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5 Excellent Examples of Mobile Web Design: Best Practices for 2017

Welcome to review another massive bunch of practical UX design examples, this time covering user experience in the webspace. Check the variety of websites and landing pages recently designed by the Tubik team for the diversity of user goals and business objectives. Below you will find different styles and design approaches, interactive pages and creative graphics, smooth motion, and skillful use of photo and video content promoting various brands and products.

Enjoy and get inspired! This web design project is lively and playful in the best traditions of childhood. Take a look at the playful and interactive ecommerce website selling natural and eco-friendly toys. Original typography, the perfect balance of photo and text content, engaging animation, and solid scannability build a positive user experience from the first scroll.

To amplify the effect, the diverse yet harmonic color palette and playful shapes are used in the layout. This light and neat ecommerce website was designed for a fashion brand selling its items online, going beyond the individual pieces of clothing but striving to give clients the opportunity to buy the united outfit.

The home page is made highly functional, with the form allowing users to search the event in the above-the-fold area. In general, the website employs a variety of shapes and minor geometric elements and makes shape and color contrast the primary tool of expressiveness, supporting beautiful photo and video content.

Interaction with a catalog of goods is built on a horizontal scroll, and product pages use the split-screen layout clearly separating a product image from the information zone. This design is bright and dynamic, using original grids, stylish photos , prominent and catchy text elements, and animated eye-pleasing details.

Again, the approach of a split-screen layout is used, creating two zones on the page: one shares the photo and sets the mood, while another allows the visitor to quickly scan all the needed information or interact with the menu. This web design concept is done to strengthen the web presence and marketing of the company producing exclusive and original furniture, mostly in parametric style.

The layout features eye-pleasing images, original illustrations , and smooth curves with text content packed into sophisticated typography to echo the elegance as the essence of the brand. The palette is built on deeply natural colors creating a homey cozy mood, and the color contrast is used as the way to separate various sections of the pages or distinguish pages from each other. The website also uses an engaging interactive map animation. This web design project is for VR rooms service, allowing visitors to experience virtual adventures.

Tags help to make the process of choice interactive. The layout is solid and informative but not overloading: bold tagline, readable and concise description text, eye-pleasing abstract 3D images, noticeable CTA, and a well-balanced visual hierarchy make the pages clear, elegant, and emotionally appealing.

Toys are believed to be only for kids, but in fact, adults are much more diverse in choosing them, the difference is that adults prefer playing them behind closed doors. Take a look at a website design concept for the company producing a variety of plants and flowers in its own greenhouses and gardening sites and selling them online.

This web design project is devoted to comfort and fashion mixed together. Take a look at the elegant website for a clothes brand. Special graphic detail imitating thread also adds a little hint on the theme of fashion and sewing, as well as unites different sections and pages into one integral flow.

Functional minimalism , limited and well-balanced color palette, readable sophisticated typography and stylish prominent images to present the products make the customer experience engaging and focused on the offer. The unusual color palette, highly readable fonts, super engaging hero animation that shares the idea of transforming chaos into order and cleanliness, and the diversity of interesting motion effects throughout the website help to impress visitors and make the communication with potential clients emotional.

The article about mascots as the design element with a strong potential in brand and content management. Main advantages and requirements to efficient mascots. The article continues the theme of design psychology and user behavior adding a new term to UX Glossary: learn about affordances in web and mobile user interfaces.

Fresh case study on branding: read the story about identity design for an innovative self-service Chinese restaurant, from logo to the set of branded items. Welcome to take a glance at the diverse collection of elegant web design examples created to impress and support visitors as well as to help businesses grow and satisfy their clients. Toy Shop Website This web design project is lively and playful in the best traditions of childhood. Fashion Brand Clothing Ecommerce This light and neat ecommerce website was designed for a fashion brand selling its items online, going beyond the individual pieces of clothing but striving to give clients the opportunity to buy the united outfit.

Yacht Hiring Website Take a look at the website designed for the service allowing users to find and hire yachts. Art Galleries Website This elegant website concept is created to promote diverse art spots and events: here, visitors are provided with information about diverse art galleries and exhibitions in them. Event Booking Website This design concept gives you a look at the website that helps visitors choose and book various events and experiences.

Illusions Space Website This artistic and catchy website allows visitors to learn about illusions space, where they can entertain themselves and dive into mysteries. Cosmetics Ecommerce Website This web design project is devoted to beauty care: take a glance at the e-commerce selling a variety of cosmetics and skincare products.

