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How to embed aweber form in wordpress post

Custom Drop-Down List Styling

Websites come in so many different shapes, sizes, and purposes that it's impossible to come up with just one way of helping users find their way around.

Your food blog's navigation isn't the place to be creative, clever, or cute. You only have a handful of words to work with — total — and each of them has to work hard to get the reader onto the next page. That means every word in your navigation menu should play an important part in making it percent clear what the reader will find on the other side of the link when they click on it.

If not, find another, more clear, more concise way of saying it. However, this doesn't mean you should automatically default to the generic keywords that you see everywhere. If you can find short, descriptive keywords related to the content that you can use instead, they'll help search engines understand the contents of your site better from an SEO perspective. Just make sure you do your research to guarantee that your users really do understand where those links will take them.

The card-sorting exercise included at the bottom of this post is a great place to start! One of the greatest challenges of publishing your own food blog is that it's so easy to take what you know for granted and assume that others understand it the same way you do.

To get some helpful outside perspective, use a tool like SurveyMonkey to create a simple survey asking readers what they're looking for when they visit your site, how they usually get to it, and if your navigation menu makes it easy for them to do so. Ask for their email address too, so that you can follow up with the people who respond if their answers inspire any additional questions. If you haven't built a very large audience yet, try sharing your survey in a Facebook group with members who might be willing to share their feedback.

Pair this law with a study from Chartbeat suggesting that more than half of your visitors will leave your site after fifteen seconds or less, and it's clear that you don't have their time to waste. Instead of a sprawling navigation menu with a dozen options, or a nested mess of dropdown menus inside of dropdown menus, do your best to limit your navigation to a handful of high-level "buckets" that everything else on your site can be categorized into. There are cases where dropdown menus might seem like a good option — they can be useful for recipe categories, for example — but consider your reader's perspective before you do.

HotJar's basic plan is free, and it's so easy to set up and use that there's no reason not to use it alongside any other research you do to optimize your website! Note that it will load an external script, which will slow down your page speed and hurt your search engine ratings in This should only be implemented on a very advanced, already successful food blog. It should be run for short periods of time, and turned off when not actively being used.

One last thing you can do — and one of the most helpful for understanding how your visitors think — is to ask them to participate in a card-sorting exercise. A card-sorting exercise is a simple way of visualizing and organizing the pages on your website, and when you conduct them with your own users, it can give you tremendously valuable insight into what you can do to make your navigation more useful to them.

If you'd like to try it for yourself, enter your email address below and I'll send you a step-by-step guide on how to conduct your very own card-sorting exercise and how to use it to organize your site navigation! Enter your email to receive your free card sorting exercise. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar menu icon. Facebook Instagram Twitter. Drop-downs are used strategically at thekitchn. Still not sure what to include in your nav? Now check your email to confirm your subscription.

How to style and adjust the width of the dropdown menu in Divi with CSS

Go to the “Styling” tab and scroll down to the “Sub Menu – Width” option. Set the value to your desired sub menu width then scroll down and click “Save changes”.

How to Change Font in WordPress

The Nav Menu widget that comes with Elementor Pro is a pretty powerful way to build your site's navigation.

Designing Drop-Down Menus: Examples and Best Practices

WordPress Menus in Elementor

Site navigation is key to helping your users get where they want to go. A well-designed menu can go a long way towards improving User Experience UX , and even decreasing your bounce rate. However, a poorly-crafted one can do just the opposite. Fortunately, WordPress enables you to create custom menus to fit the needs of your site. You can even use native functions to add a compact WordPress dropdown menu that saves space, while still providing clear direction for your visitors. Although they may be unassuming, navigation menus are a vital element of any website. › English Support.

How Do I Set Up My Navigation Menu?

Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you have been placed in read-only mode. Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it's disabled i.

