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1 to 1 web design review

1 to 1 web design review

Web Design Consultancy

Other Verified purchase. Verified site experience. Contains image or video. English only. Candy B. Comment Thank you Share Helpful 0. Get notified about new answers to your questions. Typical questions asked: How long does shipping take? What is the return policy? Where is the company located?

How to Get Web Design Clients Fast

How to Get Web Design Clients Fast

Web developers and designers must work together to produce websites 1. Choosing a Domain and Host. Great domain names (take a look at.

Compare The Best Web Design Services

We have always found The Web Surgery a pleasure to work with. They have been flexible, helpful and efficient - excellent value for money. Grant completely re built my website for me during the covid lockdown. He took my brief and injected his own creative ideas and showed an excellent understanding of the style I was trying to create. He worked quickly and was there when needed.

I finally completed it!

Written by Allie Decker. Read about the basics of web development, the process of creating a website, and additional resources for those who want to learn more. Website development is a catch-all term for the work that goes into building a website. This includes everything from markup and coding to scripting, network configuration, and CMS development. While web development typically refers to web markup and coding, website development includes all related development tasks, such as client-side scripting, server-side scripting, server and network security configuration, eCommerce development, and content management system CMS development. As of , there were 4.

The 7 Key Stages of Every Web Design Process

The UX design process kicks off with discovery activities such as contextual inquiry, user research, focus groups, stakeholder discussions, personas, scenarios, user journeys, and mind mapping, which establish a strong foundation for user requirements. After getting our interactive prototypes approved, we create high-fidelity designs using tools such as Photoshop or Illustrator. Finally, we hand off our designs to the developers. UX professionals have really been struggling to find a single tool we can adopt for wireframing, prototyping, creating mockups, and development. Until , designers relied heavily on Photoshop and Illustrator for creating high-fidelity designs.

Review the changes from Design QA Round 1, and mark all satisfactory changes as 'Closed' in the Design QA spreadsheet. 7. Post-launch A/B.

The Ultimate Web Design Review Checklist

With the internet being as big and wide as it is, there is almost nothing you cannot search. This is one of the amain reasons that the internet has been such an important platform for every venture or enterprise in today's world. Social media, websites, e-commerce pages, blogs, online directories, and several more resources are available to these companies thanks to the internet.

In fact, many businesses struggle to turn underperforming websites into websites that actually boost credibility and client acquisition. Chances are for any given search query, there are multiple search results that fit the needs of the user. A surplus of good options drives the price—or in this case, the level tolerance for bad websites—down. So yes, websites are judged swiftly and ruthlessly.

I provide premium website and digital marketing solutions using the latest technologies and strategies.

We put together a list of 25 questions to ask your potential designer before you hire them. Read through the questions and answers carefully so you can be fully informed before the initial interview. Also, make sure that the language spoken aligns with your website content writing needs.

There is no guarantee that the information provided by the user is always correct. You need to validate a few things:. The code below checks that the field is not empty. If the user leaves the required field empty, it will show an error message. Put these lines of code to validate the required field. The code below checks that the field will contain only alphabets and whitespace, for example - name.

Here, we will use regular expressions to validate the email address. The below code validates the email address provided by the user through HTML form. If the field does not contain a valid email address, then the code will display an error message:. The input length validation restricts the user to provide the value between the specified range, for Example - Mobile Number.

Follow the below instructions as given:. Fill the registration form and click on the Submit button. If all required information is provided correctly, the output will be displayed on the same page below the submit button.

See the screenshot below:. Remember that we have not used a database to store the data for registered users. JavaTpoint offers too many high quality services. Mail us on [email protected] , to get more information about given services. Please mail your requirement at [email protected] Duration: 1 week to 2 week. PHP Tutorial. JavaScript PHP vs. You didn't enter the Name. Reinforcement Learning. R Programming. React Native. Python Design Patterns.

Python Pillow. Python Turtle. Verbal Ability. Interview Questions. Company Questions. Artificial Intelligence. Cloud Computing. Data Science. Angular 7. Machine Learning.

How to Run PHP Code in WordPress Posts and Pages 2022

How to Run PHP Code in WordPress Posts and Pages 2022

Introduction · Important! · CSS · JavaScript/jQuery · PHP · Theme's ultrasoft.solutions file · Third Party Plugins.

How to add PHP to a WordPress Page or Post?

How to add PHP to a WordPress Page or Post?

