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Examples of java html css and javascript web projects

Examples of java html css and javascript web projects

Apps users love, built with Electron

Apps users love, built with Electron

The best way to learn any programming language is through hands-on projects. Snake is a classic video game from the late 70s. First, we need to display the game board and the snake. Start by creating the file snakegame. This will contain all of our code. Next, open the file in your preferred browser.

First, we get the canvas element using the id gameCanvas specified earlier. Now, for the snake! We need to specify the initial location of our snake on the canvas by representing the snake as an array of coordinates. Thus, to create a horizontal snake in the middle of the canvas, at , , we list the co-ordinate of each body part of the snake. The y y y -coordinate for all parts is always Now, to display the snake on the canvas, we can write a function to draw a rectangle for each pair of coordinates.

Enjoying the article? Scroll down to sign up for our free, bi-monthly newsletter. To move our snake vertically, we cannot alter all the y y y -coordinates by 10px as that would shift the whole snake up and down. Only the y y y -coordinate of the head needs to be altered. Decreasing it by 10px to move the snake up and increasing it by 10px to move the snake down will move the snake correctly.

To fix that, we have to wrap our code inside functions. Instead of creating an infinite number of functions that call each other, we can instead create one function main and call it over and over again.

We also need a function to actually draw the food on the canvas and update main to incorporate the drawFood function. The snake will grow whenever the head of the snake is at the same position as the food. Incorporating a score is actually quite simple. We need to initialize a score variable and increment it every time the snake eats the food.

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Making the canvas Now we can make the canvas, or the game board, for our snake to navigate. Making the snake Now, for the snake! The number of coordinates in the object will be equal to the length of the snake. Putting step 1 together Check out the code and click on the Output tab to see the result.

10 Interesting HTML Project Ideas & Topics For Beginners [2022]

The most popular HTML, CSS, and JS library in the world.

How to Become a Web Developer

Tables for layout, etc. These elements are used to mark up the various different types of content in documents, specifying what each bit of content is supposed to be rendered as in web browsers for example headings, paragraphs, tables, bulleted lists etc. Elements define the actual content type, while attributes define extra information about those elements, such as an ID to identify that element, or a location for a link to point to. You should bear in mind that markup is supposed to be as semantic as possible, ie it is supposed to unambiguously describe the function of the content. Figure 1 shows the anatomy of a typical element. HTML is the oldest web language, and the most common one you'll find on the web - it is a bit more forgiving in terms of strict syntax rules. The difference between XHTML and HTML doesn't really matter so much any more, unless you find youself working in a web team in the future that has coding guidelines that favour one style or another.

Paragraphs, headers, hyperlinks, quotations, and pictures are all elements of HTML. The simplest code defines how each website component should be shown. Presentational instructions should be kept separate from semantic and structural markup, as advised by software best practices. Web developers cannot construct a website just using HTML. Looking for projects that will stand out in your portfolio?

Creating user interfaces with the HTML service follows many of the same patterns and practices as other types of web development.

The Best HTML and CSS Projects with Source Code

Looking to get some practice with JavaScript or to build your portfolio to impress hiring managers? You can level up your JavaScript skills with our instructor approved, curated project tutorials. What we see with our successful students who have landed jobs at companies like GoDaddy, Toast, Asics Digital, 1Password, Figure and Apple is that they all have practice projects, portfolios that show off their front end developer skills , and are very well versed in JavaScript. When you find a JavaScript project that piques your interest, follow the project link. Each of these open source JavaScript projects have their source code listed on their homepage for you to use as a guide. You Will Learn: If a career in tech is right for you What tech careers fit your strengths What skills you need to reach your goals. Take The Quiz! Mouseover Element Source Code.

A Capable and Ergonomic Java IDE for Enterprise Java, Scala, Kotlin and much more JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS,, Angular, React,

The 40 Best JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks for 2022

Version 1. Read about the new features and fixes from April. There is syntax highlighting, smart completions with IntelliSense, and customizable formatting. VS Code also includes great Emmet support.

