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How to create a blank page template in wordpress

Page Templates

I face a problem of an empty page when I click on editing an existing page or adding a new page, post, product and so on. I tried to change the theme with the default theme comes with WordPress, and I can create a new posts etc. Thank you very much for choosing our theme and contacting our support. As I understand the problem occurs only on our theme and does not on the default, does it? If so, please send us admin access and deactivate all the third parties plugins not related to the theme.

This topic has 6 replies, 2 voices, and was last updated 4 years ago by Elise Noromit. Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 of 7 total. April 14, at pm Hello I face a problem of an empty page when I click on editing an existing page or adding a new page, post, product and so on. Elise Noromit Keymaster. Hello, Thank you very much for choosing our theme and contacting our support. Best Regards. What you exactly want to get the access, is it ftp access you want or wp admin account!!

April 15, at am Hello, Please provide us with admin access to your site. April 15, at pm But the issue is still there, I will give you the access details to check what is the problem! Tagged: empty page. Sign in close. Lost your password? Remember me. No account yet?

Create dynamic wordrpess blank page

I want to create such a beast so I can then use it as the page template for BB to then use for creation of a landing page. Having to do it manually requires you to have a solid understanding of the PHP language as well as WP. You might want to check that out. So how come when I apply one of the BB templates, it is surrounded by a page template from my theme? Just wanted to chime in here.

To create a WordPress Page Template, you'll need to use your text editor. Go to the directory on your server where you installed WordPress, and then navigate to.

How to Create a Full-Width Page in WordPress With a Free Plugin

This is a follow-on from my article called: How To Make WordPress Look Like a Website , where we walked through changing which page shows up as the home page for your WordPress website. The idea was to make it look more like a web site rather than a blog. We changed the front page, but were left with the Page title and Sidebar still. So what if we want to completely customize our home page?

I received the following question today in the forum :. Is there a way to have a second page template without a sidebar for this purpose?

How to Create WordPress Custom Page Templates (& Why)

To make a blank page in WordPress, you need to follow a simple procedure. Go to the Dashboard.

How to Create Empty Templates in WordPress

If your theme already comes with a full-width page template then this process can come handy.

Start Building Page or Use Default Templates

I'm using a child theme that uses Cherry Framework. If I make a file called "blank-template. If I then make a new page in Wordpress, and select this template and load the page, I expect to see a blank page however I see a page that has my theme header and footer with the words "test" in middle, as per my file. Cherry Framework Child Theme - blank custom page template Asked 6 years ago. I would like a custom page template that is completely blank. Am I missing a step to make a fully custom template that ignores my themes header and footer? Share Share a link to this question Link Copied!

Reading Time: 6 minutes. Creating your own sales page? Get started on the right foot with my free Sales Page Blueprint. Fill in the fields below to download my free Sales Page Blueprint and learn the 9 sections every sales page needs and exactly what to put in each section so more people click that buy now button!

How to Increase WordPress Memory Limit: 4 Easy Methods

In that way, it can take advantage of the OPcode caching and avoid to require a run-time building of template code. TWIG runs a lot of checks and sanitation to avoid possible attacks and it is safe to be used with Toolset.

Discourse Meta

According to WordPress, most installations run well with 64MB. Standard for most hosters are between MB and MB. More powerful tariffs.

Domain, website and email

how much ram/cores for 60,000 visitors daily

how much ram/cores for 60,000 visitors daily

But how do you know which one is the best for your web server? I do not account for gaming server, bitcoin mining, or any other kind of server use. If you have to ask this question, I highly recommend the general plans for you. I find it to be a nice balance with enough CPU to process things and enough ram to store frequent processes and database queries. The former is better if you simply like having faster overall speed.

High CPU usage is a very common issue when it comes to shared hosting.

WPML’s Minimum Requirements

WPML’s Minimum Requirements

This configuration makes your server very fast. One of the reason might be the dynamic PHP-FPM configuration, which is very good because each site will respond fast even after some time of inactivity. The dynamic configuration is good for website with a decent traffic, but for smaller sites a short brute-force attack might consume all available RAM memory. If this is a problem on your server you use the ondemand configuration. Start by by renaming this file replace the php5. If you like to share your own tweaks, please post them as a comment.

