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Ui & ux freelance designer portfolio - Web Design Services ; Easy to edit; Search engine friendly; Highly customizable ; Mobile-friendly; Design for every device; Positive UX ; Powers over 30% of all...

Every UX designer needs a portfolio. Find inspiration for your own in these great UX designer portfolio examples. The best UX designer portfolios strike a balance between visually engaging web and graphic design along with usability. There's no recipe for the perfect UX design portfolio because every portfolio website should showcase the unique skills of the creator. But if you're just getting started or planning to redesign your portfolio, a bit of inspiration can help kickstart the project.

You need your project to stand out and appeal to the perfect end user. I want to help you make that happen. Initial free consultation for all first time clients. Feel free to get in touch anyway! My skills go beyond being a game UI designer. I have experience in app and software design too. Everything your game or sound needs: logo, marketing art, pixel art, concept art, or general 2D art.

About Me UI design specialist for video games, apps, and software with a passion for album art design.

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Portfolios are standard in many fields and industries: writing, art, web design, and design in general. The first, and arguably most important, step in building a UX portfolio is selecting the right projects to feature. If you have a wide variety of projects available to choose from, make sure to narrow down what to include in a portfolio. Ideally, featured projects should showcase a variety of skills, from research and wireframing to prototyping and graphic design. The next step would be to choose a platform to host your portfolio site. Working with a site builder like Wix or Squarespace can help you set up a website quickly and make edits with little technical experience. These options offer a wide range of free, beautiful templates that are great for beginners.

UI design portfolios should have the perfect balance of personality, practicality, and information, ensuring your projects and case studies are.

UI/UX Designer Resume Template, Tips for Crafting an Eye-Catching One

Creating a solid portfolio of your user experience credentials is an excellent way to sell yourself to prospective clients and employers. UX portfolios should show off your creativity, your problem solving skills, your UX process and your ability to create usable, useful, user-centric products. Having a strong UX portfolio can make the difference between landing your dream job and coming second place, but what makes for a good UX portfolio? Storytelling , process presentation , good documentation and keeping an eye on your target audience all have a part to play, but so does adding a touch of UX personality. Here are 10 real-world portfolio examples from UXers worldwide, each incorporating best practices and unique selling points. Product designer Jeya Karthika presents key projects on her compact portfolio website. For each project, Jeya explains her personal role in bringing the product to life.

When we use apps and websites, we expect them to be clear and intuitive. This is what UX designers do — predict every step and every desire of a user. Read our article, to find out if you really need a UX designer when developing a project, how to choose a specialist, and how to spot which UX portfolio deserves your attention. Reading time: 15 minutes.

I just had to share the outline of my website concept neil-patel and he transformed it into simple yet brilliant website. The minimum communication meant that I could focus on other areas of the website.

I design for humans to help brands grow.

Jeff Link is a Chicago-based freelance reporter covering technology, design and architecture. His work has appeared in Built In, Fast Company and dwell. Three years ago, Odes Roberts launched the Brooklyn-based design agency Almost Studios to work with likeminded people on cool branding projects. He was fed up being in the position he often found himself: the only Black person on corporate design teams, his ideas pushed aside and not given a fair hearing. For graphic designers seeking to set themselves apart with their portfolios , he stresses that design sensibility and software knowledge is less important than enthusiasm for the work itself. Still, the bar can be quite high when it comes to portfolio design.

How To Build an Outstanding UX Design Portfolio

Though you may often see jobs advertised as being explicitly UI or UX designers, it is important for all digital designers and all designers in.

The 10 best freelance UI designers for hire in 2022

When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Log in. Sign up. UX Design Portfolio.

Browse top UX design portfolios and hire Toptal freelance UX designers for your most important projects. Looking for other types of designers?

My hard work paid off. But it was a painful process. I got a lot of rejection emails and made a lot of mistakes. Here are 8 things that I got right and wrong.

Web design text box with image layout ideas

Web design text box with image layout ideas

The first impression counts. When it comes to the field of website design, this recognition process is even shorter. Well, you can always try to improve the layout of your website. To help you do that and provide you with fresh inspiration, I've listed 30 of the best website layout examples and popular design ideas. Let's check them out! Ginventory is the most-downloaded gin and tonic guide in the world. When there is a clear focal point on your site, it will direct the attention of visitors to that point.

