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Smarty wordpress theme

Experience WordPress at its best. Much more than just a.. As the number of communications has significantly increased due to the August 28 incident, response time is impacted. We have prepared an FAQ where you can find most answers on the situation and how-tos on restoration.

Testing The 12 Fastest WordPress Hosting Providers

We use cookies to understand how you interact with our site, to personalize and streamline your experience, and to tailor advertising. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies and accept our Privacy Policy. That means a faster, more secure and scalable website. Smart monitoring tools are built-in to help you keep it that way. Exposes issues by comparing the performance of your WordPress site before and after plugin or theme changes have been made.

Runs nightly to ensure everything is working at all times. Chat with Us. You Build. Rated 4. We provide a variety of tools for plugin updates , including visual comparison for testing. We're here for you. Managed WordPress Hosting Plans. Pay Monthly.

Get Started. Most Popular. The Nexcess Plugin Performance Monitor Exposes issues by comparing the performance of your WordPress site before and after plugin or theme changes have been made.

Read More. WooCommerce Automated Testing Runs nightly to ensure everything is working at all times. Compare All Plans. Annual Price. Monthly Price. Number of Sites. WordPress Features. Security Features. Performance Features. Start building your site that loads ultra fast with instant auto scaling, visual comparisons plus automatic plugin and platform updates built-in.

Nexcess excels and shines at being. Call Us At Chat with an Expert.

WordPress Hosting. Lightning fast and ultra reliable WordPress Hosting that is affordable and easy to use Suitable for web designers and developers.

Born from Open Source

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post. If you want my team to just do your marketing for you, click here. Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission. Do you want to skip the read and get right to my top picks? The best WordPress website host for most people is Hostinger and Bluehost. WordPress is what I use to manage my blog and other sites. Millions of visitors read content and interact with my site each month. Which WordPress web hosting provider is the best?

12 Best WordPress Hosting Providers of 2022 Compared & Tested

Your site has the maximum efficiency due to the specially shaped infrastructure.

Daily backups DDoS protection Malware scans. You can also create a MySQL 5 database manually. Install additional, standard non-managed versions at no extra cost. Free domain for 1 year Choose from these domain extensions:. Free domain offer must be redeemed on the initial purchase of a month contract term.

An integrated solution for WordPress hosting. 1 WP site; 10GB NVMe disk space; 40K visits/ month; 5 email accounts; Free SSL; Free Domain for ever.

WordPress Hosting and Developer Tools

No special technology skills needed - get WordPress websites set up fast and easy. Sign up and get a domain for your brand name and multiple email inboxes to match your domain at no extra cost. Create as many WordPress websites as you like and grow your site traffic with no worries about visitor limits. Create a site that reflects your brand's unique style and personality.

See offer details.

Front end web developer projects

An experienced front-end web developer supporting both the Design and the Development teams, producing front-end code to support our core Blaze product and project implementations and product ecostem. We are a leading agile web-development company based in London and we are looking to expand our experienced team as we engage in new projects, digital 'pivots' and innovative developments to our core Blaze product, which we are releasing as an open-source project. We specialise in feature-rich web applications, 'headless' content management with unique natural language processing tools and bespoke client web and mobile application development. Our clients range from start-ups to blue chips and our focus is on providing beautiful, innovative and perfomant systems that fulfil evolving stakeholder requirements, using mature agile development processes and best practice tooling and tech stack. Your primary responsibilities will include supporting both the design and the development teams to produce front-end code to support sophisticated, performant and scalabe projects. There is also a responsibility to share experience, impart knowledge and mentor across the front-end team, and to work across the team as a whole to ensure best practice in product development.

Front end web developer projects

5 Javascript Projects You Should Build as Junior Frontend Developer

5 Javascript Projects You Should Build as Junior Frontend Developer

Read it in 8 Mins. This will help you build a passion for coding as well as improve your programming skills. You can proceed by watching instructional videos to learn a skill or two, but you must finally begin building the projects. We'll go over a variety of front end project ideas in this article so you can get started and build a strong portfolio and become a front-end developer. Our list includes best front end projects of various skill levels, allowing you to select one based on your level of interest and expertise.

Despite its small size, this project poses some interesting layout challenges. You'll also learn how to create a responsive component from the ground up. The main takeaway here will be how to write reusable JavaScript code to verify the validity of various form fields. If you opt for the bonus, you'll need to carefully consider your HTML structure. To be able to use pseudo-classes and sibling selectors for the toggle, you'll need perfect markup.