Web hosting

How much RAM your VPS hosting plan needs depends on a lot of various factors, including how many websites you are running on your VPS, how much traffic the websites receive, how many plugins you plan on using, and more. This article will take a closer look to help you pick the right VPS hosting plan, based on how you plan to use your VPS. RAM is the acronym for computer random access memory. It is where your computer stores data on a short-term basis, and it allows you to access information on your computer quickly. It works the same on a VPS. All of the software on your website will require some of this RAM to run efficiently.

MB Disk Space · 1 CPU Core · 1 GB RAM · Free Subdomain.

On the first line, you will see which version of PHP you are running. If you are using PHP version earlier than 5. Your best option is to email your hosting company and ask them to upgrade you to PHP version 5.

Find centralized, trusted content and collaborate around the technologies you use most. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search.

Quick Answer: How Much Ram And Cpu For WordPress

My question: are these just some warnings to be ignored? If they should not be ignored I do feel that my discourse forum is extremely slow , then what exactly should be done? To start with: are these paths and files that the warnings refer to inside or outside the container? My Forum currently has three users, two of which are system and discobot. There is no traffic except for my own and the odd web crawler.

How Much Disk Space Does a WordPress Website Need?

Did you know that there are more than 1. WordPress is one of the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management systems created. If you are new to the WordPress server, understanding what the requirements and features are will help you decide if it's the right choice for you. See Also : our ecommerce server hosting solutions.

If you've purchased a domain name from WordPress. After you've moved, you can automatically redirect customers who type your old URL to your new site on Blogger.

Follow the on-screen instructions to create a PIN if prompted to do so. A list of your domain names will appear. Click on your domain. Click the "OK" button to save your work. This action redirects traffic to your Blogger site. Click the "Edit DNS" link next to your domain name. Type the following on one line in the text box that appears:.

How to shift to my Blog from Blogger to Regular Hosting?

If you type my domain name into your web browser, you'll be taken to of this update, there are nearly 75 million WordPress blogs on the.

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to provide services in line with the preferences you reveal while browsing the Website to show personalize content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audience is coming from in order to improve your browsing experience on our Website. By continuing to browse this Website, you consent to the use of these cookies. Rohit Mehta is an Indian blogger, author and entrepreneur. Rohit has been in the digital ma rketing and IT sector for over 10 years. Publishing content in articles and blogs on bloggers, the medium is still going on, strategy changes, plan changes, and platform changes. Blogger is the first platform where people started to publish their articles and blogs for free; then, it comes to ranking in the google search engine. Then people began to buy domains, hosting and creating sites through WordPress. Now, here comes the part of doing digital marketing.

Switch your blog from blogger to wordpress

The Limousine Service is still one of our most popular services.

How to move your site from a free host to your own domain

For about a year I was pretty adamant and stubborn about even acknowledging WordPress. Despite all the words of wisdom and advice from established bloggers on how anyone who was serious about their blog should be on it, I persisted with the notion that I was the exception to the rule. I was proud of the work I had done on Blogger which reflected hours of being elbow deep in code to achieve the level of customization I wanted. Till I saw the Foodie template by Shay Bocks. My old Blogger blog using the Galauness template. That template had everything I wanted in a food blog, minimalist design, clean cut lines, functionality without sacrificing beauty, a landing page layout that made me tear up with envy and a very awesome recipe index page.

Hi, I want to move my Blogger blog to self hosted Wordpress. I paid for hosting, and I should change nameservers.

Move from Blogger to WordPress: Comprehensive Site Migration Guide

How to Set Up Custom Domain Name For a Blogger Blog

By Aquif Shaikh. Nov 26,

Read on to learn how to switch from Blogger to your new self-hosted WordPress site. Blogger can be a great tool for people just getting started with blogging. One thing that Blogger lacks is customization options. Even if you do manage to turn a profit with your blog, you run the risk of a third-party being in control of your work. But, if you already have a lot of content on your Blogger blog, then you probably want to take it with you. We show you how in the steps below.

WordPress vs Blogger: Which Is Better for Your Website?

Planning to start a new blog? Confused about which blog platform is best suited to your needs? Should it be WordPress or Blogger?