Furniture Studio Website This web design concept is done to strengthen the web presence and marketing of the company producing exclusive and original furniture, mostly in parametric style. Virtual Reality Rooms Website This web design project is for VR rooms service, allowing visitors to experience virtual adventures. Underwear Brand Ecommerce Website This e-commerce website helps the beautiful underwear brand to set its image and grow its sales.

Party Drink Landing Page This landing page is targeted at young and active people and promotes a brand of party drinks, and it obviously fills each second with party vibes. Adult Toys Website Toys are believed to be only for kids, but in fact, adults are much more diverse in choosing them, the difference is that adults prefer playing them behind closed doors. Gardening Company Website Take a look at a website design concept for the company producing a variety of plants and flowers in its own greenhouses and gardening sites and selling them online.

Juice Brand Ecommerce Website This web design will add a pinch of juicy brightness to your day. Clothing Brand Website This web design project is devoted to comfort and fashion mixed together. Tubik Design Collections If you want to check more creative sets of the web, app, and graphic design examples, here are some of them. Don't want to miss anything? More articles by themes.

A Designer’s 5 Favorite Design Inspiration Sites

Her room is nearly always super su…. Similarly, the "home guest post" site is also so popular because this website is too high in DA sites, which helps the article to rank well in the website on SERP other than that it also gives huge traffic, enhances the brand name andContact 42 Lounge. Hope you enjoy guest posting. We are currently looking for home improvement, home interior, gardening, kitchen design, NHGM are currently looking home improvement blogs, home decor, Gardening, kitchen, home outdoor and real estate writers and contributors.

Learn about the top web design trends for and web development predictions, and how your business can incorporate them into your.

To make sure you get the clients that you want, you should also have a well-thought website design. The internet is full of bad website design, and you as a designer should avoid doing good enough work. You should aim at creating the best website design for each of your clients and get better at your craft with each delivered site. However, I can help you with providing a good dose of website design inspiration. In this way, if you want to design a landing page, you can go directly to that section. Companies rely on websites to send a message, stand out from the competition, and present their brand. A great website design will convert viewers into clients, and encourage a client to get in touch. From blogs to e-commerce sites, there are many different ways companies are able to create an online site design. We hope you find inspiration from the examples offered below. And if you want to create similar websites, you can use corporate website templates , one of the best WordPress themes for small businesses , or you can design the website from scratch.

In our increasingly mobile world, everyone and everything is constantly connected, often through thin, light, palm-sized devices. Thanks to incessant mobile innovations, your target audience members along with everyone else are on the move. If you want their eyes on your site, then it needs to be able to go where they go. A responsive site adjusts to fit the size of the screen on which it is being viewed.

Here is a collection of the latest creative Wordpress themes with modern design and animation features. Some of the interesting features of these beautiful Wordpress themes include smooth animated effects.

Web Design Inspiration (that’s not weird)

To that end, here is a list we have compiled of websites chock full of inspiration for print, web, packaging and typographic design. The Book Cover Archive a project maintained by Ben Pierall and Eric Jacobsen is an up-to-the moment web archive of the best in book design from notable publishers like Penguin Books. The fonts are identified on the site by the Stephen Coles, editor of another great resource, Fonts in Use , as well. If you love typography and posters then look no further than Typographic Posters for creative inspiration. The website houses an excellent collection of poster designs with bold expressive typography and layouts from creatives around the world. When you click on a poster design you are also taken to a showcase of the designer work that includes a biography.

Web Design Inspiration: The Complete Guide

TRENDS IN WEB NAVIGATION DESIGN · Menu is accessible · Brand awareness can be built with a company logo appropriately inserted into the header;.

23 Impressive Web Design Concepts for Various Business Objectives

23 Impressive Web Design Concepts for Various Business Objectives

50 Clean, Simple and Minimalist Website Designs

These 22 web design trends for will help inform and inspire what people build for the web. Dive on in. An overarching trend we see for the upcoming year is an increased sense of playfulness in web design. Designers have started creating sites as art, sites as interactive projects, and sites that simply exist for play and delight.

Expect companies to embrace transparency in platforms to reinforce relationships with the digital crowd and …. In the bland world of typical user interfaces, fully illustrated projects with artistic charisma and ….

Browse Categories. Dribbble: the community for graphic design Back to home page. Explore Design Work. Weekly Warm-up. Job Board. Want freelance design projects?

Best ui ux design firms

Although the terms user experience and user interface are frequently used interchangeably, they are not synonymous. Users and experiences are the two terms that makeup UX design. To put it another way, user experience design refers to any experience a person has when using your product. It incorporates everything we touch, feel, and use in our daily lives, not just online things. Because technology has advanced beyond our daily needs, the majority of things are now digital in nature. We all have an app that makes our lives easier, from shopping to dining.

