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Best wordpress theme for tech portfolio

Think about your portfolio website and what your goals are for it. Would you like it to be an online gallery, a blog describing your works in detail or a mixture of both? Luckily, WordPress makes it easy to create and manage different types of portfolio websites. There are a huge number of free and paid portfolio WordPress themes that you can use, but we know how challenging it can be to find that perfect theme. These WordPress themes are offered free of charge by trusted theme companies. We believe a good portfolio website is the one that has an uncluttered design and is easy-to-read.

An online portfolio is essential for creatives, but it is also a smart idea for anybody who wants to create a good impression online. Carefully read through.

There are a whole lot of things you can put in your online portfolio however, to keep it simple and better, your online portfolio should keenly explain who you are, the services you offer, results, or pictorial representations of services offered, your contact page and possible FAQs.

Creating an online portfolio is a great call for anyone looking to share their skills and connect with others. A fantastic web-building platform is the greatest place to start when creating a great portfolio. You have several options to select from, and the ideal one for you will be determined by your needs and tastes.

As earlier stated, the sole aim of having an online portfolio is to showcase your works. After you must have given the website a perfect design, you need to carefully select the best works to put on the platform. Experiment with several forms and styles until you find one that feels perfect for you. Remember to utilize white space to avoid cluttering the page and to provide context for each example to emphasize your abilities.

Ensure you include examples on your homepage as this gives visitors an immediate idea of what you do. Lastly, you can back up the pictures and videos of your work with relatable stories either from you the owner, or satisfied clients. Including testimonials in form of social proof gives credence to whatever you display on the web.

You can even install your social feed onto your portfolio. Your about page should briefly sell you in the fewest minutes. This section of the online portfolio is not where you tell your life history, all you are expected to do here is, pen down the few relevant details of who is behind the portfolio and what you can do for the visitors.

To make the best out of your online portfolio, you need to do proper Search Engine Optimization. This will help your portfolio rank better on search results. You can optimize your page by using appropriate headers, optimizing images, writing meta titles and descriptions, creating links, and listing your services. In a bid to stay on top, you need to always spice your portfolio by putting up content regularly. This can be in form of hosting a blog session or posting your achievements as they come in.

Having walked you through the steps you need to follow to build your own online portfolio, the next thing to do is act upon the knowledge gained. You must be logged in to post a comment. C Career Tips. What is an online portfolio? Why do I need an online portfolio? What are the best platforms for building online portfolios? What Is Portfolio For Interview? Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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25+ Best WordPress Portfolio Themes For Freelancers In 2022

Sign up and start building your portfolio for free!. We can only see so many sticky notes, user journeys and device mockups before it all starts looking the same. This space will grow as I continue to fine tune my designs, learn and take. In the case of your UX portfolio, that introduction is the homepage. Hi guys, hope you are doing well. Now you know how to create your UX portfolio, here are a few examples for inspiration.

Find Top Designers & Creative Professionals on Dribbble. We are where designers gain inspiration, feedback, community, and jobs. Your best resource to.

20 Free Clean and Minimalist Portfolio WordPress Themes for Seamless Web Development

With the immense popularity of digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple, cryptocurrency WordPress themes are in high demand. This is where we come in. Whatever online crypto project you plan to launch, we have a solution for you. Moreover, if you are going to offer services such as crypto tracking, mining, trading and other data for a fully digital currency website, you have come to the right place. Not only that, besides all the great features you want your page to have, you also want to make sure the web design is of the highest standards. Many great products are available to save you time and get your desired website up and running as soon as possible. Your pages will follow the latest technology trends, be mobile ready and provide a great user experience. Choose accordingly and start your own crypto website and become a leader in the industry. Interested in starting your own business in the cryptocurrency space? This multifunctional tool allows you to tackle anything and everything for a thorough ranking of your ideal page.

20 Portfolio WordPress Themes for Developer

Generate more leads and increase revenue using our landing page builder and sales page builder for WordPress.

20 Best Technology WordPress Themes 2022

The themes on this list include mostly paid themes, however we included the best free portfolio themes we could find. All of the themes are responsive and feature stunning photography as well as creative ways to display your portfolio. Fevr is a great choice for a portfolio website as it has quite a few portfolio layouts as well as a number of other page templates that allow you to present your past projects and your agency in a stunning fashion. The theme includes an extensive theme options panel that allows you to tweak colors, fonts, backgrounds, logo, and much more. The Oshine theme features a modern and stylish design, with plenty of pre-made layouts that make it possible to create a unique website for your portfolio.