Wordpress Custom PHP Form not updating Mysql Database

This tutorial will show you how to create a simple contact form in WordPress form without using a dedicated plugin. The contact form used in our example includes a limited set of fields, specifically two input fields for the Full Name and Email of the user and a textarea for the Message of the user. You can, however, add or remove additional controls based on your specific needs. I will use these attributes to style the form and select the elements in the JavaScript validation. WordPress provides ready-to-use sanitization functions for this specific context.

With forms that allow your users to signup and login without ever leaving your main site, you provide a much more consistent and comfortable environment. They can provide that next level of integration that really makes your site zing.

“shortcode form wordpress” Code Answer’s

Find centralized, trusted content and collaborate around the technologies you use most. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. First, duplicate post. Rename the new file as templatename. To add your new template to the list of available templates, enter the following at the top of the new file:. Then create a new page in your WordPress blog, and in the page editing screen you'll see a Template dropdown in the Attributes widget to the right.

Creating Custom Front End Registration and Login Forms for WordPress

While WordPress makes it easy for non-coders to manage a website, there will probably come a time when you want to edit code in WordPress to get a little more control over how your site looks or functions. To help you do that, this post will show you how to safely edit code in WordPress in a few different ways:. If you already know what you want to do, you can click one of the links above to jump straight to that specific section. To get more control on how your WordPress site looks and functions, you can edit your WordPress code to customize different areas:. First, if you just want to add your own HTML code to a piece of content, I would recommend not trying to edit the entire source code of your post, as that makes things needlessly complicated. However, there also might come a time where you need to directly edit the HTML of a different block.

you can't use this directly inside a PHP page template. Instead, you need to wrap this inside the WordPress do_shortcode function, in order to.

I include category landing pages in many of the websites I build. These transform category archives into engaging destinations that surface popular and seasonal articles, include SEO friendly content, and encourage deeper content discovery. While the homepage might include the standard search form that searches through all site content, these category landing pages need a category-specific search form.

Are you looking to create a custom search form on a WordPress website? We used to build themes from scratch so that we can add our own styling to the sections on the website.

He is also a WordPress core contributor and the author of two books about WordPress development. Often times, adding custom JavaScript for analytics tracking is the first type of custom code a WordPress user has to implement. Normally the documentation that you are given with these codes are written as if your site is just a bunch of HTML files. The HTML of your site is dynamically generated. In two recent posts on this site, I discussed JavaScript and the other languages used in WordPress and how to implement custom code on your WordPress site. In this post, I will go into more detail on the best ways to work with JavaScript snippets you need to add to your site.

Depending on what code you are trying to add, and the complexity of the theme you are using, there can be a number of different places that code snippets can be added to extend your forms. This article covers most of the common options. Replacing or updating your theme can overwrite the theme directory in your site folder, and that means modifications like these you may have made to files there will be lost. Always keep regular back-ups, consider the use of a child theme , and check out some of the third party plugins that provide safer alternatives for adding code.

May 1 st The U. S was influenced more by the roman twelve tables more than the code of Hammurabi. The reason goes back a couple hundred years to very ancient codes that helped shape the very foundation of civilization today in the modern world.

Hammurabi”s Code of Law Debate

The black stone stele containing the Code of Hammurabi was carved from a single, four-ton slab of diorite, a durable but incredibly difficult stone for carving. At its top is a two-and-a-half-foot relief carving of a standing Hammurabi receiving the law—symbolized by a measuring rod and tape—from the seated Shamash, the Babylonian god of justice. The rest of the seven-foot-five-inch monument is covered with columns of chiseled cuneiform script. The edicts are all written in if-then form.

Penalties for malpractice followed the same scheme: a doctor who killed a rich patient would have his hands cut off, while only financial restitution was required if the victim was a slave.

The stele was packed up and shipped to the Louvre in Paris, and within a year it had been translated and widely publicized as the earliest example of a written legal code—one that predated but bore striking parallels to the laws outlined in the Hebrew Old Testament. The U.

Supreme Court building features Hammurabi on the marble carvings of historic lawgivers that lines the south wall of the courtroom. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! Subscribe for fascinating stories connecting the past to the present. The Persian Empire is the name given to a series of dynasties centered in modern-day Iran that spanned several centuries—from the sixth century B.