UI/UX design agency

Leo9 Studio is a reliable, tech savvy and creative group to work with. Their creative insights, combined with superb technical capabilities make them a great team. I would recommend Leo9 team without hesitation. Leo9 Studio is one of the few Design agencies that understand the financial services industry's inner workings. Team Leo9 works tirelessly to get deliverables to meet all client needs. I think the most impressive thing is their value proposition. The entire team is quite talented and are able to bring a very level of UX and UI design to the project at very fair pricing.

Some of the biggest advantages Leo9 Studio has is that design is at the core of their thinking and company. They delivered to us exactly what we were looking for. LEO9 was one of the few one stop shops that was able to provide us with an end to end solution and could deliver the results we were expecting. Thanks to Leo9 Studio's work, the website's long checkout time has been cut down to one minute helping the client increase its business.

Meet the Founder. What Clients say. Read More.

UI/UX Design Agency

List of Best UI-UX Design Agencies & Top UI/UX Designers · 1. XB Software. Your custom route to success · 2. Lighthouse London. A UX / UI design.

UI/UX Design Agencies

It may be somewhat overwhelming for a new UX design agency to find clients. However, there are several surefire routes by which pretty much any design company today gets customers. The tips described below apply to aspiring UX design agencies and freelance designers alike due to their similarities. You may rest assured, these tactics have been tried and tested by design agencies from all over the world and are currently actively used within the design community.

Customer experience design, also recognized as UX design, supports businesses to make products more purposeful and more fulfilling in common for end-users. UX design commonly contains the enhancement or extensive redesign of the user interface UI on websites, games, apps, and other products.

Best Agencies for UI/UX design

ProCreator is a UI/UX Design Agency based out of Mumbai, India. We started with the vision of providing UI/UX design services to brands and craft interactions.

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Humanising Technology

Humanising Technology

The more companies understand the power of a great user experience design and its impact on customer loyalty, the more they are willing to have it embedded in their culture.

Top UI UX Design Companies

This blend is a natural continuation of a design tradition that elevates human potential. With a structured understanding of the mind, we map purposeful product strategies and create aesthetic experiences. The user experience is universal. Border police agencies in countries rely on the user interface to cope with the chaos of field operations. The UX design prevents errors and copes with complex scenarios affecting millions of transactions per second.

We Design Interfaces

Our UX designers interview stakeholders, conduct user research, analyze your competition, and consolidate content. The result is an action plan on executing a holistic brand and user experience. A brand today is all about how it makes your customers feel.

If you are a music blogger, band owner, musician, or belong to a related field, you can now easily embed Spotify music on WordPress without any coding. And guess what, you can use this stunning plugin for your most favorite editors — Gutenberg, Classic Editor, Elementor Page Builder , or any page builder with EmbedPress simple shortcode. That can not only make your site content interactive, also can influence your visitors to engage with your website permanently. What else do you need? Get started! Musicians, singers, music bloggers, or band owners who own a music website , feel the necessity of sharing their albums, playlists, or favorite songs on the website interactively to involve their audience with their tastes.

20 Best WordPress Audio Player Plugins of 2022 (Free and Popular)

20 Best WordPress Audio Player Plugins of 2022 (Free and Popular)

WordPress does not offer a tool to embed an audio player in your posts because a simple option is already available — you can use the HTML "Embed" tag. This tag embeds an audio player in your post and plays an audio file when a user browses the page. The file continues to play in a loop until the page is closed. Open a Web browser and navigate to your WordPress administrative dashboard. Click the "Posts" tab and then click the "Add New" sub-tab. You are taken to the WordPress Editor, the tool you use to write your posts.

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How to add background music to your web page?

Create a page with an Audio Block, and set the audio to automatically play. Also set the Preload settings to Auto. Load the site fresh and the.

How to Add an MP3 Player to a WordPress Blog

How to Add an MP3 Player to a WordPress Blog

7+ Best Audio Player Plugins for WordPress

Remember the days when we used to wait for CDs or Cassettes of our favorite songs?

The Daily Northwestern

The Daily Northwestern

The latest edition of VIBE's New Music Friday roundup includes album releases from Black Listen to Black Star's No Fear of Time here.

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Artfully conceived and oh so lovingly crafted, Girl From the North Country tempers a heart rending narrative with the heart soothing balm of more than twenty exquisitely arranged Bob Dylan songs. Expertly realising an ingenious concept, renowned playwright Conor McPherson pens a concise yet heavily populated play and then threads an organic tapestry of beautiful music between the scenes.