How to easily build Desktop Apps with HTML, CSS and Javascript

Birthday Html CodeFree Office birthday templates—including birthday cards, invitations, and decorations—can help make your birthday party a smashing success. Initialize the birthday picker with default settings. Here are links to free HTML codes. All created by our Global Community of independent Web.

According to a StackOverflow survey from , JavaScript continues to be the most commonly used programming language for the 8th year , with Its versatility favors both back-end and front-end development, in addition to testing them.

If you are serious about becoming a web developer , you need to start applying your JavaScript skills to real projects as soon as possible. If you are new to coding, start learning JavaScript with these free coding courses and tutorials. Once you finish your first lessons, you should start working on your first small pet project. Browse through the list and click through to any JavaScript project you find intriguing. If you find a project idea that matches your goals and skill level, start building it right away!

A dao of web design john allsopp

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It can be a cheap trick, but lately it has struck me that there is more than a little to be understood about web design by looking through the prism of the Tao. For the last couple of years, for better or worse, my life has revolved more than a little around style sheets. What I sense is a real tension between the web as we know it , and the web as it would be. Much of television followed the format of popular radio at that time. Indeed programs like the Tonight Show, with its variants found on virtually every channel in the world featuring a band, the talk to the camera host, and seated guests , or the news, with the suited sober news reader, remain as traces of the medium television grew out of.

Bruce Lawson's blog, focussing on web accessibility, web standards, since A List Apart published John Allsopp's “The Dao of Web Design”.

So, ten years later, what does John now think about his thesis, and his suggestions for developers? What if anything, stands the test of time. And what, if anything, new has John learned as he has continued to develop with web technologies over the last 10 years. Try scrubbing through the audio, and the slides should synchronize.

He had come in to plan an inter-agency crawl to support Web Directions , the premier Australian event for digital creatives, strategists and technologists. Mid-discussion, John casually asked if we'd be interested in creating the opening title sequence for the event, the only caveat being it had to run real-time in the browser.

Don't miss John Allsopp's opening session - Predict the future with this one weird old trick - at Generate Sydney on 5 September. Can't get there? There are Generate conferences coming up in San Francisco and London too! If anybody should be able to predict the future, John Allsopp is more qualified than most. Allsopp is also feted as one of responsive design's founding fathers. In it he encourages designers to let go of print's rigidity and embrace the web's fluidity.

Responsive Web Design

The Web should be adaptable to any and all sizes, a concept introduced by John Allsopp in “A Dao of Web Design” ( in

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The Web Behind with John Allsopp

Graphic design is the artful arrangement of images and words into planned form. If the form is not carefully planned, it is not design. If the arrangement is not artful, it is not design. Design creates visual logic and seeks an optimal balance between visual sensation and graphic information. Without the visual impact of shape, color, and contrast, pages are graphically uninteresting and will not motivate the viewer. Dense text documents without contrast and visual relief are also hard to read, particularly on smaller or relatively low-resolution screens.

Follow the series.

How to Get Started with Responsive Web Design

What does it mean? In simple phrase, it is aimed at building a website that responds in compliance with the medium you use to view it. Some firmly believe that well-organized HTML and flexible layout are supposed to deplete the concept of responsive web design, but this definition is hardly comprehensive. In fact responsive web design implements all the modern web technologies to make the web pages flexible to the max. And flexible layouts become rather imperative than alternative requirements today.

How to become a licensed web designer

How to become a licensed web designer

Web Design for Everybody: Basics of Web Development & Coding Specialization

To be an outstanding web designer you should have a sound knowledge in web programming platform, basic web designing applications and good creativity. Adding to this, as a web designer, you should exhibit excellent problem-solving skills, adapt to current trends in software and technology and also have impeccable verbal and written communication skills.

As in other areas of IT, various certifications is also available in web designing. Few of such web design certifications are listed below. Microsoft offers a great avenue when it comes to learning about a new software development.