Black Codes Black codes were restrictive laws designed to limit the freedom of African Americans and ensure their availability as a cheap labor force after slavery was abolished during the Civil War. Bronze Age The Bronze Age marked the first time humans started to work with metal. How Hammurabi Transformed Babylon Into a Powerful City-State More than 3, years after he took power, the ancient Babylonian king Hammurabi is best remembered for the Code of Hammurabi which was inscribed on human-sized stone pillars that he placed in the towns of his realm.

-1750: The Code of Hammurabi (Johns translation)

Key Points · The Code of Hammurabi is one of the oldest deciphered writings of length in the world (written c. · The Code consisted of laws, with punishments.

The Law Code Stele of King Hammurabi

Among the oldest existing laws are several codes of law from the Ancient Near East. Surely the most famous of them is the Code of Hammurabi.

If a man bring an accusation against a man, and charge him with a capital crime, but cannot prove it, he, the accuser, shall be put to death. If a man charge a man with sorcery, and cannot prove it, he who is charged with sorcery shall go to the river, into the river he shall throw himself and if the river overcome him, his accuser shall take to himself his house estate. If the river show that man to be innocent and he come forth unharmed, he who charged him with sorcery shall be put to death. He who threw himself into the river shall take to himself the house of his accuser. If a man, in a case pending judgment , bear false threatening witness, or do not establish the testimony that he has given, if that case be a case involving life, that man shall be put to death. If a man in a case bear witness for grain or money as a bribe , he shall himself bear the penalty imposed in that case.


Get ideas online. One of many differences between Hammurabi's Code and the U.S. The Code of Hammurabi - Comprehension Questions Answer Key.

The Code Of Hammurabi : Reading Comprehension

In French explorers discovered a stone of black diorite in the city of Susa in which were record the laws promulgated by King Hammurabi, King of Babylon, BC. He made sure however that what was stipulated therein were fulfilled and even terrible curses by his orders were also written for all those who would dare to change them or do not comply with them. Despite these superstitious curses the laws were not preserved in their original entirety length; since in a remote past were erased approximately 34 sections of the stone. He took the stone cylinder as a trophy of conquest and deliberately deleted those 34 sections from the base in the front to record therein his name when he move the column from Babylon to Susa where was later found.

Importance of the Hammurabi Code

He unites people under this shared document. From a biological imperative standpoint, our ability to perform specialized tasks with our hands, to avoid dangerous situations with our vision, to process foods that are otherwise too hard for consumption, and to reproduce, thus passing on our genes, are all evolutionary advantages. The code focuses on the essential functions while omitting features that could be lived without. By allowing the trade of severed hands, the victims of this genocide are dehumanized. Amputation is not always fatal, allowing the person to live for years with this form of mutilation.

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Christine magee youtube ux ui

We use your data to provide and improve the Service. By using the Service, you agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with this policy. While using our Service, we may ask you to provide us with certain personally identifiable information that can be used to contact or identify you "Personal Data". Personally identifiable information may include, but is not limited to:.

Christine magee youtube ux ui

2017 Jazz Promo Services

The SPI Network comprises more than 9, solar angel, family office, venture, special situations, private equity, and infrastructure investors in addition to 4, company executives, service professionals, and regulatory staff.

Additionally, how you describe the business, in one sentence, because that is the sentence we will use to describe the company. You will receive an email introducing you to the contact from one of the senior partners here with brief context and a recommendation that will make for a warm initial meeting.

About Submit News Contact Us. Friday, May 27, The Process: 3 Steps. Search Search the table at the bottom of this page for the contact you would like an introduction to.

Connect You will receive an email introducing you to the contact from one of the senior partners here with brief context and a recommendation that will make for a warm initial meeting. Host The Big Green Show. Green growth helper Elonroad, Nordluft, WaterbyNordic.

Owner, Sr. Owner ADV. Net C Salesforce Developer. Host of Realty Speak The Podcast. VP of Wealth Development - The nexus of technology, capital and real estate investment opportunities. Online Health and Nutrition Coach Dr.

Turnkey solutions to gnarly problems: Energy 3. Mechanical Engineer Serial Innovator Connecting creativity, technology, and people to solve complex problems.

Before my time at Stern is done, I wanted to share some advice on how to make the most of your experience here. Best of luck to any incoming or prospective students reading this! He will be joining ZS Associates full time after graduation after serving as a summer intern at the firm. These are not just from my own perspective, but based on questions that I have received from prospective students in the midst of decision-making. Honestly — not a lot! Admissions will review your application in due time, so give yourself a chance to relax and have confidence in the work you put into it.

