symbol into HTML text. So if you want to output “Jack In web, some characters may not appear as you want them.

Copyright Sign. Registered Trade Mark Sign. Trade Mark Sign. At Symbol. Paragraph Sign. Section Sign. Account Of. Addressed to the Subject. Double-Struck Capital C. Degree Celsius.

Google HTML/CSS Style Guide

This function returns a string with these conversions made. If you require all input substrings that have associated named entities to be translated, use htmlentities instead.

How to Use Special Characters in HTML

To add additional symbols to the Symbols display, click another category in the list. This code point first appeared in version 1. The new discount codes are constantly updated on Couponxoo. It is safe and easy to use. Detail Pane: displays Bid prices left and Ask prices right grouped by price level.

Wix Editor: Embedding a Site or a Widget

Decimal HTML Character References¶. All of the XSS examples that use a javascript: directive inside of an ASCII Table


There's also live online events, interactive content, certification prep materials, and more. A Web Page, Step by Step.

Wordpress image download

We use cookies to understand how you interact with our site, to personalize and streamline your experience, and to tailor advertising. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies and accept our Privacy Policy. And, because you know website performance and page load speed affects search engine rankings and how long a visitor stays on your site, you need a robust photo gallery solution that keeps your site running fast. Here are the five best WordPress gallery plugins you should consider in no particular order :. NextGEN Gallery is one of the oldest image gallery plugins in the WordPress plugin repository and one of the most downloaded.

Astra comes with several header layouts built-in. The Pro addon extends the possibilities and adds more features further. Manage width, content and even meta. Chris Lema. At Liquid Web we tested over 50 themes for WooCommerce — looking at both performance and price. Astra cleanly beat the competition. Pre-Built Websites. Reduce website design time by using pixel perfect ready to use website demos from our library of starter templates.

So Astra uses Vanilla JavaScript instead. Less than 50 KB. Astra is feather light. Just 0. With default WordPress data, Astra loads in less than a half second.

Astra won hands down. Troy Dean. Astra has always been at the cutting edge of WordPress themes, innovative and forward-thinking. If you need a theme that works perfectly with page builders , is super simple and fast, and yet has all the power and flexibility you could imagine, look no further than Astra. Dave Foy. When speed matters, choose Astra! We were redesigning our product documentation site and one thing we knew we needed was a quick user experience.

Nothing would be more frustrating for a user than waiting for help articles to load. Astra delivered. The first day of our redesign we received compliments about the site's performance.

We are happy, and our customers are happy. Thanks for a great product! Justin Ferriman. The Header Footer Builder. Build stunning headers and footers with an intuitive drag and drop Header Footer builder that lets you fetch the elements you need and manage their styling to suit your website. Everything with the theme and not a single line of code!

With unique features and countless customizations you can build a store that matches your brand. Some More Reasons to Love Astra. Besides design, speed and endless customizability, there are many reasons to consider Astra.

Let's take a look! Accessibility Ready. Astra is accessible and follows WCAG 2. It meets the AA level which is essential for usability. Developers will find Astra to be one of the best themes to work with for its clean and extendable code. SEO Friendly Markup. Astra's codebase architecture follows best SEO practices. It even comes with the necessary Schema. You can translate Astra in your own language with.

You can even create multilingual websites. Developed on Github. Anyone can join the development and contribute. A Brainstorm Force Project. Besides these products, we contribute in many open source projects. Astra is Free. We believe creating beautiful websites should not be expensive. That's why Astra is free for everyone.

Imagely has created the perfect combination for photographers: a gorgeous, customizable turnkey template that is simple for non-coders to set up and manage AND immediately offers the entire WordPress advantage - not to mention dependable hosting, too! NGG provides a far better organization of images with great ease. Both are set to a px download at its max size. The paid downloads shown are set to px. In your pricelists, you can set the pricing, name, and sizes to anything you would like! Not only is NextGEN Gallery completely responsive and mobile-friendly, we optimized it for immense speed to make it the fastest WordPress gallery plugin. It is also the most SEO-friendly gallery plugin thanks to our metadata retention, deep-linking, lazy loading, and pagination.

It is equally important to ensure that all the plugins are up to date. It's a simple step, but downloading the most recent update can fix the.

Unsplash Launches Official Plugin for WordPress

wordpress logo Stock Png Images

wordpress logo Stock Png Images

Research shows that our brain processes visuals 60, times faster than text. The right image has a fundamental impact on the audience: it can be the golden ticket for your content. So, never neglect it. Surely, the huge background image topic is covered all over the web. But something is always missing.

Astra comes with several header layouts built-in. The Pro addon extends the possibilities and adds more features further.

PNG images and cliparts for web design

Website based on WordPress? This image is no longer available Download the WordPress Image Security and Compression plugin and bring.

There is nothing like PixelRockstar in the WordPress world yet. Avoid the legal risks of using free imagery from the Internet. PixelRockstar gives you safe-to-use images.

It could be when you create a brand new website and you want to keep those valuable files in place. Or you simply want to create a backup for media files during WordPress migration.

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