Drupal mysql settings

When you install Drupal 7 using the Softaculous installer tool , settings such as the database name are automatically generated for your installation. Although the database name is listed on the installation information page, most people do not keep track of it. Later on, when performing specific maintenance, troubleshooting, or needing to change something that the Drupal back office does not handle, they may need to access the database directly.

Look for the file named settings. Highlight the file and click on the Edit icon located in the toolbar across the top of the screen. You will also be presented with an additional popup, click the Edit button on that also to open the file editor. This brings you to the actual editor so you can see the code and settings Drupal uses. The database settings are found after a giant block of commented text, around line You will see a group of settings, one has the database name.

Was this article helpful? Let us know! Cancel reply. Need More Help? Search our Help Articles. Search for:. Current Customers. Get Reliable Web Hosting.

Multiple databases on a single instance on Drupal 9

The Raleigh area also has several bank corporate offices and is the location of Classic's second manufacturing operation. When I joined Classic Graphics in , I had no idea how much the company was going to grow or just how dependent it would be on the IT department or the modules I wrote for Drupal. Though a major focus of growth at Classic was to become an obvious competitor for print work and marketing automation in the banking industry, Classic also grew by gaining the trust and business of several other Fortune companies. A major differentiating component in that process was bringing Classic's security standards to meet the requirements of publicly traded companies. In time, I discovered many of Classic's customers held their vendors to tougher standards in information technology than they held themselves to. Guardr is a Drupal distribution which grew from the needs at Classic Graphics for a uniform platform for secure web application development.

For using Drupal with a MySQL database you'll want to run a MySQL container and configure it using environment variables for MYSQL_DATABASE, MYSQL_USER.

Four days to go until Drupal 8 EOL: use Drupal 9 on older MySQL/Percona/MariaDB versions

One of the motivations behind Drupal VM is flexibility in local development environments. When you develop many different kinds of Drupal sites you need to be able to adapt your environment to the needs of the site—some sites use Memcached and Varnish, others use Solr, and yet others cache data in Redis! Drupal VM has recently gained much more flexibility in that it now allows configuration options like:. We're going to make a few quick changes to config. To get started, download or clone a copy of Drupal VM, and follow the Quick Start Guide , but before you run vagrant up step 2, 6 , edit config. Add the following variables to the end of the file to make sure the PhpRedis extension is compiled to run with PHP 7. To make Drupal use Redis as a cache backend, you have to include and enable the Redis module on your site. The official repository on Drupal.

Alternate page for mysql connection error

One common belief that I encounter among developers is that if they make Drupal their career, they are bound to get stuck with one technology and only the LAMP stack.

Drupal throws MySQL expression [...] of ORDER BY clause is not in SELECT list errors

By that time, all Drupal websites will need to be on Drupal 8 to continue receiving updates and security fixes from the community. The jump from Drupal 7 to 8 is a tricky migration. This blog series covers more advanced topics such as niche migration tools, content restructuring, and various custom code solutions. This blog uses the 8. In some cases your Drupal website needs to coexist in a larger infrastructure.

Connecting To Multiple Databases In Drupal 7

When you install Drupal 7 using the Softaculous installer tool , settings such as the database name are automatically generated for your installation. Although the database name is listed on the installation information page, most people do not keep track of it. Later on, when performing specific maintenance, troubleshooting, or needing to change something that the Drupal back office does not handle, they may need to access the database directly. As most hosting accounts use more than one database, this can be confusing. Below are instructions on how to locate the exact database name used by your Drupal 7 installation. From the example given above, the username portion is userna5 and the database name is drpl Be sure to note the database name.

You should first check this particular variable in your db configuration. Run following query: SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'max_allowed_packet';. The.

Connecting Drupal to MySQL using SSL

Developing your website from scratch can be a daunting task. An easy way to get your blog or website off the ground is using a CMS content management system like Drupal. It was first released in January to power personal blogs, corporate websites, and any kind of websites that people may need. Today, Drupal is one of the most famous CMS in the world running millions of websites worldwide.

I am a senior web developer Tech Lead , I have experience in planning and developing large scale dynamic web applications especially in Drupal and Laravel. We serve responsible ads!