GDUSA October edition features our annual Health+Wellness Design Awards Designer UX/UI (REQ#) Comncate desgn concpt ideas thrgh.

World Health Awareness 2021

The SPI Network comprises more than 9, solar angel, family office, venture, special situations, private equity, and infrastructure investors in addition to 4, company executives, service professionals, and regulatory staff. We are a conduit for the solar community by proactively making connections, and have developed a simple, but remarkably powerful process for doing so.

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Christine Magee. Eddie Francis. Basia Bulat. Scott Feschuk. Stephen Poloz. Bonnie Chan. Lauren Phoenix. John Chayka. Western University New Alumni.

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In choosing Western, students will become part of a vibrant learning community at one of Canada's top research-intensive universities. Along with a wide variety of intellectually challenging and engaging academic programs, the University is also alive with a diverse array of opportunities for student involvement, personal growth and leadership development, and numerous co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Helping people live healthy and happy lives.

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NO MORE EXCUSES FOR ALL-MALE PANELS: A List of 240 Women Who Can Speak at Your Next Tech Event!

Our Coaching Fellows come from all over the world, they are chosen as extraordinary, smart, passionate women of impact. Learn more about them, their impact and read their stories. Sabrina is a multi-dimensional spirit whose passions span the domains of education, tech, art, and culture. As a Muslim, Black, woman Sabrina actively engages in community building to push for cultural inclusivity and engagement.

Drupal override template

15 calls to theme_get_setting()

I found I was writing a lot less pre-processors on a D8 project versus D7. Simply copy the base template and create a new file with this pattern:. On Views D7 , I use to output data with fields and override the View template at the row level for theming.

D8, I found it more efficient to output data as Content then select the view mode. It was useful when adding Bootstrap classes to fields for positioning or implementing other components such as tabs or carousels. The best way to find all the layers of template suggestions is to enable debug mode. In my opinion, this has made development a lot easier and efficient, minimizing the need to write code that will only be used in specific scenarios.

Discover More. Our Latest Content. Read More. Changing Lives - CX in Health. Appnovation Home blog Customizing displays and templates in D8. Drupal is really good at allowing the user developer to manipulate its data. Simply copy the base template and create a new file with this pattern: node--[type nodeid]--[viewmode]. Container - views-view--[viewname]. Related Posts. Share this Blog with colleagues. Read Next. Looking for more digital insights? Get our latest blog posts, research reports, and thought leadership right in your inbox each month.

Quick Tutorial on Overriding Drupal Views using Templates

Quick Tutorial on Overriding Drupal Views using Templates

Sometimes template overrides does not work as expected. In this short tutorial we will try to print out Image URL's out in the views field.

Sending html mails in Drupal 8/9 programmatically

Twig is a faster, and more secure template system than PHP. Twig is brought by a wider PHP world. Twig was built by SensioLabs, the creator of Symfony2 framework. Drupal 8 is using Symfony2 to overhaul its codebase. Twig was the right choice to use for Drupal themes. PHP Template file : node--article. You can use a dot. The dump function dumps information about a template variable. This is mostly useful to debug a template that does not behave as expected by introspecting its variables:. Concise: The PHP language is verbose and becomes ridiculously verbose when it comes to output escaping:.

Software Development Services

We have already seen that in Drupal we have Twig built in and how to use it. In this article, we will discuss how to work with Drupal templates, what templates are in the Stable theme, how to redefine Stable templates, and how to redefine templates of various Drupal entities. As you can see, the Stable theme provides a wide range of template to temize. In order to redefine these templates, you just need to copy the necessary template to your subtopic and change it there as you like. You can copy all the templates, but I advise you to copy the templates to a subtopic as necessary.

Aug 28, 2 Minute Read.

If you need to customize layouts for your product displays beyond what is possible using the administration UI, you can use Twig templates as part of a custom theme. Theming is an advanced topic beyond the scope of this Drupal Commerce documentation guide. For an overview, please see the Theming Drupal Guide on Drupal. This documentation page serves as a reference for theming Drupal Commerce products, variations, and product attribute values. There are two classes attached to the rendered product attribute element that can be targeted with custom styling:.