Best WordPress Themes

Best UX Portfolios Portfolio can be instrumental in your career as a UX designer. UI/UX Designer Portfolio Presentation Premium Google Slides theme and.

Make Your Website Eye-catching With WordPress Web Design Services

I am a user experience designer, information architect, and design leader who has led design on digital products used by millions of people. It's imperative to show what comes out of your research and how you use the information. I'm passionate about improving the lives of others through design and am constantly looking to learn new things everyday. He is currently open to opportunities. All companies give importance to portfolio when they are selecting candidates for interview. What makes a winning UX portfolio?

Having too many options can paralyze your ability to make decisions. This adaptive, powerful theme is gorgeous, SEO-friendly, and able to handle blogs with any purpose or design.

Best WordPress Themes For Designers & Creatives

Best WordPress Themes For Designers & Creatives

15 WordPress Portfolio Themes

Anything related to design or any other creative field can be more than just a hobby. People make their living by selling their artworks, media content, software, and interior design services online. One thing that helps boost sales is a portfolio website. Use them to create a solid showcase of your design filled with rich animations, and great styling.

Viewport-relative, fluid web design is fully dependent on the viewport's width. Container-based web design is based on content inside of a fixed width, which resizes in between a couple of CSS breakpoints. If you want to make use of the whole canvas, then fluid web design is the way to go. In this article I will explain how to only use relative units to create a fully fluid, yet responsive web design.

Screen sizes and breakpoints

Screen sizes and breakpoints

Responsive web design is an approach that allows design across various devices mobile, desktop, tablet, etc. Flexible grids are foundational elements of responsive design. We can design for an optimal viewing experience, but embed standards-based technologies into our designs to make them not only more flexible, but more adaptive to the media that renders them. In the world of web design, we have a few terms that describe the process of design optimization for various screens— responsive, adaptive and mobile-first designs.

As you can see, adaptive design is a less flexible solution for the problem of design optimizations for various screens. As the name suggests, mobile-first means that web designers start the product design from the mobile medium and then design tablet, desktop, and monitors.

Responsive websites have three defining features: flexible layouts, media queries and flexible media. Flexible layouts are the practice of building the layout of a website with a flexible grid. Flexible grids are created using CSS.

You put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle. You put water into a teapot, it becomes the teapot. What does this mean? If you think of your content as water and pour it from one device to another — the water remains the same, but the view of the water is changed per device.

And you can have more water than a device can handle, meaning you will need to optimize content per device. It is possible to group various screen sizes into a few major categories, and design for each group. A technique called fluid grids uses media queries min-device-width , max-device-width , and orientation to make web design as flexible as necessary. Avoid hardcoding the height and width; instead, let the browser resize the images as needed CSS should adjust images relative size.

Nick has spent the last 10 years working in the software industry with a specialized focus on research and development. He counts advertising, psychology, and cinema among his myriad interests.

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Responsive images automatically adjust to fit in the browser sizes. Set relative size for images, rather than absolute ones. For example, setting width.

What is website responsiveness and how to test it?

Sorry, we couldn't find any results for that query. Please try a new one! Try using different search terms or browse the categories. Important: This article refers to Editor X - the new creation platform for advanced web design. Learn More. Think about how many devices you use to browse the web, and how many devices there are on the market. Now think about all the different resolutions that these devices have. That's a lot of possibilities

Dealing with type on the web can be a challenge, especially when you have to account for the ever-changing range of screen sizes. Fortunately we now have modular scales, such as rem and em to help with this.

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Learn responsive design best practices and find examples. A responsive web design works across a variety of devices, responding to screen size, platform, and orientation. Flexible grids are the fundamental building blocks of responsive design. All assets in a responsive design, such as images, adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions via CSS media queries. As a result, the user experience UX is excellent on any device — be it a large desktop display or the small screen of a mobile device.

Fixed Width Layouts Versus Liquid Layouts

Fixed Width Layouts Versus Liquid Layouts

Remember when browsing the web meant using dial-up internet on a desktop monitor the size of your microwave? Now we use desktops, laptops, tablets, tablets that look like laptops, smartphones, and smartphones that look like tablets. We own any number of these devices and expect to have satisfying web experiences on each of them. Especially on mobile. There are serious implications for businesses still running websites that are not optimized for the majority of their traffic.

Traditional page layout designs used fixed pixel measurements to size the web page elements (e.g., style="widthpx;"). Any element using this fixed.