Change font size of drop down menus

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Dropdown Menu

Dropdown Menu

I have enlarged the font size in my nav bar menu, but the dropdown menu has stayed small. What is the code for changing this please? In the second question, I was referring to the side bar that appears on all pages except my home page. I have a navigation menu widget and I was hoping to change the size of the title and the menu items. I can work around it by pasting custom html text if necessary instead, but it would be nicer to use the navigation menu widget if this was possible?

The first official WooCommerce Android app is now in open beta. The companion mobile app allows users to manage their WooCommerce stores on the go. Store owners who want to test the unreleased version of the mobile app can sign up with the Google Play Store. The WooCommerce app requires Jetpack to connect stores to the app. The beta introduces a basic set of features for managing orders, viewing store stats, and receiving sales notifications, including the following:.

Over the past few years, the WooCommerce community has demonstrated a demand for mobile apps on both platforms. A suggestion for an Android app received upvotes on the WooCommerce ideas board. There is also a motley assortment of unofficial WooCommerce store management apps available on the Google Play Store. None of the third-party mobile apps seem to be very highly rated, nor are they consistent with the WooCommerce branding. A cursory glance at the reviews for these apps shows that most of them are slow, buggy, and not very well supported.

I am using Storepep but looking for app like Shopify. However, the current version is listed as v1. I guess they want to release new apps for iOS and Android which have the same core?!? This could also be the reason Jetpack is needed. These ARE all deal breakers especially for shop owners! No, it does not. Just like anything else. We have been using Telegram to monitor Woocommerce order updates and recommend them to Woocommerce native mobile store owners. Look forward to this update.

Jetpack voids GDPR. We have been using Telegram to monitor Woocommerce order updates Good idea Loading…. Anyone know about this? Newsletter Subscribe Via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

If you are having trouble loading data such as your store stats, orders, products, or reviews in the Woo app, here are some potential issues that could be causing this problem and how to solve them: One of the plugins in your site may be causing the issues The first thing you should verify is […]. Thanks for installing the WooCommerce app! Step 1: Install the Jetpack plugin From your browser, log in to your site. Click […]. Below listed are some potential error messages that you can see from the Woo app when trying to upload product images or downloadable files: The corresponding HMAC for this file does not match This usually means that the file s you want to upload exceeds the limit imposed by the server. The simplest test a user […]. This guide walks you through setup, including how to connect your store and how to use the app.

CiyaShop Android application is working with all different Woo-commerce theme available.

Code Info Park. I like to dream big. My dream is to travel around the world. I like to listen to music with headphones. In my free time I usually read. Username or Email Address. Remember Me. Don't have an account? To use social login you have to agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.


Get Started Now Contact Sales. Be the first message customers see when they pick up their phones. Elementor is the platform web creators choose to build professional WordPress websites, grow their skills, and build their business. Start for free today!

Official WooCommerce Android App Now in Beta

Slack is your digital HQ

Slug: appmaker-woocommerce-mobile-app-manager.

Mobile App for Your WooCommerce Store

These days, almost anyone can build a website and set up an online store thanks to platforms such as WordPress. However, creating a mobile or web application for eCommerce is still relatively intimidating. You can then reach a broader audience and take advantage of functionality such as push notifications, which can help drive sales.

Clean up woocommerce

Please note that this post is over a year old and may contain outdated information. There are two options to completely delete all media in your WordPress media library in bulk. Following the below steps can be very dangerous.

Be sure to backup everything first. Using WordPress Admin You can delete up to items in your media library at a time using this method now up to with the latest version of WordPress. First, log in to your admin and go to the media library. Change the view to "line details": Then click the Screen Options button near the top , which will be visible now: Change the number of items per page to and hit Apply newer versions of WordPress accept up to , so try that first : Now you will have many more items displayed per page of the media library.

Be sure to backup your database prior to doing this. Learn more about how WordPress stores media library entries in the database here. I won't cover how to log in to either of those platforms here. If you're unsure, ask your hosting provider. You probably don't want to delete those.