Before diving into the code, take some time to plan this out. Columns will be used on a product landing page, and the components of the landing page will be aligned within them. This also covers basic editing tasks such as cropping images and using design templates. It can be difficult to figure out how to put what you've learned into practise and choose a project that fits your skill set when you first start learning JavaScript.

Starting with a simple quiz game is a great way to get started. Assign correct answers to each of them. You'll will create a user interface with data entry buttons and a display screen to show the results.

The CSS Grid can then be used to align buttons and a screen in a grid-like format. If-else statements, loops, operators, JavaScript functions, event listeners, and so on will increase your knowledge. You would be familiar with contents of CMS and web development. You will get to know about the scheduling of different components.

This is an important skill for web developers. If you want to improve your resume and portfolio then you can check Knowledgehut front end development course online. Because it is a larger site, it is necessary to plan ahead of time. They're all excellent approaches that will greatly aid in the development of larger websites. You will learn validation of user input. After this project, you will get a good hands on practice on working with forms and validation of input.

You will learn various things during this project. Also get a chance to work on different styling concepts of CSS. When creating a fairly complex layout, this project will help you strengthen your knowledge and modify your workflow. You'll learn how to validate a single field in a basic form. This project will also necessitate some layout planning, so set aside some time at the start to think it over. Most design experience is gained through practise and putting your skills and knowledge into action.

You can watch as many videos or tutorials as you want, read books, and take classes, but the only way to learn is to start working on real projects. In our experience, the most effective learning occurs when working on real-world projects. It is essential to delve into some code and create something with the knowledge you have gained along the way. It is now entirely up to you to decide which project you want to work on first. You can go with one of our suggestions or come up with something new on your own.

Abhresh is specialized as a corporate trainer, He has a decade of experience in technical training blended with virtual webinars and instructor-led session created courses, tutorials, and articles for organizations.

Freelancers get your next web developer project sent to your inbox. Find your next freelance Front End, Back End, Full Stack, Mobile, Shopify, Wordpress.

When it comes to deciding which ones to use for your project, it can become quite confusing. We have created a comprehensive list with all the info you need to help you decide. CodePen: It is an elegant online open-source coding environment for front-end developers. It helps in smooth and faster development, as you can easily start coding in their online text editor and see the results right next to it. It also comes very handily while experimenting with new ideas, testing code snippets and speeds up the learning process. You can build components on CodePen and reuse it later for your projects. You can easily share your work and learn from its large community of front-end developers. It also supports embedding of your code on other websites. Bootstrap: It is one of the most widely used open-source front-end frameworks, made by Twitter.

How TO - Become a Front-End Developer

Especially if you are new or an amateur at coding. But fret not! With a little deep breath, take a look at these easy web development projects ideas for beginners that will surely increase your confidence and also help college students for the final year project. In this world of technology and cut-throat business, it is common knowledge that a website to support and be the face of your brand and company is a must. Web Development projects ideas are done by not only developers but also college students who are beginners in order to increase their skill levels in Front End Web Development as well as Back End Web Development, to make the final product seem more professional and crisp.

My work was the final step of a linear process in which designers, clients, and other stakeholders made virtually all of the decisions. Most of the time I would be asked to confirm whether it was possible to achieve a simple feature, such as adding a content slider or adapting an image loaded from a CMS.

10 Tips for Becoming a Front End Web Developer

10 Tips for Becoming a Front End Web Developer

Inkbot Design. Every aspect of our everyday life is inextricably linked to the internet. The internet has become intertwined from our existence, navigating the streets, ordering our meals, interacting with our friends and relatives, or even delivering our professional responsibilities. Ecommerce has a significant role in our day to day life. Considering the importance of the internet and the role of eCommerce in our day to day life, becoming a web designer will be a fantabulous idea! But if you are a beginner, you might be confused about where to start and how to go about it!

What is Front-End Development: Key Technologies and Concepts

Here we prepared for you the top 5 W-questions that you, as a business owner, should ask yourself before choosing an executor for your web project. We know how to help their business grow as we provide software that is not only good-looking but functions properly. Firstly, you must ask yourself such questions:. When we talk about Project development from scratch, it is crucial to understand target audience of our customer. For example, there was a case when the client wanted both a web app and mobile app. But we analyzed all requirements and target audience and understood that it would be enough to develop a web app with adaptation for mobile devices. Thus we saved two things: time and money. The kind of web developer to seek out depends on part of functionality you need to implement within your web app.