This a question worth considering given the importance and challenges of offering a great user experience. For developers, the vast diversity of screen sizes amongst smartphones, tablets, and desktops makes it rather difficult to build websites that adjust perfectly across millions of screens. As a result, many organizations have adopted an Adaptive Web Design or a Responsive Web Design to offer websites that can adjust and respond to a variety of different environments and configurations.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of connected devices, responsive web design continues to be crucial in web development. Not long ago the term "responsive web design" was non-existent. But today, most of us have had to adopt it to some extent. In September of Google will change its search algorithm to prioritize mobile friendly websites. The user's environment will depend on which device they have connected to the internet.

The following is a guest post by Jon Yablonski.

Two weeks ago I started by introducing you to responsive web design , more specifically why you should be interested in using responsive design and the direction future web design is taking. I hope you found that interesting and perhaps enlightening, but undoubtedely if you are a web designer or web developer, the interesting part comes now For starters, to build a good responsive website , you need to start with solid foundations. You need a website built on a fluid grid layout rather than fixed width.

A PHP base class that you can use to upload any file into the server. It is a very lightweight class and highly customizable. You can use this class with any framework or with core PHP. This class is based on the GD library for image processing.

Home Examples Thumbnails Slider. Thumbnails tend to be a huge part of most WordPress themes these days. Even very simple themes make use of them in different places.

So when user wants to see some of them, he just have to click on it. In this case Thumbnail Slider is an ideal solution, that is made for you by Supsystic team.

Also if Your WordPress site needs some fresh design, just install Thumbnails Slider — the great instrument for your imagination. This WordPress slider plugin helps you to decorate your site with minimalism kind of All Inclusive source. Built with SEO in mind and ready for work.

WordPress Image Sliders: To Slide or Not to Slide?

WordPress Image Sliders: To Slide or Not to Slide?

Bootstrap 5 animations imitate motions for web elements. The grid items will flow up to 12 columns as the size of the device increases. Grid columns are created by specifying the number of twelve available columns you wish to span. This is a free Carousel template with Multiple Items made with the Bootstrap 4 framework. Bootstrap 4 is available in beta as of August , and now includes Sass and Flexbox.

The EAE - Thumbnail Slider widget allows you to create an image slider with thumbnails. You can add slider images along with the content and.

Image Gallery & Content Slider for WordPress

Image Gallery & Content Slider for WordPress

View all frontend features Templates and skins are sets of options and CSS styles that can be applied in a one single click. View RoyalSlider demos. Bulk image uploading, option to connect to px, Flickr or Instagram. SEO friendly images, lazy-loading. Populate data image, content

Product countdown timer The Yoga Shopify Theme is supper responsive layout.

Powerful Slider | Responsive Slider WordPress Plugin

Looking for the best nonprofit websites on the web? Nonprofits are looking for ways to engage their supporters and donors in new ways. Nonprofit websites have evolved over the years from an online brochure to a rich experience where nonprofits can tell their story, share updates with followers, engage supporters, and make it easy for more visitors to take action. Why it works: Strong and striking statement on the hero section with clean execution of graphics. Why it works: The donation and adoption buttons are immediately seen upfront.

Learn how to convert the new WordPress gallery widget into a photo slideshow with slick carousel.

Gallery with thumbnail slider

Gallery with thumbnail slider

Meet the creative Elementor Image Slider Widget, loaded with the advanced functionality and extensive styling features. No need to add any custom code for any additional changes, just a few mouse clicks! Create a beautiful thumbnail image slider with PowerPack. Customized thumbnails the way you want, adjust the position, show captions, and many more. You can literally style every single element of the image slider.

Image sliders are a great way to display multiple images or videos in an attention grabbing manner.

WooCommerce product gallery slider plugin lets you display product and gallery images in slider and add the videos in the gallery. After configuring the thumbnail settings, click on the bullets Settings tab to set bullets for image gallery slider. At the admin panel go to Products tab and add or edit any product. You can add videos by URL or upload from your computer. Set Up Products 4. Sell Products Core Payment Options 8.

It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. In the original code the return was the image URL inside a list.