As Drupal is used more and more for large, high-traffic websites, it has become very important to focus on performance enhancements to Drupal and the underlying server infrastructure. In doing so, we are looking at improving both the number of requests that a Drupal site can handle, and to decrease the amount of time required to load a particular page, or an entire site in general. There are a number of ways to accomplish these performance goals, and while there may not be one "right way," there are some general best practices that should be considered when planning to deploy a large Drupal site -- or even after you've already launched a site and realize that the performance is not what you had hoped for. There are various ways to design a server architecture in order to assure that your website will scale as needed in the future. Typically, it is best to separate out servers based on different roles, so that depending on the site's bottlenecks, we can scale certain portions of it independently of others. The roles can be separated generally along these lines:. Not all of these need to be on separate servers in all cases.

Upgrade to Microsoft Edge to take advantage of the latest features, security updates, and technical support. Feedback will be sent to Microsoft: By pressing the submit button, your feedback will be used to improve Microsoft products and services. Privacy policy. Drupal is a free, open-source content management system CMS software that lets individuals or communities of users easily publish, manage, and organize a wide variety of content on a Web site.

A free local SEO keyword tool that automatically generates local keywords by industry. With the help of this feature, you can get key parameter data on 2 …. Bulk keyword search volume tool. Paste a list of keywords.

Go to the Google Search Box on www. Google Search Box 2. This is very current at the moment and looks like being a long term tactic for search engines like Google — people are starting to ask more direct questions — so provide answers. Remember, best practice On-Page Optimisation, see this link.

International Selling, Cert. Digital Marketing, MSc.

Top 108 Blog and Article Submission Sites - Instant Approval

Top 108 Blog and Article Submission Sites - Instant Approval

The team features innovative web designers and technically skilled developers who manage the project efficiently. I was impressed with their.

6 Incredible Interior Design Marketing Strategies – [10X Your Business]

The Best Tools for Finding Duplicate Content Online in 2022

The Best Tools for Finding Duplicate Content Online in 2022

It has many benefits for site owners, including on the search engine ranking front, and can help you engage more with your specific audience. I think it can be argued that the more reliant we get on our devices, too, the more we use them for all types of reading — both long-form and short-form content. Long-form content is usually defined as content longer than 2, words, so that might include white papers, research reports, or a long article all of which I do write for clients as well. However, a lot of readers are looking for depth and value, and longer articles do also get shared — actually quite a lot more than you might suppose.

Your browser is out of date.

Keyword Optimization for Cleaning Services: Everything You Need To Know

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post. If you want my team to just do your marketing for you, click here. At some level, every online business is built on an ecommerce business model. They all have customers to serve, orders to take, a great customer experience to give and, of course, products or services to sell. But, how do you position your business to attract the right consumers who are ready to buy? The average consumer processes , digital words on a daily basis.

Captain Data For. Getting Started. Xray Search is a search technique that combines words, phrases, and symbols to find specific information. What is Xray Search? How to automate it? Keep reading to unlock the secrets to this powerful growth hack.

Our spectrum of services include top quality Web Design, E-commerce Development, Software & Web Programming Solutions, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search.

Keyword research for absolute beginners

Learning how to do SEO optimization for your website is crucial, no matter the industry. Likely, you know that the internet is how people find what they need these days. So like any good student, you go online and start learning. Sure, technically. Ask any successful marketing strategist what they can accomplish in hours. Doing keyword research takes time, as does creating landing pages and content that are optimized with those keywords to bring the exact traffic you want.

There are many strategies for selecting topics for a blog and using the Keyword Golden Ratio is one of them. In this article, our experts explain what the Keyword Golden Ratio is and how to use it to your advantage.

Content Publish Time - Within 24 Hours As Per Request You can mail us the details at [email protected] Google search engine indexes entire Web sites instead of only title of website or description of website. To submit an article for consideration please register here and post your article. You can write about any topics that our readers care about. Grow your Online Brand and Increase your Sell.

See All Open Positions. Our values are critical to the way we operate day-to-day, how we treat each other, and how we conduct our business. The community is at the center of everything we do, and we put the needs of our community above our own. We incorporate our long-term goals in every decision, and we prioritize long-term outcomes over short-term gains.

Ui ux designer job philippines

This is where UX designers come in. But how in demand are UX designers really? And what does the future look like for UX designers? Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash. The demand for UX designers is steadily increasing. LinkedIn even ranked UX design as one of the top 5 in demand skills as of while Glassdoor added it to their list of best 50 jobs to have in This is largely due to the corporate world gaining a greater understanding of UX design and how investing in UX design teams can greatly affect their revenue and overall business goals.