WooCommerce Product Images If you have WooCommerce you may find that your products still think they have an image and gallery images after doing the above steps. Share This Post Twitter. Add a Comment. Kim Vanbruchem Jul 01, Thankyou for this info - this is amazing and has saved me hours of time. Appreciate your help here : Kim. Echo May 04, Not working for me. The WooCommerce one didn't find anything.

How to Clean a Hacked WordPress Site using Wordfence

Database Maintenance: Backing Up and Optimization · WP-Optimize is a very popular backup plugin that will help you keep your database clean by.

Patricks Programming Blog

Patricks Programming Blog

But after a while, you need to get rid of some of them. There are many plugins available to download with one click in WordPress. Plugins work as software installed on your website. On the other hand, unused plugins take up space on your server and when you want to create a backup of your website , it may take a longer time. This is the simplest way to fix an error caused by a plugin. But the error may be caused by something else on your website and you may not need to activate the plugin again. The deactivated plugin may seem safe and secure, but keep in mind, its codes are still on your website.

How can you make these moments happen as often as possible? One of the necessary conditions is that your website must work quickly.

How to Delete All Products in WooCommerce?

How to Delete All Products in WooCommerce?

Delete log data from “WooCommerce → Status → Logs”. reset-woocommerce Cleanup transient data under the “WooCommerce → Status → Tools”.

How to Delete all Products from WooCommerce Easily

Any regular internet user will know the importance of keeping a website running fast and efficiently. Media heavy or high traffic websites can run sluggish if the backend database is not optimized, and that will lead to negative user experiences. Your WordPress database stores everything you have on your website. This content includes all pages, posts, blogs, portfolio items, forms, links, comments, and other post types.

Tips to Speed Up WooCommerce Store

Two things to note: First, any of these queries should be preceded by a backup of your whole database. You have three possibilities:.

Responsive web design tester tools this tool has been built to help with testing your responsive websites while you design and build them. Test multiple devices at the same time! Responsive design tester extension for google chrome browser Easily switch between portrait and landscape mode and test multiple mobile device's at the same time. This plugin reflects both the size and the browser of the mobile device. With these css classes, you could create specific and optimized design for targeted devices. This will give an instant boost to your website of farmers because it comes up with pro features like it activates the plugin for your pages like.

Responsive web design tester extension

Or, enter specific values in the width and height boxes. In Figure 2 , the width is set to and the height is set to Figure 2. The handles for changing the viewport's dimensions when in Responsive Viewport Mode. To show media query breakpoints above your viewport, click More options and then select Show media queries. The table below describes the differences between the options.

Rendering method refers to whether Chrome renders the page as a mobile or desktop viewport. Cursor icon refers to what type of cursor you see when you hover over the page. Events fired refers to whether the page fires touch or click events when you interact with the page.

To simulate the dimensions of a specific mobile device, select the device from the Device list. Click Rotate to rotate the viewport to landscape orientation. Note that the Rotate button disappears if your Device Toolbar is narrow. When simulating the dimensions of a specific mobile device like an iPhone 6, open More options and then select Show device frame to show the physical device frame around the viewport.

Note: If you don't see a device frame for a particular device, it probably means that DevTools just doesn't have art for that specific option. Enter a name, width, and height for the device. The device pixel ratio , user agent string , and device type fields are optional. The device type field is the list that is set to Mobile by default. Click More options and then select Show rulers to see rulers above and to the left of your viewport.

The sizing unit of the rulers is pixels. Mid-tier mobile simulates fast 3G and throttles your CPU so that it is 4 times slower than normal. Low-end mobile simulates slow 3G and throttles your CPU 6 times slower than normal. Keep in mind that the throttling is relative to the normal capability of your laptop or desktop. Note that the Throttle list will be hidden if your Device Toolbar is narrow. You can also set network throttling from the Performance panel.