Front-end web development, or client-side development, is where you develop the graphical interface of a website. This includes using HTML.

Front-end is all about user interaction with websites, filling out forms, playing videos and much more. Front-end development has changed significantly over the past 15 years, is evolving at a rapid pace nowadays. Front-end development is client-side programming using primarily HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming languages to create professional and engaging user experience and user interface. Nowadays, any web application development cannot go without front-end development, therefore front-end is one of the most important parts of the web development process on a par with back-end development.

Questions to Ask Before Any Web Development Project

Front-end design connects two worlds—the world of UI design tools with pixel-polished interfaces and the world of application-level development with business logic. Front-end developers turn designs into reality. In the context of web development, front-end development is the practice of producing HTML, CSS, and presentational JavaScript code for a website or web app so that a user can see and interact with a product directly. To create a product with a good user experience , front-end developers should understand the impact front-end coding has on website performance. This article provides an overview of front-end UX design with steps and tips for improving website performance.

Web development has its own terminology, job types, tools, and skills like any industry. In web development, backend vs frontend is discussed quite often.

How to become a front-end developer!

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Woocommerce system requirements

All WordPress sites can be dynamically distributed throughout our Gigabit cloud network, balancing demand and improving performance. In-server caching delivers exceptional Time To First Byte performance, boosting your web property up web rankings and keeping visitors engaged. We're so confident that our WooCommerce hosting is better than regular hosting, that we'll refund your money if it's not. We know how important your data is and back it up every four hours to a secure off-site location. Go with Shared Hosting Pro for hourly backups. Delivers an extra performance boost over our regular Shared Hosting, adding:.

Woocommerce system requirements

Store Manager for WooCommerce Free Download

In order for this plugin to work properly a few requirements need to be met. The plugin has been developed with maximum compatibility in mind. But, there are edge cases that we can't or that we don't want to cover. There is some backward compatibility, but if things break you will need to make sure that you're running the most current versions of WooCommerce, WordPress and PHP.

WordPress minimum requirements. WooCommerce minimum requirements. We generally recommend to avoid off-site payment gateways because they impair the conversion tracking significantly.

Otherwise conversion tracking won't work. We have found that some caching and minification plugins alter the conversion code and break the conversion tracking. Make sure to disable those first when you run into troubles.

WordPress Ends Support for PHP 5.2 – 5.5, Bumps Minimum Required PHP Version to 5.6

Using Wiz 4 WordPress theme require some minimum requirement to use Wiz theme in its maximum performance and efficiency. Many issues that you may run into such as the white screen of death , demo content import fails, empty page content and other similar issues are all related to low PHP configuration limits. The solution is to increase the PHP limits. You can do this on your own, or contact your web host and ask them to increase those limits to a minimum as follows:. If any of the system requirements not fulfilled, they will be highlighted with yellow color. Also, you could improve them manually by doing the following steps for each point:.

WordPress can be run on any system that supports PHP, MySQL or MariaDB, and HTTPS. As long as you are running these services on your system.

WooCommerce Hosting Requirements

WooCommerce Hosting Requirements

The woocommerce hosting requirements are the features you need to look for when selecting a hosting plan for your ecommerce store. The first step in creating your WooCommerce based eCommerce store is performing the installation of WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin. However, before proceeding, you should check your hosting server for compatibility. It is necessary for you to observe that all the hosting requirements for WordPress and WooCommerce are met.

Installing WordPress to a server or your computer is easier than you think.

System Requirements

Did you know that there are more than 1. WordPress is one of the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management systems created. If you are new to the WordPress server, understanding what the requirements and features are will help you decide if it's the right choice for you. See Also : our ecommerce server hosting solutions. It's recommended that your host supports PHP 7. It's not required for a WordPress server, but you should have a memory limit of at least MB, increase the connection limit, increase the timeout setting of PHP, and disable aborting the request processing if a user closes the site on accident.

In fact, we recommend PHP version or above. Before you upgrade to a higher PHP version, check if your WordPress site is ready for it. Read this help article.

How Much Does A Woo­Commerce Store Cost?