Acquiring certification through exams and skill endorsements will enable you to gain expertise systematically and succeed in the software development profession. Where to start with web designer certifications? This predominantly depends on your skills and work background. If you are a fresher in software development with less than one year of work experience, two primary credential levels will best suit you.

In order to succeed in the exam you should have a sound knowledge in fundamentals, including Cascading Style Sheet and JavaScript. You should also have hands-on experience in modern technologies through attending relevant training programmes or engaging with tutorials and examples found on MSDN and Microsoft Visual Studio.

Only students, faculty, and staff belonging to accredited academic institutions that are authorized MTA examination centres can access the MTA. These examinations are accessed through an internet-based measuring program that allows delivery of exams anytime through any workstation that is connected to the internet in an accredited academic institute. Instructors are the exam representatives. Through the DreamSpark Program, Microsoft Corporation makes available its whole developer toolset open for scholars to download and install at no charges.

It would be good if candidates are familiar with field-specific concepts. They should also have hands-on experience with related technologies through training courses or by engaging with tutorials and examples available on MSDN and Microsoft Visual Studio. An Adobe Certified Expert is one who proves expertise in Adobe software products by fulfilling one or more product-precise proficiency exams required by Adobe.

Certifications for precise products such as Photoshop and Dreamweaver is offered by Adobe Corporation. It also offers the professional track that experiments for a broader competency in the many sub-systems of website design. Typical candidates possess two or three years of hands-on-experience with Adobe Dreamweaver on websites and application projects and also have skills as a web designer. Candidates execute responsibilities involving, website structure, web page layout design, programming and styling page with CSS.

A prospective candidate must also have expertise working with JavaScript codes. They should be capable of launching sites via FTP and also be masters in web models. They should be able to construct and deploy pages that can be showcased across all modern browsers and devices. A candidate should have worked two or more years with Photoshop, involving, imaging, publishing and designing environments.

Web designing is a multifaceted, dynamic and evolving field that has promising job prospects. Aesthetically appealing and highly functional web designing continuous to be in great demand for business developments across all sectors. This ensures a promising future in the career as a web designer. The aforementioned web designing certifications will enhance your skills and scope in this domain.

Thanks for this Fat post. I really Be Fond Of reading and I have been dazzled because unquestionably your content is very Excited. The certifications you have listed were very much useful. A website serves as the primary means by which they gather information and make buying decisions about a business and its products. Your post is very clear, easy to understand. What do you think about this article?

Taking the time to get certified in this domain will differentiate you and demonstrate that you have the skills and knowledge to deliver exceptional web design. This course aims to help students develop high-quality, working software that solves real problems. Materials are designed for students with some programming experience, but if you have none and are motivated you will do fine. Your email address will not be published. New No. Enroll Now. Also Read: Scope of Web designing in India To be an outstanding web designer you should have a sound knowledge in web programming platform, basic web designing applications and good creativity.

MCSD: Web Applications Solutions Developer To enable, software and web developers show their expertise in building solutions using both individual-specified and modern cloud technologies, a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer certification would help.

This class provides you with the concepts and skills to use HTML effectively. You get hands-on practice working with basic through advanced techniques to get.

Certificate Programs in Web Design Technology

Certificate Programs in Web Design Technology

Web content is king in 21st-century commerce, and web designers and specialists who have the skills to design, build and maintain sites that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally practical stand out in the contemporary workforce. Developing the abilities to handle each aspect of successful web design requires training in both the artistic side of the web and the technical side. The formal education of web designers and specialists varies greatly. Some receive bachelor's degrees in college in areas such as computer science or information systems, gaining training in the programming aspect of web design and maintenance.

A web design and development certificate prepares workers for lucrative, in-demand careers.

Do you know what your employees really want for the holidays? Whether you are hiring a single employee , or an entire department of. The labor market is a strange place right now. A shift towards. Handling involuntary termination is a likely occurrence for human resources managers and. Are you the kind of person who struggles to get a handle. Software Streamlined solutions for every step of the compensation management journey. Insight Lab.

The prerequisite path for this certificate is ITM or and ITMD , or completion of equivalent coursework, training, or certification. Equivalent.