Override geolocation Simulate device orientation. Accessibility features reference Navigate Chrome DevTools with assistive technology Track element focus. Documentation Chrome DevTools. Emulate conditions Test. Kayce Basques Technically, I'm a writer. Table of contents. Use Device Mode to approximate how your page looks and performs on a mobile device. These features include: Simulating a mobile viewport Throttling the network Throttling the CPU Simulating geolocation Setting orientation Limitations Think of Device Mode as a first-order approximation of how your page looks and feels on a mobile device.

Figure 1. Responsive Viewport Mode Drag the handles to resize the viewport to whatever dimensions you need. The handles for changing the viewport's dimensions when in Responsive Viewport Mode Show media queries To show media query breakpoints above your viewport, click More options and then select Show media queries.

Figure 3. Show media queries Click a breakpoint to change the viewport's width so that the breakpoint gets triggered. Figure 4. Click a breakpoint to change the viewport's width Set the device type Use the Device Type list to simulate a mobile device or desktop device.

Figure 5. The Device Type list The table below describes the differences between the options. We serve cookies on this site to analyze traffic, remember your preferences, and optimize your experience.

More details Ok, Got it.

The Ultimate 12-point Responsive Website Design Checklist for Websites

The Breakpoint Tester chrome extension for testing responsive breakpoints quickly and easily. The Breakpoint Tester chrome extension is used to quickly and easily test the responsiveness of a website at various breakpoints. Breakpoint Tester ships with some sensible default breakpoints but you're more than welcome to define your own custom breakpoints in the extensions settings. Breakpoint Tester uses the media queries from Bootstrap 3 as a baseline for it's breakpoint presets which are:. - Freelance Web Developer. Contact me if you need a skilled developer for your project. From Bergamo, Italy. Address: Via Stezzano

15+ Best Chrome Extensions for Responsive Web Design [UPDATED 2021]

The answer is a resounding no! You Will Learn: If a career in tech is right for you What tech careers fit your strengths What skills you need to reach your goals. Take The Quiz! But what about the cost to get started? The answer is a resounding no. WordPress is a monster in the world of content management systems software that lets you write, edit, and publish content on the web. However, for development and testing purposes, you might want to install WordPress on your own local home or office computer. No problem.

5 Tools to Test Responsive Design in Google Chrome

Today, more than 4. This makes responsive online store websites that can work on both computers and mobile devices one of the overwhelming current trends in web design. To help you to create stunning and mobile-friendly websites, we've picked 16 of the most responsive web design tools, tutorials, and other resources. Whether you are a design beginner or a seasoned professional, you are bound to find what you need here.

Responsive web design tester is a chrome browser extension that lets you test your mobile site on various mobile devices.

Is your site mobile-aware? Is it truly responsive? By global mobile phone penetration will rise to With the release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus recently, there are nothing less than 46 competing devices, all with different resolutions and hardware capabilities. While you can make a mobile-aware site, can you make one which handles such a wide range of devices that also works well across different data speeds? With the release of Chrome 32 a new developer tool was added — mobile emulation. This tool is an absolute godsend for debugging mobile and responsive designs. Below the device list you can see options for:.

Responsive Web Design Tester: This is a chrome extension providing a wide range of mobile device emulators — Open Source · Lambda Test: This is a cross-browser.

Best Chrome Extension to test Responsive design

The control which designers know in the print medium, and often desire in the web medium, is simply a function of the limitation of the printed page.

Responsive Website Test

Make sure that your site is ready to take on any platform, any browser, any system. Use Comparium - a responsive website checker with lenient pricing and high versatility. Assess website functionality at a glance, compare page structure to templates or try live testing. Comparium combines speed, convenience and functionality. It incorporates a broad library of OSes and browsers that can be used for testing purposes. Still, not every task is the same, and you may need a different program.

The tool helps to analyse the web pages and improve performances which are based on rules for high performance. YSlow provides information related to page performance, components, summarizes the component details and shows statistics related to the web page. Top Ads. Label Links Tutorials.

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