How Much Does A Woo­Commerce Store Cost?

Wordfence works on most WordPress websites. However, to make sure it works on your site you can check that it meets our minimum system requirements. We recommend using the most recent version of WordPress, or one major release behind.

Multisite installation is not supported.

WooCommerce 3.9 update - PHP 7.0 required!

WooCommerce 3.9 update - PHP 7.0 required!

All the tools you need in one place for one simple price to automate your wholesale business from signup to checkout. Expand into the biggest online market online with a few clicks starting from your existing WooCommerce products. Set maximum order value to either limit the amount a user can spend. Or set a minimum order value a user spend to ensure every order remains profitable.

Structure ui ux

Monday - Wednesday pm. Start: September For your safety, it will be held online. Keeping everything else unchanged. Eager to learn more?

UX/UI Design

We prepare our service specifically and uniquely for each of our customers, in line with current design opinions. In the service we offer for these concepts, which are the abbreviation of User Exprience UX and User Infertace UI , we reflect your corporate structure on the web interface and ensure that your site works in the most efficient way in a user-oriented structure.

Custom software, enables companies to be more profitable, productive and innovative. By creating your own custom software, you can fill a gap in the market and provide customers with a valuable and unique service. For this reason, taking part in mobile application stores will make you privileged.

You can reach the best solutions with our Graphic Design Service, which is the most important way to perfect communication. Use the power of graphic design and reach more people. Make your brand more visible and unique with the unique graphic designs we have prepared! Increase your brand awareness in the most visual way! Restourant Automation System. We will have very good newsletters We promise. TR EN.

It seems that your browser is not supported by our application.

It seems that your browser is not supported by our application.

We prepare our service specifically and uniquely for each of our customers, in line with current design opinions. In the service we offer for these concepts, which are the abbreviation of User Exprience UX and User Infertace UI , we reflect your corporate structure on the web interface and ensure that your site works in the most efficient way in a user-oriented structure. That's why we take into account a user's expectations, needs and feelings when browsing your website or mobile app. Unlike UX Design, UI Design focuses more on the visual to capture the user's attention and encourage them to stay on the page.

Information architecture (IA) is the practice of structuring information to match user needs. Learn about the role IA plays in the UX design.

An Excellent Beginner’s Guide to Information Architecture

An Excellent Beginner’s Guide to Information Architecture

UX vs IA vs UI vs IxD design differences (& what they stand for)

External links may not function and information on the site may be out of date. Visit digital. User Interface UI Design focuses on anticipating what users might need to do and ensuring that the interface has elements that are easy to access, understand, and use to facilitate those actions. UI brings together concepts from interaction design , visual design , and information architecture. Users have become familiar with interface elements acting in a certain way, so try to be consistent and predictable in your choices and their layout.

Our custom designs offer an alluring and straightforward path to learning more about your company and opting for your services.

App Design Process: a Practical Approach to Healthy UX/UI

UI / UX Design Specialization

UI / UX Design Specialization

Bachelor of Design - UX/UI (4 Years). About Program. Our students are taught to learn a human-centered approach to design and development that helps lead to.

It is the practice of arranging and organizing bits of information in a way that the whole becomes more understandable. What if you stumble upon a website with no menu or footer to help you navigate? What if you find a voluminous book with no table contents or page numbers? Your first few reactions will probably be a mix of surprise and frustration.

The five elements of UX design is one of the most common frameworks used by UX designers to create successful designs. The five elements in order of abstract to concrete consist of strategy , scope , structure , skeleton , and surface. Each layer depends and builds upon the layer below it. The first layer is strategy. In this phase, the designer gathers information and lays the foundation while keeping in view the needs of the users and business objectives.

Any organization with an aspiration to thrive not simply survive in the new normal, understands that importance digital transformation.

Looking for reliable UX designers? Reach out to a company with a 4. We know how to meet your exact needs. User experience UX and user interface UI are two different but interdependent terms. UX deals with the overall experience with a software product how easy it is to understand and use while UI is concerned with how the product looks and functions. UX designer is responsible for making software products easy to use. To create that optimal experience, this position researches the needs of the target users and ensures they can achieve their goals with minimum effort.