Though ideally if we use the views correctly and override them well, Drupal Views itself take care of getting the translated version as per configurations of the view. For details check this: EntityField::getValue. A lot of times we come across a requirement where we need to manage some additional data for the Drupal entities. Now, if we think simply, the solution is to create fields.. But, there can be scenarios where the entity is not fieldable as of now.

Beside the implementation of the various settings we then needed to override the ultrasoft.solutions template to create the correct.

Even though Twig has been in Drupal 8 for quite some time now , there are still a lot of things left to do! I recently started collaborating with the "Twig team" in an effort to help move Drupal in the right direction. I spent the past few weeks tackling one major issue for Twig templates: easier translations.

In this post, you will learn how to theme Drupal 8 views by overriding default views templates and use our own markup to build an accordion based on bootstrap 3 accordion. We will begin by identifying a custom theme for our newly installed Drupal 8 site and add bootstrap 3 css and javascript files. After saving the view we will click on "Content: Title" and uncheck "Link to the Content", then add the "Body" field. Each type of the view templates above can be overridden with a variety of names. The template name is a concatenation of base template name, view machine name, view display type and view display id - separated by 2 hyphens "--". For example; If we want to override "views-view.

Last week, I had to solve a problem where a prototyped form contained a button element and svg icon for the submit button on three search forms.

Html and css browser compatibility issues with ie9

Conditional comments allow us to target specific versions or version ranges of IE to correct bugs or inconsitentices that normally are not present on other browsers. Typically for IE9 and below, we have been able to write conditional css by using something like this:. The code above allows us to add a css class to the html tag which only becomes available if the browser we are using is one of the ones above IE 8 or 9. This is extremely helpful because with this class we can now write css styles that only apply to those versions of IE.

html and css IE Compatibility

html and css IE Compatibility

Just like IE8 , Internet Explorer 9 has built-in developer tools which help developers to quickly determine and resolve HTML, CSS, and JavaScript related problems by making changes to code from within the browser which can be previewed live. These dev tools are generally not used by the basic users but comes handy to a webmaster or web designer.

One amazing and useful tool is Resize , using which one can easily check how their webpage appears in different screen resolutions. You can define a custom resolution too. There is a Ruler to accurately measure any arbitrary objects on the screen in pixels. There are multiple colors rulers and a magnifying glass is also available for precision. A defined ruler can be moved, resized, and re-angled. Once drawn, the ruler shows the x,y coordinates of each end relative to position of the points and the ruler length is shown at the center of the ruler in pixels.

To use it, just position the cursor over an object and left-click to select its color. For professional task, we suggest using Instant Eyedropper which has a magnifier that shows multiple shades in a solid color. Mayur Agarwal is the founder and editor-in-chief of WebTrickz. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Google Android Chrome. Twitter Dark Mode OnePlus. Facebook Messenger Security.

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IE9 Is Here! 7 Cross-Browser CSS Tricks You Can Now Use

So what exactly has been happening? I would write code on my local machine where it would run just fine. However when I would move it to a development server the scripts would mysteriously fail. The image to the left shows the kind of error report I saw when trying to plug in a JQuery DatePicker.

Except in IE, the modes for text/html mainly affect CSS layout and the style In the X-UA-Compatible cases, IE8 and IE9 behave radically.

One more browser: Internet Explorer 9

However, Internet Explorer — both on desktop and a Windows Phone — was completely mangled. So the same page works perfectly fine with:. I threw this IE shortcoming out on Twitter and promptly got a response from aggeek :. Adding the display: block style explicitly fixed it. Honestly that would not have occurred to me on my own — as my inclination was to think the tag was essentially ignored. If you replace main with foo you get the same behavior. In fact, it may be part of more modern Browser Resets, but in this case the reset I use is a a bit dated as is the rest of the code on this site. Why this one freaking inconsistency in HTML5 support?

Every couple of months the same topic of conversation comes up in the Web team office: should we still be supporting Internet Explorer 6? The answer so far has always been a resigned yes, but that may not be the case for too long. In He leaves the conclusion of the article to Web standards hero Jeffrey Zeldman :.

This document explains what those modes are and how they are triggered. The main conclusion to draw from this article is that you should start all your HTML documents i.

Browser Compatibility Solution--2

If you have multiple IEs installed on one system the conditional comments will view each install as the highest installed version. Conditional comments only work in IE, and are thus excellently suited to give special instructions meant only for IE. They are supported from IE 5 up until IE9 inclusive. Conditional comments are the best way to add this CSS, since the system is explicitly designed for this use case. However, these versions are much less buggy than the earlier ones.