Adobe Certified Professional in Web Design

How to become a web developer

As you may imagine, a web designer builds and designs the elements of a website. From developing the infrastructure of a website to creating design elements like typography, web designers focus on the nitty gritty details. What you may not realize is that some web designers also maintain and monitor websites for clients, creating ways to promote brands. What else does a web designer do? Web designers can assume a variety of roles, including that of web developer. Web and digital interface designers focus on creating the look and feel of a website, and webmasters maintain and update websites, fixing broken links and responding to user comments.

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Every internet user shares lots of personal information every day. We all do. When shopping online, creating accounts, signing into different websites, etc. If not properly encrypted, then this information can be obtained by someone. This is where SSL comes to the rescue. Each site is issued a unique SSL certificate for identification purposes.

How to install ssl on wordpress

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If you have a website, you may be the only person who trusts your content. Fortunately, setting up an SSL certificate and implementing it for the WordPress platform is relatively easy. It can be done in a few steps you have already noticed.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have question-related. Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This blog was founded in July for all types of WordPress users. The main purpose of this blog is to teach the entry-level user how to make a website on WordPress and customize it in the standard ways. We provide useful guides, tips, and tricks that help you to scale the website step by step and eventually grow your online business.

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Want to speed up WordPress site? Achieve the highest possible speed score. Build brand and loyal audience. Free Download.

How to add HTTPS/SSL Certificates to a WordPress Website

To install the plugin, log in to the WordPress administration dashboard and select Plugins > Add New. Search for Really Simple SSL.

What Is SSL? A Beginner’s Guide To SSL Certificates And WordPress

For the past several years, SSL has become increasingly important. Not only is SSL crucial for securely transmitting information to and from a website, but also in terms of search engine visibility. They work as a barrier to prevent data visibility or modification. According to Yoast ,. Some hosting companies provide SSL certificates to their customers as well. This ensures the data between visitors and pages they view are still encrypted, via the firewall server. You can reach out to your hosting or CDN to ask for assistance with this step. You can either do it manually, or use a plugin to help. Make sure to have a complete copy of your website files and database.

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Google uses it as a search ranking factor and browsers now warn users if a website is insecure.

How to Implement SSL on WordPress (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Now that SSL is a supposed ranking factor , you are going to implement it. How do I know this? And it gets even more complicated when you want to use a content delivery network CDN for your media files. The private key is used to create the CSR and is also used when installing the certificate on the server. The CSR is used for requesting a certificate. I usually create them in my Downloads folder.

How to install SSL on WordPress Lightsail Updated 2020

How to install SSL on WordPress Lightsail Updated 2020

Prerequisites · SSH into your server: SSH into the server running your HTTP website as a user with sudo privileges. · Install Certbot: Run these.

How to Add HTTPS or SSL Certificate to Your WordPress Website

6 Easy Steps to Add SSL and HTTPS in WordPress

To keep it lightweight, we kept the options to a minimum. Your website will move to SSL with one click.

Creating your own eCommerce website is easier than you may think. You don't even need to know how to code. I just created and published a course on the freeCodeCamp. In this video course, you will learn every step to make an eCommerce website using a drag-and-drop interface. You will learn how to get a domain name and hosting, install Wordpress and WooCommerce, use a theme, customize your store, create products, set up payment methods, specify taxes and shipping, create coupon codes, and more.

Setup WordPress Ecommerce Website using WooCommerce in 2021

Setup WordPress Ecommerce Website using WooCommerce in 2021

Are you looking to create an eCommerce website? An eCommerce site can be a great gateway to sell products online. For local stores, it will be a next level upgrade for their business. While for the entrepreneurs, it provides a good opportunity for investing on an interesting venture. But things are not as easy as it is said to be done, and creating an eCommerce website can be a daunting task if you are not using right tools.

You can register the domain name from the websites like Domain. After you have registered the domain name, you need to purchase good web hosting to allocate the space for making your website available online.