You can put important information on those areas to highlight them. It's quite beneficial for designers to establish a clear focal point. You can use images, typography, bright colors, or other things to create a focal point. However, it might be hard to use focal points when websites are content-heavy.

To showcase a service or product, it's always a good choice to make it the center of attention. The designer outlined the major characteristics and attributes of the brand identity. These were used as the basis for the overall website structure and architecture. Modern coding and testing techniques were used to ensure the usability of the website. Images provide an opportunity to create an emotional connection with visitors — a big, bold photograph or illustration of an object makes a strong statement and creates a stunning first impression.

Impossible Bureau is created by a team of multi-skilled and curious digital specialists. Some designers are prone to using text-based designs because this method will make the layout clean and simple.

Still, there is one thing you have to consider. This kind of layout will necessarily involve heavy design elements, which might be a double-edged sword.

Time thee Roussilhe is the resume website of designer Timothee Roussilhe. It's simple yet creative. He adds a parallax effect to provide an impressive experience. As you scroll down, there are boxes moving in and out. If you want to design a website with cool factors, then use the parallax effect. But remember to keep the layout simple and use a clean color scheme to avoid a messy design.

Happiness Abscissa uses fixed sidebar navigation to display the whole layout. The main menu is a critical element in user navigation. It tells the user where they are and where they want to go. Usually, we see top-side horizontal navigation, but here, we see a vertical column on the left part as the sidebar. The key is to keep the bar visible and accessible while the rest of the page changes as users scroll up and down. This site also uses a parallax effect.

Parcours Canada is a specialized website for individuals and families to book trips. The website has the typical vertical scrolling design and arranges content into two columns.

This helps users flexibly check information both on the vertical and horizontal directions in a more organized manner. Besides, when you hover over a travel package, the image will change and switch to another one. You can immediately check the travel routes on the map.

Grammarly is a useful digital writing assistant. The website has arranged everything properly. There is a sense of minimalist and symmetrical beauty in the layout. As visitors scroll down the home page, they get to know how this tool works and the reasons why they need the service. The use of gradients gives the layout a rather relaxing look. The gradient is consistent with the color of their logo. While the layout is relatively simple, the clean and minimalist layout still shows great power to capture the users' attention.

The kind of layout is completely different from a typical grid where each area of the site is put in a module or container. Compared to other layouts, this technique will create a streamlined look as the format could change to fit different display methods. Nomadic Tribe is one of the most engaging websites I've ever seen. When you come to this page, you're embarking on an exciting journey with tribes and indigenous peoples and like-minded travelers. Apart from the stunning video, the fonts on this site are also dynamic and playful.

Besides, the combination of different shades of pink, orange, and yellow made a huge difference. As you scroll down, there are several featured stories for you to check. The layout is well-arranged with clear logic and quality images.

Assemble offers wonderful portfolio projects by using cards in a grid structure. Cards allow you to serve up a heavy dose of clickable information in a digestible manner. It helps visitors find the content they like and provide a way to dive into details by simply clicking or tapping the card. This layout is also popular in responsive layout design.

Grids of cards work excellently with various elements such as size, spacing, number of columns, and screens - with the ability to display a lot of items with equal hierarchy. So, if you have a content-heavy site, a grid of cards is a perfect choice. Apple is one of the best websites that have leading layouts. The combination of pixel-perfect images and terse descriptions brings out the best in each other.

When visitors come to the home page of Apple, they are enticed to explore further on other sub-pages. On the top of the home page, there is a fixed navigation bar. This static menu makes it easy for visitors to delve into the interior of the website without an excessive amount of clicking and scrolling. Mailchimp is one of the most famous email marketing services.

4.6: Effective Document Design

Because of its value (it's the darkest part of the layout, while everything else is light) and size (it spans the whole width of the page), the image has the.

Website Layout: Best examples for inspiration in 2022

Website Layout: Best examples for inspiration in 2022

Figuring out the best design layout for a website is the first crucial step in building any website. This step will set the foundation for the rest of your work and will ultimately decide how the website will look and function. There are many different types of website layouts, and it can be challenging to decide which one is right for you and what your website users will need. Web development agencies and design firms tend to use specific design layout strategies that are current and relevant in the industry which we will cover here. A web designer is like a building architect. The layout of a website consists of different design elements or overall visual structure. How the site layout is arranged will impact both function and usability. These design layout elements have different parts and are commonly based on current and effective website design trends.