Learn more: What to expect in UX after Covid Image credit: The Gender Spectrum Collection. One of the best ways to see where UX designers are in demand across the globe is to do some quick searches on sites like Glassdoor , LinkedIn , or Indeed. These cities have some of the highest demand for UX designers as the need for quality product design increases.

With such a high demand for these roles, salaries for UX designers are becoming a bit more competitive as companies are willing to spend a bit more on hiring a quality design team. Here are some expected salaries for some of the countries with the highest demand for UX designers:. Get a closer look at what salary you could earn as a UX designer. Photo by Firos nv on Unsplash. The overall outlook for a career in UX design is very promising. And while UX designers are in high demand in general, there are particular skills and assets that are more needed than others.

Designers that can integrate the needs of their users, frontend developers, customer service, marketing, etc. For instance, a UX designer that has a background in coding, psychology, marketing, or research can be of higher value in the industry.

Having non-design skills that supplement your UX work has the potential to make you a more well-rounded designer and a more attractive candidate to potential employers. The demand is high and seems to only be increasing as the need for exceptional usability and intuitive digital products continues to soar.

And if you want to get ahead of the game, explore the top current trends in UX design some of these might surprise you! Start your free UX design course.

Where is the demand for UX designers? What will you earn as a UX designer? Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash 1. What is the career outlook for UX designers? Learn more: What to expect in UX after Covid 2. Photo by Firos nv on Unsplash 4. Specialist jobs Depending on the project or company you work with, you may be the sole UX designer and responsible for every step of the design process.

Business acumen UX designers with the ability to work outside of the purely creative space and apply business technique and objectives to their designs are highly desirable in the current market. Ability to work remotely As we mentioned above, the capability for UX designers to work remotely is becoming an attractive attribute to employers and hiring managers as UX talent is of greater value than location.

The machine translation for this job description is powered by Microsoft A proven track record of user interface design of products that operate both.

Ui Ux Designer Salary jobs in Manila

Flexible online training designed to put you on the fast track to jobs in high-growth fields. Data analysts collect, transform, and organize data in order to help make informed business decisions. Project managers ensure projects within an organization are managed and completed with maximum value. We have over employers in our employer consortium. Learn more here. The Google Career Certificate program is an online training program that offers professional certificates in fast-growing, high-demand technology fields. The program is designed by Google and taught by experts in the areas of IT, user experience design, project management, and more, and combines skills training with hands-on practice. In addition, job seekers receive support and practical tips for resumes, interviews, and job searches, helping them to land jobs in the technology sector. You can access your instructional videos, readings and assignments anytime and anywhere via the web or your mobile device.

PowerSchool Is Here to Help

Webflow is used by more than 3,, designers and teams to create, collaborate on, and scale beautiful websites in a completely visual canvas — no coding needed.

Realtair, Inc. Makati City. Posted December 30, Job Description: Understands and incorporates complex technical and business requirements into research and design. Inspires change at all stages of product development by delivering compelling, written, in-person and visual presentations of findings. Conceptualizes, implements and maintains the visual language of Realtair to create innovative, great looking products.

Ux Ui Design Jobs

Kumu is designing the future of social participatory experience for Filipinos all around the world. We're looking for a Senior UI/UX Designer who will find new.

Ux Designer Jobs In Philippines - 51 Job Positions Available

Remote UX designer for 3 months

Skills : Ui Development , react. Collaborating with team on various product innovations. Spatial Reasoning. Design Guidelines. Core Data Ro. About Accenture: Accenture is a global professional services company with leading capabilities in digital, cloud and security.

Be part of the core development team for a new and exciting venture combining the best of e-commerce and fintech worlds. Introduction Thomas J.

UX/UI Designer, Enterprise.XD, Servicing Intelligence

You will be required to render wireframes and designs into their digital ux ui counterparts, primarily using applicable, current, extensible and flexible html technologies. Minimum of 2 years experience working with global clients providing ui or ux solutions d. You will be working closely with our product and marketing teams, designing and delivering outstanding feature improvements to our web and mobile platforms. Senior ux designer jobs is easy to find. Is currently hiring ui ux designers. And earn php 20k per month, 6 day week.