There are several hosting provider companies that provide hosting for WordPress websites. WordPress has an abundant number of themes available for free on its repository. However, you need to make sure that the theme you are choosing should have all the features and functionalities required to build your online store.

The first thing you need to do is download Meta Store and install it on your WordPress website. If you have any difficulties while installing your WordPress theme, you can check out its documentation or go through the article: How to Install a WordPress Theme? As mentioned above, Meta Store comes with one click demo import functionality to help you install demo data on your WordPress website. Demo Import is a real time saver as you can start the customization of demo layout installed on your website.

However, if you are intending to create the website from scratch, you can skip this step. Now choose the demo that you want to install on your site. You can get a quick preview by clicking on the preview button. But before the demo is installed, you will be asked whether you want to reset your website or not. If you do not have important contents, we recommend you to reset the website. It will delete all the contents and make the demo import process work flawlessly.

It will take a few minutes to import the demo on your website. However, if you face issues while importing the demo, you can check out the article: Demo Import Process Failed. Why does Demo Import fail? Meta Store is packed with tons of features and functionalities to configure and customize almost every element present on the template.

Meta Store comes with advanced typography options that lets you choose the font size, font family, font color, text transformation, text decoration, line height and line spacing of your web contents. This provides you full control to choose the font look on your website. Another premium like feature available on Meta Store is its header configuration.

Also, choose the product image, product gallery, and product category. Once done, click on the Publish button to make your product live. Patrick Updated on January 20, Here are some of them below: Table of Contents.

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eCommerce Website set up using WordPress WooCommerce

Meaghan has provided content and guidance for indie retailers as the editor for a number of retail publications and a speaker at trade shows. Agatha Aviso is a writer of the Retail Section at Fit Small Business, focusing on retail software and ecommerce platforms. This article is part of a larger series on Retail Management. Learning how to sell on WordPress starts with setting up a domain and choosing a web host, installing the WooCommerce shopping cart plugin, listing products to sell, and managing orders and shipments. Once set up, grow your WordPress ecommerce business with plugins and marketing tools.

Elementor and WooCommerce make it easy to create an online store. from the WooCommerce eCommerce plugin, you can use WordPress to sell.

It has a significant impact on creating and maintaining online eCommerce marketplaces. Today millions of people are using WooCommerce on their WordPress site to run their online business. Do you know why people love it so much? Because it comes with an incredibly easy user interface that allows you to customize as per your requirements with ease. Lots of people often search for some random questions on Google. Surprisingly, we found that all these questions are quite similar and related to one another. We took a close look at these questions and prepared a list. In this article, we have tried to address them all in a synchronized way. Keep reading.

Setup WooCommerce WordPress Online Store: Easy Steps

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

Create an eCommerce Website with WordPress, WooCommerce and TemplateToaster

You can create your own online store from scratch without breaking the bank or needing to do any coding. Using WordPress and WooCommerce together, you can create a brilliant e-commerce website that has the flexibility to grow with your business. If you already have a live website on WordPress, jump down to step 3 to start adding WooCommerce to your site. Here are some guidelines for choosing a great domain name:. Hosting is where your website lives on the internet. Every website on the internet needs web hosting to exist online.

How to Make an Ecommerce Website with WordPress (2022)

Wisepops Pop-up Builder Configuration. After you link Wisepops with your WordPress site, you have to go to their website and log.

But, to create a successful online store on WordPress, you also need good web hosting and reliable plugins. You can buy a domain name from sites like NameCheap. Every website needs hosting. One thing we will say, though, is skip shared hosting.

Whether you want to sell baked goods to your neighbors, accept donations for a local organization, or collect repeat contributions from your supporters, WordPress. Our Pay with PayPal button allows you to take credit or debit card payments from any page with minimal setup. Create a powerful online store and install more plugins to help you customize products, attract customers, and increase your sales. With WordPress.

Online shopping trend has catapulted to immense heights since its inception. There are many industry giants and eCommerce businesses like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Flipkart and many more, but there is no need for you to be overwhelmed by their presence.

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