12 Timeless UI Layouts & Website Design Patterns Analyzed

In this lesson, you learn how to use the Android Studio Layout Editor to create a layout that includes a text box and a button.

Learn how to create a responsive website that will work on all devices, PC, laptop, tablet, and phone. A header is usually located at the top of the website or right below a top navigation menu. It often contains a logo or the website name:. Try it Yourself ». Create a 2-column layout, divided into a "side content" and a "main content". Then add media queries to make the layout responsive.

In this example by Kindeo, the hero image lends design support by enhancing the user flow leading to the CTA button, which is placed front and.

7 key principles of designing visually appealing websites

Whether you want to add text to photos, collages, or designs, the right font will bring attention to your text and give your project a cohesive look. That's why the Text Editor in our online app comes packed with a diverse collection of fonts to complement your images and designs.

Navigating all the right tools and being a whizz with layout and positioning. You want the good news? This guide focuses on how to design a website. If you want to know how to build a website , head over to our step-by-step manual. Beyond simply knowing your industry and defining a content strategy, you need to think about what your USP unique selling point is, and how you want to come across.

Website Layouts

This is what the Pin menu should look like. Design each element and the whole navigation bar as a whole using the CSS. By default a tab bar controller comes with two views. So I added not only.

How do I make a slideshow of pictures on WordPress?

Are you looking to add a slider in your WordPress site? There are dozens of WordPress slider plugins on the market that you can use. However, not all slider plugins are created equal. Most of them load too many scripts which slow down your website. In this article, we will compare the top WordPress slider plugins based on their speed, ease of use, and overall features. The goal is to find the best WordPress slider plugin in terms of performance and quality.

Most WordPress sliders are slow. If it is not properly coded, a slider can significantly increase your page load time. If you do not have a good WordPress hosting service, then your server may respond even slower than normal.

A lot of them are not. So how do you go through hundreds of slider plugins and check for all of this? We did the research for you and below are our results for the best WordPress slider.

Now you might think that all other sliders performed well too. Why do we think that Soliloquy is the fastest? If you notice the test results, you will see that Soliloquy increased page load size without affecting the speed.

It is somewhat easy to use and beginners can find their way around. However, it packs a lot of options which may not be as easy to discover for beginners. The overall user experience is satisfactory and you can easily add a slider into posts and pages using the default block, shortcode, and template tag.

Master Slider works best with WordPress themes that automatically load jQuery on each page load. If all you want to do is create simple image slide shows, then any of the free WordPress slider plugins on this list can do the job.

However, Soliloquy and MetaSlider come with a lot more features. They are fully responsive sliders and look equally beautiful on all devices and screen sizes. Both support video slides, HTML 5 videos, featured content slides, themes, animations, and transitions.

They both offer simple and easy to use interface and they both have additional add-ons that you can install to add more features. Soliloquy has slightly more features like WooCommerce add-on for product slideshows, social media integration, Instagram add-on, and more. On the other hand, both MetaSlider and Smart Slider 3 give you access to all add-ons even with a single site license.

After comparing these plugins we can confidently say that the best WordPress slider plugin award goes to:. It is by far the fastest WordPress slider plugin in the market. It follows all of the coding best practices, it is very well documented, easy to extend for developers and even easier to use for users. Our second choice would be SmartSlider 3.

We hope this article answers the questions regarding the best WordPress slider plugin in terms of performance and quality. You may also want to see our comparison of the best WordPress caching plugins to improve your website performance.

Disclosure: Our content is reader-supported. This means if you click on some of our links, then we may earn a commission. See how WPBeginner is funded , why it matters, and how you can support us. Thanks for choosing to leave a comment.

8 Best WordPress Slider Plugins in 2021: Make Your Site Super Sexy

WordPress sliders can make your site more engaging, interactive, and fun. With the right tool, you can display images, videos, content, reviews, and so much more inside an attractive slideshow. Sometimes sliders can slow down your site, damage your mobile user experience, and cause compatibility issues. So you need to be very careful when choosing a slider plugin. Soliloquy is the best responsive WordPress slider plugin available on the market. We tested the plugin with all 3 factors mentioned above, and the results were excellent. Created by a team of WordPress experts using high-quality coding and the latest technology, it offers the best features for building beautiful sliders.