Web design trends 2019 examples

In this era of digitalization, the website is considered an essential part of the business. It will not be wrong to say that the fate of any business is primarily in the hands of a website because it significantly influences the audience. Owing to the reason that business organizations always want to leave a positive impression over their target audience, therefore, corporate websites should be equipped with the latest web technology and trends! The bright and clean designs, consistency of color schemes and user-friendly things are the debate of the past. While many people are not aware of this website trend altogether but experts consider it a great move!

Microinteractions have been gaining popularity for years, and designers are constantly working to create new, unique examples of microinteractions. Essentially, a microinteraction is a change in the state of a website that helps people see the results of their actions.

They make websites feel more friendly, and their purpose, beyond delighting and engaging the user, is to make a website feel more dare I say it human. They may be small, but they make a huge difference; they make interactions with a site feel more natural, more gratifying, and more fun, while simultaneously rewarding the user for interacting with the site.

Welcome to the final installment of our Email 50 series. In this last article, Email 50 contributors review what they learned from writing this series and look ahead to the future of email. Group 2. Microinteractions: New ways to use an old staple Microinteractions have been gaining popularity for years, and designers are constantly working to create new, unique examples of microinteractions.

Brutalism: My architectural nightmare is becoming my favorite web trend Brutalist websites are bold, excessively straightforward, and at times painfully simple. Complexity and interactivity — Look for sites to be responsive to users wants and needs through better collaboration of strategy and design.

The awards of design, creativity and innovation on the internet

As exciting as all of this new technology has been, where we really see and feel these changes is in web design trends. In some years, design trends have pushed towards rampant creativity—abandoning grids and traditional stock photos for vibrant illustrations, bold color schemes and asymmetrical layouts. Other years, technological advancements have led to websites becoming smarter, with machine learning and subtle interactions, and those shifting paradigms have driven design trends hamburger menus, anyone? Gathered here are the dominating web trend predictions for , but this is by no means the last word on creative innovation. Serifs on screen 2. Black-and-white palettes 3.

Top 17 Web Design and UI Trends for · Vibrant Color Palettes · Emotional Design · Depth and Almost “Real” Design Elements · Purposeful.

Top 10 Must-Known Web Design Trends and Examples for 2019

Design trends in 2019. To dare or not to dare?

However, in our book also available in a gorgeous digital version? However, knowing and experimenting with the latest advancements leads to learning new techniques, acquiring more skills and using different styles in a playful way as they appear and evolve. We love dreaming up a weird and funny future, as mere spectators we have analysed the following imaginative websites with amazement, and feel really lucky to live in such an age where brilliant technology leaves us speechless nearly every day. Illustration is used as an element of difference because it culturally reminds us of the exclusive nature of art.

A modern web design means better interaction with your audience and more conversions. As you follow popular brands, you will see that they are improving their websites.

Staying Trendy: The Top Web Design Trends of 2019

Working in web design means that you're constantly having to keep track of all the latest developments. New technologies and techniques are cropping up all the time, and if you want to deliver the sites that your customers demand then you need to at least be aware of up-and-coming web design tools. Beyond the technical, though, there's also the visual angle to consider. Tastes are always evolving, and what looked good a couple of years ago is likely to look less appealing today. If you want your website layout to look fresh and stand out from the crowd, it pays to be up to speed with the latest trends.

Top Web Design Trends to Follow in the Year 2019

At Xoobo we have listed out what we believe are the 9 most crucial web design trends that will shape the way websites will look and be experienced in These trends will take by storm, and will make the difference between staying ahead of the curve, or falling behind it. Take a look at our list below and try to incorporate these trends into your website for a better user experience and greater edge over the competition. Micro-interactions are small things that appear on a site, and are triggered by a few mouse clicks. When someone clicks on a button, that person might hear a distinct sound effect. Maybe a small animation will occur when a user moves the mouse cursor over an object. Whatever the case, a micro-interaction will surprise the user and influence that person to take action.

Here is another example of the latest website design trends based on the play of colors. In this case, the emphasis is placed on transparency: UI/UX components.

Since the design-conversion interrelation is undeniable, design in should be aimed at selling, as well as display all the company activities, convey its values and ideas. All the web design trends gathered in this review can be implemented due to the higher productivity of the technical equipment and the browsers. For example, the new Mozilla compiler is times faster than the previous one, which opens up new possibilities for web design. Will you use these opportunities in order not to be sidelined by faster competitors, who are already on the cutting-edge?