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You will be supported in the training of our systems and have the opportunity to investigate new technologies which would contribute to of both staff and student experience. There will also be opportunities to expand your knowledge into our backend systems over time as the team works on the full stack of technologies from database to user interface. If you would like to be a part of developing the new generation of Apprentices, supporting them in achieving Exam success, this is the role for you.

junior Web developer jobs in Philadelphia, PA

Skip to main content. UCB are looking to build an innovative, exciting web development team to provide our students and staff with high quality, reliable, data-driven online systems. We are investing in junior web developers who demonstrate the ability and enthusiasm to take on new challenges, learn new skills and establish themselves as a core member of the team moving forwards. You will be supported in the training of our systems and have the opportunity to investigate new technologies which would contribute to of both staff and student experience. There will also be opportunities to expand your knowledge into our backend systems over time as the team works on the full stack of technologies from database to user interface. How to apply: If you are interested in joining us and feel that you meet the criteria for this role then please provide a copy of your CV and cover letter to developmentjobs ucb.

The reading will feature costume consulting by designer David C Woolard, He won the Webby Award for Best Writing in a Web Series.

junior web developer jobs near Birmingham, United Kingdom

Fulton County Schools News Website. All the latest FCS news headlines and feature stories have been consolidated in one easy-to-navigate website! Be sure to bookmark and visit regularly to find:. Check out all the latest stories today! Recordings will be available within 48 hours.

Front-End Engineer - Remote Optional. As a Front-End Engineer, you'll be responsible for implementing the interactive and visual elements of web and mobile applications.

Junior Front End Developer jobs in Birmingham

It means that now is a great time to secure a new role and forge ahead in your career. Our network of employer contacts? Our expertise in matching tech professionals with career opportunities that are just right for them? No contest. What will you get from us? Roles you can get excited about and the support you need to secure them.


Web Designer jobs in Birmingham, AL available on League of Southeastern Credit Unions; Birmingham, AL; As our junior web developer, you are.

Web Designer jobs in Birmingham

Web design offers passionate creators a modern, unique way to express their creativity and skills in visual design. Any web designer will tell you that the job has its ups and downs. What sort of salary can you expect to make if you decide to take the leap into a web design career? The answer is that it depends on a lot of factors.

junior game developer jobs

Best Resume Examples for All Jobs. The Molasses Flood Warsaw. At least 6 months of experience in game development with C. Junior Cinematic Designer. Verified employers. You compete with other game dev … Write a well commented and … Free Voice Changer.

UK, remember your settings and improve government services.

It's a great opportunity for someone who is talented, passionate and willing to learn. We are experienced designers, developers and animators. We partner with brands and entrepreneurs to create innovative, in-demand digital products. You will be thrown in the deep end, working on real client work, from developing wordpress sites, to attending workshops and client meetings. While interning at Studio 14 you will gain valuable industry experience.

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Push Notification System with PHP & MySQL Demo [updated – 2021]

I'll go through all the steps you need to take to set up the backend and frontend, but you can skip those parts of course if you're interested in adding push notifications to an existing project. I uploaded the final code to this GitHub repository. I'll briefly explain what you need to know about web push notifications before diving into the tutorial, where we'll build a full-stack web application that allows us to broadcast push messages to its users.

You must be familiar with JavaScript in the frontend and ideally in the backend as well. I included a GitHub repository and commits for each step, so following along is a little easier. You don't need to have experience with service workers but I recommend you learn more about this topic before working on serious projects.

The technology behind web push notifications. Browser support for web push notifications. Learn what you need to know to get started, and turn your React app into a PWA in just 10 minutes. Watch it for free with my referral link , which will give you a 14 day trial. Web push notifications are notifications that the user receives through the browser.

These notifications were previously exclusive to native web and desktop applications, but can now be used by websites as well.

Example code that displays a simple notification to the user. You need to have requested permission first with window. The push API allows web apps to receive messages from a server, even when the website is not open. This API is only available through service workers, which allow code to be executed in the background when the app is not open.

I'll explain how to set up a service worker for push notifications in the tutorial, but in case you want to learn more about them, I wrote a few articles on that topic. Service workers allow code to be executed in the background without user interaction.

The frontend will also be able to trigger a notification that will be sent to all subscribed clients. If you want to see the final application code, I uploaded it to this GitHub repository. I included the exact commit of this repository for every step, so you can check if your code matches mine in case you run into any issues.

In index. As I already mentioned in the first part of this article, we'll need a service worker to be able to receive push notifications from the backend. In this tutorial, we'll only use a very simple service worker setup, which only serves the purpose of receiving push notifications. If you want to have a service worker that offers offline capabilities or even a full Progressive Web App, have a look at my other articles on PWAs. First, we'll create a file called sw. The code in this file will be executed in the service worker context.