The Jetpack plugin. The Meta Slider plugin. The Fluid Responsive Slideshow plugin. Let's look at each in detail. How to create a.

comSlider Slideshow – WordPress plugin Free download

Post navigation

User Rating: 3.

Photo slider

Photo slider

Picture or video headers could be attached to the slideshow. Besides helping you create videos, the tool can also be used for editing and sharing images. Have you tried Gilisoft Slideshow Maker? Be the first to leave your opinion! An slideshow maker to create a stunning slideshow movie from photos, videos and music with wonderful slideshow template.

A Step Up: How to Create a Slideshow in WordPress

A WordPress slider plugin provides features for simple image slides, while the advanced solutions expand upon that with drag-and-drop builders , animations, and buttons. After that, take a look at the top features we like and the best WordPress slider plugins to choose from. We highlight elements like pricing, features, and use-case scenarios to ensure you pick the ideal slider plugin for your organization. Some people love sliders and others dislike them. In addition, sliders allow website owners to skip the photo or video elimination process and throw five or ten photos on their homepage. Oftentimes, slider plugins are excellent tools for building header images, even if you only stick to one slide.

Slider by 10Web.

20 Responsive Image Galleries and Slideshows (2020)

Free Wordpress Slider Plugin

Multiple Gorgeous Templates and Skins. And it is totally customizable to set border, Hi Slider is an amazing jQuery slider maker which enables you to publish free WordPress slider plugins with ease. The stunnin visual effects and professional templates are available for you to just make your slider cooler.

Q: Looks great. I can create a slide show and easily put it into WordPress and it will do the slides?

Free WordPress Image Slideshow Creator, Slider Plugin for WordPress

Wordpress images gallery. The following are other recommended plugins by the author: Best Gallery Plugin — Easy Media Gallery is a wordpress plugin designed to display various media support including grid gallery, galleries, photo album, multiple photo albums, portfolio, photo gallery or image gallery… Run viral photo contests, giveaways and sweepstakes by rewarding loyal customers for social sharing. Add an unlimited number of images to your gallery, create albums and categories, add comments, change appearance and much more. Modula is an easy-to-use WordPress gallery plugin that makes adding flexible photo and video galleries … Install and activate Envira Gallery plugin on your site. Bloggers, web designers, and illustrators are rigorously searching photos online as scuba divers look for rubies. Once you have all the images selected, click the Create a new gallery … Of course, the default WordPress options to create a photo gallery have lots of applications, but you may need more.

Slideshow and Images Slider WordPress Plugin

An email newsletter might be the solution. Newsletters are a great way to retain your audience and keep them hooked to your content and keep them coming back for more. The best thing is, you can easily create a newsletter from within your website. There are a ton of WordPress newsletter plugins and tools available that help. That is as high as it gets!

Wordpress sign up for blog updates

All told, setting this up took about twenty minutes. Thank you for this : With everything going on in the world my family have all decided to try a private family blog to keep everyone updated without using social media so this has been super helpful :.

Sounds complicated to set up; however, it is probably what I need. If I want to post geneology and personal writings, such as family history and my journey fighting cancer, what happens to all this content if I quit subscribing my host?

Be excellent to each other.

Ways to Add a Signup Form in WordPress

Ways to Add a Signup Form in WordPress

Sign up for Newsletters. See all newsletters(opens in a new window). Daily. Week in Review. Startups Weekly. Event Updates. Advertising Updates.

We have seen, in the most recent years, plenty of action unfold in front of our eyes thanks to live coverage on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. But what if it were possible to deliver that type of live content in your WordPress blog, helping your visitors keep up with what is important to them? Live blogging has plenty of benefits to bring to the table, such as traffic spikes and more interaction — whether in your comment section of via your social fee. Websites like The Guardian , live coverage of sports events and news accounts for 3. Before we start on how to live blog on WordPress, we need to define what live blogging means in this context. Live blogging is a tool that allows users to provide coverage in real-time on their blogs or websites. An article that is live blogged gets updated consistently to make sure the reader is aware of the latest developments.

Many businesses miss out on the benefits of having a direct connection with their audience through email. By having people subscribe to your email list, you can increase traffic, make more sales, and build a relationship with your audience. While social media is one way to connect with your audience, email is still the most reliable form of communication. It gives you a direct connection to your readers because you can email subscribers whenever you want.