IE9 does not support vmin (it does, hoever, support vm which is equivalent to vmin). IE9 and Safari for iOS calculates viewport units.

How to set IE compatibility mode ?

How to set IE compatibility mode ?

Cross-Browser Compatibility with CSS3

You will notice a browserslist field in package.

What is ie9 in HTML?

First, open the IE browser, click F12 on the keyboard, and you will see the following figure: Developer interface. Select the [Simulation] button to enter the developer simulation interface. First, open the IE browser, click F12 on the keyboard, and you will see the following figure: Developer interface 2. Several compatibility issues of IE11 browser.

Joomtube is Joomla plugin for embedding a Youtube video and video playlist to article and category by paste video's url. Joomtube for Joomla version 2. Use of the Joomla! AllEvents - Joomla events and calendar. Create repeatable fields using Joomla!

Embed youtube video in joomla website

I know that we all love movies, whether on your home system or on websites. Online videos in particular have an additional use, not only to entertain, but also to fulfill marketing functions — informing your customers about your product or service. They can increase the value of the website and make it more attractive for users. You should take advantage of these potential benefits by adding videos from youtube, vimeo etc… to your Joomla! In this guide we will show you how to insert a simple video player into an article or module.

And all you have to do is copy and paste the URL of a video not the embed code that you want to embed from YouTube into your articles and the YouTube player will show in its place when you publish.

As you may soon see, the plugin can takes care of the rest! Remember that only a few of the solutions Joomla! More advanced modules are able to turn a list of YouTube links into a playlist. Also get ready to impress your clients and users with the YouTube Background video player — also available on the JED.

Such a module can enhance your homepage with a stunning video-based landing page. If you want to show video without the YouTube logo and host it yourself, then the process is not so simple, but it is still relatively easy compared to some other integrations, with the right additions modules, plugins or components for Joomla. We recommend to use only Video Players which support HTML5 and help you showcase your remote , local or server videos directly on your website.

This article was first published January 22nd, Expand your purchase with regular tutorials and tips to making your site better, direct to your email. GavickPro website uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you are giving consent to cookies being used. For more information visit our Cookie policy. Documentation Ticket Support. You have three main options: If you are using JCE or JCK Editor then you can install commercial plug-ins which will add functionality such as audio and video capabilities to your toolbar.

Or you can use an additional plugin or module. Hosting your own Video If you want to show video without the YouTube logo and host it yourself, then the process is not so simple, but it is still relatively easy compared to some other integrations, with the right additions modules, plugins or components for Joomla.

Due to the emergence of new technologies, usage of internet is growing day by day. People prefer to watch videos, to perform a particular task instead of reading the lengthy paragraphs. To keep readers on your website for a long time, you can add videos in addition to the articles or posts. This could be a better alternative to interact with your readers in the effective and an efficient manner. Through this article, you will learn to embed YouTube video in Joomla by simply following a few steps as explained below.

Add videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other sources to your Joomla v3 website It is possible to upload videos to the Joomla Media Manager and insert them.


Then find the Forbidden sections box and delete the iframe from the box to the final text: script, applet. The above settings should now allow you to embed iframe videos into your Joomla! If you continue being unable to do so, read on. To check user settings you go to System in the top bar and click on Global Configuration. Navigate to the Text Filter tab and see the user list and the corresponding filter type.

I would highly recommend Huw for all his work on designing our website www.

Test video with a bee

Test video with a bee

Joomla Tutorials

Joomla Tutorials

By default, Joomla automatically strips out iframe and some other HTML elements for security reasons. In order to embed videos from popular providers like YouTube and Vimeo, you have to disable the filtering of the iframe tag. This tutorial will cover how to do it for the default Joomla! TinyMCE editor. From the top menu of your Joomla! When the settings page opens, find the box that is called Prohibited Elements. You will see — script,applet,iframe — written inside the box.

Joomla! video plugin: Embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo ✓ responsive ✓ GDPR you can easily embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo on your website.

Top 6 Joomla 3.5 video extensions to build your multimedia website easily

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AutoTube checks a YouTube channel or playlist regularly for new videos, and when it finds one, it saves it to your Joomla! AutoTube could check your recent YouTube uploads or even someone elses you don't need to own the YouTube account.

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