We also need a JavaScript file that registers the service worker. We'll call this file index. In our index. You should see a service worker entry with the status "activated". Your project should look similar to this at this point. The first thing we are going to do now is to subscribe to push notification, using the push API. It's available through the service worker registration object, on the push manager.

There's one other thing we need to do before though. The public key, which is a Base64 string , needs to be converted to an Uint8Array. I just copied the urlBase64ToUint8Array function and used it for transforming the public key. The subscribe function will be called when the user clicks the subscribe button. GitHub commit. On the backend we'll create a new endpoint for receiving a subscription object and saving it to the database.

Facebook Like Header Notification in PHP

You can view an example of the Gonorrhoea notification form for reference prior have access to a web-based REDCap database to input their data directly.

How to send web push notifications with PHP -

Notifications are hard. They require infrastructure that is reliable, scalable and observable as well as an end user experience that is helpful and respectful. That's why we built Courier. Access all your notification channels through a single API —— and add new ones in minutes. Drag and drop content blocks, add your own custom code, or do a mix of both. Trigger notifications based on user actions, while respecting their preferences and your rules. Quickly access relevant cross-channel stats including delivery status and engagement data. Utilize our drag-and-drop builder or control every pixel with our code editor, then easily collaborate on designs with other team members. Prioritize your channels and use both conditional logic and user preferences, to control who sees what, when, and through which channel.

Sending notifications to an iOS Application can enhance the experience exponentially for users, also it allows you to deliver key data easily. However, actually sending the push notification to users can be a bit tedious at times, and at times confusing.

PHP Send Push Notification To Android & IOS using Google FCM Firebase

PHP Send Push Notification To Android & IOS using Google FCM Firebase

How to send SMS from a website using PHP and MySQL

Push Notification is the most used communication channel by web applications to stay in contact with their users. When we visit any website, we see a notification consent alert to allow or block notification. These alerts are created by websites to get consent to display notifications with latest updates, news etc. If we grant permissions to notification display then the notifications are pushed by website administrator to display to website users. We will cover this tutorial step by step with live example to create notifications with push details by administrator and normal can login to see the push notifications. We will handle user login functionality by calling login method from User. We will store username into session to use while implementing push notification functionality.

Example of enabled and disabled push messaging UX in Chrome. Once the service worker is registered, we need to set up our UI's state.

Create Order Notifications for Your Connected Store

In this tutorial, you will learn laravel 8 firebase notification example. This article goes in detailed on firebase web push notification laravel 8. Firebase provides a realtime database and backend as a service.

In this article, we will learn about the use of dialog boxes of JavaScript i. JavaScript is an event-driven language.

Push messaging provides a simple and effective way to re-engage with your users and in this code lab you'll learn how to add push notifications to your web app. Download source code. If you downloaded the source as a zip, unpacking it should give you a root folder push-notifications-master.

R is a programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics supported by the R Foundation for Statistical Computing. R and its libraries implement a wide variety of statistical and graphical techniques, including linear and nonlinear modeling, classical statistical tests, time-series analysis, classification, clustering, and others. QGIS allows users to create maps with many layers using different projections and to view, edit and analyze raster or vector data. For more information, please visit QGIS.

Open source web gis viewer

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Journal of Geographic Information System Vol. There is growing needs for web based GIS for easy and fast dissemination, sharing, displaying and processing of spatial information which in turns helping in decision making for various natural resources based applications.

The system described here aims at providing a web-based platform for collaboration and data sharing between specialists, planning agencies, citizens, and private entities.

In fat-client systems, a significant proportion of data processing happens at the client, whereas the server is primarily responsible for data storage. The thin-client system on the other hand strives to minimize processing on the client; except for presentation and user interaction, most of the data processing occurs at the server. Here, in our current implementation, the thin-client approach was adopted.

It provides for the use of both bitmapped and TrueType fonts. Label sizes can be fixed or configured to scale with the scale of the map. The option to not print labels for specified map scale ranges is also provided. The Chameleon, a highly customizable and adaptable environment for deploying and managing Web mapping applications is used to design and Graphic User Interface of WebGIS.

MapServer 5. MapServer consists of three different components: map file, template files and the CGI program. The map file needs to set cartographic parameters, cartographic objects, data loading, classification, displaying and querying and graphic elements definition and use. The template files are the files the user see by his browser, so they are implemented to present maps, cartographic objects, query and all other information which the web GIS designer want to offer to the user.