The following procedures will help you install, configure, and secure a WordPress blog on your Amazon Linux 2 instance.

Adding a subscribe button to my blogs

This article explains how readers can subscribe to your site or blog and receive email notifications. Table of Contents. On WordPress. The emails are sent automatically by WordPress. People with a WordPress. Readers without a WordPress.

There are several ways to add a Mailchimp signup form to your WordPress site. ultrasoft.solutions is a hosted web platform, typically used to create blogs and.

Download free version via WordPress. WP Blog and Widgets is one of the effective ways to effectively increase the dynamics of the online web space with blog archives, scrolling blog widgets and thumbnails as you can add, manage and remove the blog section with beautiful designs and customization on your WordPress website. Any new version upgrades are being made compatible in just 30 days of release.

WordPress is the force behind a third of the websites live today. Setting up a website with WordPress. This is the web address people will use to find you — for example, our domain name is websitebuilderexpert. Buying a domain name is super simple.

You don't want to make a boring form. And your audience won't answer one.

Starting a WordPress. You can create a free blog in just minutes at this popular blog hosting website and begin posting your comments and articles for the public to see. We'll show you how. You need to head over to the WordPress.

How do I create a slideshow in Drupal 7?

How do I create a slideshow in Drupal 7?

This method has obvious disadvantages - the main one being that slideshow slides can then only be linked to nodes. In a full-featured slideshow, we want the ability for the slideshow slide to be linked to any URL - either internal or external to the current site. Then, with the addition of a URL field via the Link module we can also specify where the slide leads to when clicked.

This custom content type then allows the site administration to create slides that can direct the user to anywhere on or off the site. By creating an "unpublished slides" view block for the Administrative Dashboard, site administrators can quickly see all unpublished slides.

By leveraging the Administrative Dashboard, we can give site administrators a complete overview of their slideshow slides. It is common practice when creating slideshows in Drupal to use one of the many Views display plugin modules.

By integrating with Views, the site administrator has complete control over which fields are displayed along with the slideshow image. Once the desired data is present on each slide, custom CSS can then be applied to the slideshow to overlay the data on the slideshow image, or have it appear virtually anywhere on the page, transitioning in-sync with the slideshow.

The Flexslider library allows the slideshow to stretch or shrink to fit the width available to it, making it a responsible part of any responsive theme. If you're familiar with Drush make , feel free to utilze the. Are there any options missing from this slideshow that you consider part of full-featured slideshows that you build?

If those slides need to be reused across various slideshows, we leverage the Media module with fielded image entities rather than the field collection approach. Then, either create a new view mode or alter the Bean's output depends on the situation Right now, there's a lot of work being done to provide a more abstract slideshow implementation on top of the Bean module. See: the BeanSlide module. However, we find that there's such variation on how captions should work, links, etc.

I wish that I could point to a few example sites, but we've got half a dozen sites using this approach that are still a few weeks out from launching Sean Larkin - yeah, I've heard that using Beans is a great alternative to using nodes as slides, but to be honest, I haven't dug into Beans all that much. Sounds like I may need to I have to agree with Sean; I only use nodes as slides if the nodes were already created for some other reason the slideshow displays product names and titles.

Too heavy? Do you save that much by using bean? It adds a URL field to insert a link directly with the image itself. I recently implemented the it with amazing success on www. I was able to make the view for it in just a few minutes without having to create a new content type.

One of the most painful things in making slideshows, and one that frequently returns for me, is having a little thumbnail caroussel below the actual thumbnails. That caroussel autoscrolls as the slideshow continues, and clicking on a thumbnail jumps to that picture. I've wasted many hours over and over to get that in. In total, it took me about a week to figure out how to do this in Drupal 6, and another week to get this working in Drupal 7. And that's with the hacking in the result.

It's one of those basic things you can expect having to add to a slideshow, yet one of the hardest things I've had to do in Drupal in the couple of years I've worked with it. For me I this article along with the feature makes it easier to learn as i can read your reasonings for doing so then i dive into the feature and see the configurations.

Thank you so much, Mike! The ability to pause a slideshow using the keyboard is an important accessibility feature. Most government sites require a 'pause' button that can be triggered by tabbing using the keyboard. Simultaneous, independent convergence. This is nearly exactly the same formula we have been using at DFM with one exception.