After designing your website for the first time, it is essential to keep it updated with the more attractive elements of designing. The interest of visitors changes every year.

Web design trends are always changing. Continue reading to learn what design trends to look out for in Designers are starting to move away from clean pixel perfect layouts. This style makes images look less constricted. Placing text that runs off of the images and is slightly misaligned adds to this design style you can see an example of this here.

Along with the new year come new trends and directions in the web design industry. With ever-evolving technology, designers and developers have been pushing and even breaking the boundaries in really exciting ways. Typically, this is looked at as a problem to be solved in the development phase of a website, not design. In general, the more layered and complex a design, the more elements that need to be loaded.

2 wordpress installs one site

5 Essential Plugins to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites

Your submission was sent successfully! Its features can be extended with thousands of free plugins and themes. We will use the release from WordPress. Create the installation directory and download the file from WordPress. Note that this sets the ownership to the user www-data , which is potentially insecure, such as when your server hosts multiple sites with different maintainers.

You should investigate using a user per website in such scenarios and make the files readable and writable to only those users. In such setup the wp-config. This is beyond the scope of this guide, however. Create Apache site for WordPress. This hostname must be mapped to your box somehow, e. Add ServerName as below:. First, copy the sample configuration file to wp-config. This address is a randomiser that returns completely random keys each time it is opened.

You will be asked for title of your new site, username, password, and address e-mail. You can choose if you want to make your site indexed by search engines. In the WordPress Dashboard, you will see bunch of icons and options. You can install one of thousands of available free and commercial plugins and themes.

Ubuntu and Canonical are registered trademarks of Canonical Ltd. Tutorials Install and configure WordPress. In this tutorial we will install WordPress on Apache2 server and create our first post.

All rights reserved. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. Was this tutorial useful? Thank you for your feedback. Legal information Data privacy Manage your tracker settings Report a bug on this site.

Install Multiple WordPress Sites in DigitalOcean – Easy Way

1. Go to your cPanel and find Exclusive for Namecheap customers section: · 2. Find WordPress and its icon to install: · 3. Fill out the details for your website.

Enabling WordPress Multisites

Enabling WordPress Multisites

How To install Second WordPress in a Subdirectory for creating Multisite

Imagine, if you have only single server but 2 or more WordPress sites, you think you need more server to run each wordpress site on it. It's fine, but how about if you don't have a lot of costs to maintain many servers. We will install Webserver Nginx, mysql server Mariadb and php7-fpm as well as php7 extension needed to run WordPress site. For refresh database server installation, we need config for mysql root password and other options.

WordPress Multisite is an excellent way to make light work of managing multiple WordPress websites.

WordPress Multisite: The Everything-You-Need-To-Know Guide to WordPress Network

Managing a single website is a tough gig; running several ones at once can be downright chaotic. The tool s you decide to use will depend on the features you need to simplify your workflow. Using this service, you can link an almost unlimited number of WordPress websites, and also keep an eye on available updates, performance optimizations , security, comments, and more. It also offers you one free backup per site per month, and you can log into any of your dashboards with a single click. First, sign up for a free ManageWP account.

This is much different from a standalone site where you have just one website or blog in one installation. WordPress Multisite feature lets you manage multiple websites all in one dashboard in addition to hosting them at once. Collectively, all the sites you can have in one installation is referred to as a network of sites. We are going to be using this term a lot in this article. Note that setting up a Multisite is the same as setting up a typical standalone website. So, there is nothing too difficult about it.

Can two WordPress websites share the same database? Yes, you can set up two or more WordPress sites using only one database.

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Support » Fixing WordPress » 2 wordpress sites on the one domain? I have one like that. I have WP installed in two different folders. One controls its folder and the other controls the root.

People are drawn to it because it promises to make managing multiple WordPress sites easy. Multisite configuration can be extremely helpful in certain cases, but in others it can lead to an administrative catastrophe.

Being a developer or a designer of websites, it becomes difficult to manage each one of them separately. If you happen to be developing your websites using WordPress, you are lucky to have a WordPress plugin named wpCentral, which helps you to organize all your websites from a single dashboard. It allows you to manage unlimited WordPress installations across multiple hosts and servers from a very simple centralized dashboard. You can set up your wpCentral account in an instant here. Once you have created your account and successfully logged in, add your WordPress websites to your account and done! Managing all your websites together and automatizing the tasks now becomes easy.

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