How to convert wordpress to html

Convert Your Website to HTML

HTML is one of the basic linchpins of making a website. Especially, the websites that are not particularly developed very recently, were once created with HTML. But now, WordPress becomes easier and more comfortable. To be more specific there are four different types and one of them is all about hiring a site conversion service. So, we are not going to talk about it and only focus on the three types that you can handle by yourself.

Another exciting facet of using the WordPress theme is its easy customizing option. You cannot possibly customize anything on your site just with an HTML setting. But WordPress will always let you enjoy easy customization with a few clicks only. Eventually, the conversion will be all about transferring the existing data from the HTML site to the new WordPress theme.

You can either keep a description of your site or avoid it. If you add it, the WordPress backend will expose it to visitors. When to covert it, you have started it with version 1.

With time and customization, the version will be updated. But it is not necessary for all. You will need it only when you will submit the theme into the WordPress directory for others to use.

And then copy the code into some areas. Basically, this section starts right where the previous one ends. Now, you can close all the files except the first two ones. You have some work undone on these two files. In this part, you have to assure that the new index file is capable of locating other files and also enable the theme to the display.

The final step is uploading the new theme. When you will upload the file, you can simply log into the dashboard of your new WordPress theme. If yes, just follow the next way to do it. Generally, WordPress comes with the child theme. And to have it on your HTML site, you have to follow the steps below.

And make sure to name this file the same as the parent theme. At this step, you have to set up the style. Generally, WordPress needs particular information in the style sheet so that you can make the parent-child theme in a related way. Besides, you have to paste all the extra styling information collection from the old HTML files. But it is not mandatory completely. Setting up the functions.

As you have two different themes, you have to work for both. Then, you have to create the functions. And finally, you have to activate the child theme at this point. When to upload the new files to the website server, you have to head back to the WordPress dashboard.

Here, you have to navigate to the appearance of the theme. Apparently, you have to see whether or not the child theme is ready to work. You must get an option called Activate just on the child theme. And you have to set it as the main theme of your website. Next, you have to copy the HTML website content on your new site. If yes, you can try this.

Sep 12 Table of Contents. Author: TonyWilliams. Related posts. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Converting HTML to WordPress

Converting HTML to WordPress

You need to upgrade your web pages – maybe with deeper HTML, maybe with custom plugins, or maybe you need to scale. That once oh so useful Wix.

Converting a WordPress site into a static website

Converting a WordPress site into a static website

How to Convert Any Website to WordPress in 3 Steps Without Coding

The Editor is where you add the content to your site or blog.

Our hardworking as well as talented team of professionals has worked for years together in WordPress and hence has developed a deep insight over this industry, their standards and coding techniques. Also the search engines love them". We are keen to make any website more attractive for potential search engines for result driven success measures. WordPress means excellent SEO integration. You can have any number of plug-in added for your WordPress site to make it excel from all ways.

Steps: · Convert static HTML to WordPress site manually. · Install a pre-made WordPress Theme and simply migrate your content. · OutSource HTML to.

Written by Shayla Price shaylaprice. If you're building or growing a WordPress website , importing HTML files and pages can save you significant time when setting up your website or when adding new, customized content. Sometimes you might want to build a custom HTML page or use pages from an older website and then add them to WordPress. HTML stands for "hypertext markup language," which is a language used to create and structure webpages.

Designing websites with static HTML code in action was a thing of past. The issues with earlier HTML websites was that the styles and the scripts were coded with HTML frameworks and this became the reason for websites getting slower. As a lot of same code will be loaded for each page, it further contributes to slowing down the speed of the website. WordPress is not just the perfect blogging platform but also offers the benefits of creating a perfect website. As WordPress offers a plethora of benefits when considered for website creation, we are presenting the 5 reasons to switch to this platform. The old-school HTML websites are static having lots of pages and lines of hard codes as well.

Are you fed up with the time and hassle of formatting text for the web?

It will magically improves your site performance and reduce any security risk because it removes database connection from your server. You can buy the premium from here. Step 1: Activate the plugin. Step4: Click on Export html button. The following people have contributed to this plugin. View support forum. Features Export html page in one click.

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