I throw in custom PHP code to overwrite the link url if an optional link field has been populated, otherwise it behaves as one would expect linking back to content.

I have added them to the list. Thanks for the awesome post. Is it possible to get rid of that circle bullet for direct navigation and use something like title or combination of thumbnail and title.

It all work fine when there is just couple of slide to show, but for a large gallery, let say Hi res images, it's really king of slow to loadup all the images at the beginning.

The ability for any slide to be linked to any URL A common method for creating a slideshow is to simply add a "slideshow image" field to a node type, then filter on that field in the slideshow view. The ability to tweak the settings of the slideshow data It is common practice when creating slideshows in Drupal to use one of the many Views display plugin modules.

The ability to theme the slides to have HTML titles, descriptions, and attribution information appear as desired Once the desired data is present on each slide, custom CSS can then be applied to the slideshow to overlay the data on the slideshow image, or have it appear virtually anywhere on the page, transitioning in-sync with the slideshow. The ability for the slideshow to render properly across a wide-range of device Finally, with the addition of the Flexslider library module, we add responsive hotness to the slideshow.

What's missing? But isn't using nodes Nice! But isn't using nodes as slides getting old? Great tutorial! As always, DrupalEasy makes Drupal easy! Author comment. Sean Larkin - yeah, I've Sean Larkin - yeah, I've heard that using Beans is a great alternative to using nodes as slides, but to be honest, I haven't dug into Beans all that much. Thanks, -mike. I have to agree with Sean; I I have to agree with Sean; I only use nodes as slides if the nodes were already created for some other reason the slideshow displays product names and titles.

class SlideTest in Nivo Slider 8

Drupal Career Online Calendar. How many times do you find yourself building the same bit of functionality on Drupal sites for various clients? Whether it be a photo gallery, multi-user blog, or slideshow, as Drupal site builders, we often find ourselves re-inventing the wheel. A common method for creating a slideshow is to simply add a "slideshow image" field to a node type, then filter on that field in the slideshow view. This method has obvious disadvantages - the main one being that slideshow slides can then only be linked to nodes. In a full-featured slideshow, we want the ability for the slideshow slide to be linked to any URL - either internal or external to the current site.

This tutorial shows you how to install & setup views nivo slider on drupal7. Drupal 8 Basics #10 - Blocks Explained. LevelUpTuts.

Libraries API

Libraries API

Open the post editor, select the location where you want to add the slider, and click on the Add Slider button next to the media uploader.

You can do it by changing folder chmods by your FTP Client. Nivo slider issue in drupal 7. I was following this tutorial from the official plugin website. I have the folder "all" an inside it I have "libraries", "modules", and "themes". I extracted the FlexSlider-master.

Zymphonies — How to install Drupal8 Zymphonies Theme |...

Themes as powerful as Porto Drupal Theme is do wonders. They can easily turn one who was never even familiar with Drupal and coding and designing into a real pro. The fact how simple the procedure soon makes you realize how much you were missing. With an inside and out documentation, you can go well ordered en route and blast, the business website is ready sooner rather than later. A robust admin panel with an easy to understand workspace and a whole bunch of useful features give you so many possibilities you might lose track.

Porto Drupal Theme – download Porto theme, SEO Optimized Fully Responsive, Google Fonts Support; Owl Carousel; Nivo Slider; Premium resources.

slick slider go to last slide

Expanded class hierarchy of SlideTest. Skip to main content. Name contains. Name does not contain.

H ow to create a slideshow in Drupal 8. In other words, press the Shift and F5 keys at the same time. The presentation will appear in full-screen mode. Select the Slide Show view command at the bottom of the PowerPoint window to begin a presentation from the current slide. If you want a Drupal slideshow in content, Field Slideshow is the one. Instead of displaying slideshow nodes in a block, this module allows you to display multiple images as a slideshow within a single node, an article for example.

I am using Webpage Maker. Do I have to have a commercial version to see it on my web page?

Slick Carousel Drupal Org

Slick Carousel Drupal Org

How do you add a slider to Nivo?

A carousel in web design is a group of content items images, videos, ads, etc. Nivo Slider is considered as a most popular jQuery slider plugin in the world. It is beautiful and very easy to use, more over, it is full free!

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