Figure 1. The CWC2 based Chameleon framework has been used in our development for building user interface web mapping. Tags are added to HTML template pages. The primary goal of this project is to implement a dynamic GIS map extraction and analysis mapping system and OGC [10] compliant. The user could then choose see spatial data attributes, query the data, analyse and print the map.

To complete the application requirements it was decided that the project would be divided into two sections. These sections were a Chameleon widget, which the user interacted with via the Chameleon mapping client, and a server side application which would be called by the Chameleon widget and given all the required information to return the final product. The main task in the whole portal [11] development was the choosing, testing, recoding and customizing of CWC2 based widgets.

Currently, Chameleon has released several fully functional widgets. The widgets that were deemed relevant to the project were analysed so that their implementation and design may be better understood.

It is the Popup class that provides the functionality for popups to be used in widgets. Since this widget revolves mainly on the ability to create popups for choice selection it is a key class and finally, the NavTool class. This class is the one that controls all the widgets placed in the navigation bar. This is important, because it is the navigation bar that allows the user to select which widget that they would like to use.

Results of map query or area of interest can be printed out along with detail legend using Print tool. The size, font type and map output can be customize using this tool.

Region specific zoom is made possible using QuickZoom tool. Searching of non-spatial attributes could also be performed by the users. An attribute to be search is entered in the textbox. Figures 3 b , c show the widget to perform this. The user selects a layer and its corresponding attribute s , once applied; the user sees the attributes corresponding to the map location when mouse cursor moves.

14 Free/Open Source GIS Software: Map the world

It is also a framework since it can be used as starting point to build sophisticated custom geospatial applications see for example our US COVID tracking dashboard. It can also work with OpenLayers , Leaflet and Cesium ensuring the greatest flexibility when it is used as a framework to develop custom projects. MapStore has been designed from the beginning to provide users with a coherent and comprehensive experience across different devices, hence it automatically adapts to different screen size of portable devices as shown below. MapStore Mobile, the featureinfo at work. MapStore Map with time slider at work, live example here. GeoStory — Sample of a story in view mode, live example here.

MapGuide Open source web mapping server. MapInfo Professional Desktop GIS and mapping application. Mapnik C++/ Python mapping toolkit. MapServer A popular web.

Jump to navigation. Web editor is much more complex system than web viewer because of it's ability to edit spatial data and geometries. This way each user can add, edit or delete certain points on map. Nowadays we can find many common technologies which are based on HTML5 technology. This becomes a problem when you're still trying reach out to users who still use older browser IE This way we're to minimize the trouble for most of users how to manage web GIS editor. Language En Sl Ro. Web based GIS editor. Main functionalities of GIS editor: add, edit and delete points, lines or poligons editing is based on user rights configuration of layers and other attibutes via XML configuration new attributes are checked against any constraints prior to updating, thus preventing many errors in the data option to snap different geometries to arbitrary vector layers to prevent topological anomalies duplicate points, slivers, kick-backs, spikes, etc.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search.

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Metrics details. Open geospatial data and tools are an increasingly important paradigm offering the opportunity to promote the democratization of geographical information, the transparency of governments and institutions, as well as social, economic and environmental opportunities. During the past decade, developments in the area of open geospatial data and open-source geospatial software have greatly improved. Many parts of the research community believe that combining free and open software, open data, as well as open standards, leads to the creation of a sustainable ecosystem to accelerate new discoveries to help solve global cross-disciplinary societal challenges, from climate change mitigation to sustainable cities. The consistent prevalence of open source GIS studies motivated this thematic collection. The contributions are divided into two main categories.

Unable to load // status: 0.

What is Qgis Dashboard. Pandas and its Dataframe are must use for data science in Python. First thing a dashboard needs is data that is updating on regular basis. QGIS is a free, open source. Since the data were available only as individual files, the first step in preparing the data was to merge this data together into one shapefile. Each symbol can embed one or more symbols including, of any other type or symbol layers.

Many vintages and themes are available, created from Utah GIS data resources.

Journal of Geographic Information System Vol. There is growing needs for web based GIS for easy and fast dissemination, sharing, displaying and processing of spatial information which in turns helping in decision making for various natural resources based applications. In order to make a cost effective implementation, operation and maintenance of spatial information over the web, a cheaper yet feature rich alternative to commercial software is required which can be fulfilled by Open Source GIS software. An open source web application tool built on top of MapScript using the PHP programming language has been used as for development of interactive user interface. It is observed that the present system developed using open source software enables user to view, update, customized retrieval, query and analysis of natural resources information for specific needs.

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