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Poor May. So we owe it to the month and ourselves to make this May as fun as possible, beginning with this weekend. And we have some great ideas along those lines, including fun outings with pooches, some terrific music and seriously creepy, streaming TV series. Psst, if you want to get this Weekender lineup delivered to your inbox every Thursday morning for free, just sign up at www. The Bay Area has a reputation of being tail-waggingly dog-friendly.

A Conversation With “Workin’ Man” Dustin Collins

Simply put, Web Applications are dynamic web sites combined with server side programming which provide functionalities such as interacting with users, connecting to back-end databases, and generating results to browsers. There are two main categories of coding, scripting and programming for creating Web Applications:. Client Side Scripting is generally viewable by any visitor to a site from the view menu click on "View Source" to view the source code. Program libraries are a collection of commonly used functions, classes or subroutines which provide ease of development and maintanance by allowing developers to easily add or edit functionalities to a frameworked or modular type application. Web Application Frameworks are sets of program libraries, components and tools organized in an architecture system allowing developers to build and maintain complex web application projects using a fast and efficient approach.

Modern web development techniques

A Comprehensive Guide to Modern Web Development Stacks

But first, let us understand what web app development tools are and why developers need to use them. Web development is a continuous lifecycle involving multiple stages and iterations.

Create an environment on your PC to test and run your web apps and solutions without requiring an internet connection or investing in web hosting. Helps you in downloading and installing dependencies of your frameworks and libraries in the right way. These are just some of the many tools available for web developers. Moreover, with the evolving world of technologies, new web frameworks and tools are being developed every day.

Even the existing tools to build apps are getting exciting new updates. It is essential for your company to stay up to date with new tech and cater to ever-advancing customers.

To help you find your ideal fit-out of the expansive pool of tools for the web, we have curated a list of some of the best tools for web development, both frontend and backend. Frontend development is a significant part of the web. With the massive growth in web technologies, it is no surprise that frontend web development has also grown multifold in the past years. Front-end web development requires a technical understanding of web languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, knowledge of design principles, colour palettes and schemes, and code debugging and testing.

Frontend web developers are responsible for designing an accessible, attractive UI-UX design for web pages and web applications. They decide the feel and looks of the website. Tools and frontend frameworks will be of enormous help as they can automate and simplify a lot of these tasks. Frontend tools help accelerate the process of developing a web app by providing drag and drop elements and various built-in features to create a more attractive design layout.

Here is a list of the top 10 tools for frontend development to help you in your next development project. Novi Builder comes as a built-in feature for many widely used browsers like Google Chrome and Opera. But it can work as a browser add-on.

However, it is a little hard to grasp for people who are new to the web developing business. We would recommend it to experienced developers who have in-depth knowledge, understanding, and experience in making websites and applications.

It enables both web and mobile application development. You can create elegant, responsive websites using Creative Tim. Creative Tim equips a frontend developer with an extensive toolkit of UI elements, easy-to-use templates and dashboards, and pre-coded sections. It is an intelligent code editor that has a large number of features like code completion, code refactoring, syntax highlighting, embedded Git, and testing support.

The Visual Studio code editor itself is customizable, allowing you to debug the code with breakpoints, call stacks, and an interactive console. Plus, VS Code also offers a wide variety of packages and free extensions for any added functionality or features you might require. As it works on both JavaScript and Python , you can use it for some backend functions too. It enables you to create responsive mobile applications on the web. Bootstrap is an extensive UI toolkit, giving access to multiple built-in components and ready-to-use elements.

Bootstrap is easy to set up, and an experienced developer can create a functional layout with responsive design in a very short time. In the hands of the right developer, it can create magic as it is fully customizable. Another game-changing feature is its support of other website development tools such as Sass and JQuery , thus extending its list of offered functionalities. Our frontend developers can help you develop a custom website that works perfectly across all devices- smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Sass also enables easy design sharing within and across projects, as a result providing a seamless project management experience. It supports multiple web application frameworks , providing templates for the JavaScript library Vuejs, Laravel, Angular, and BootStrap. Envato also offers optimized CSS and JavaScript coding techniques that can save your coding time and improve your page speed scores. InVision Cloud is a digital product design platform for creating captivating user experiences.

You can use this tool for unlimited domains and projects. It provides a wide range of add-ons, plugins, and stock photos. You can develop a professional web app using the offered audio and video assets. It is the perfect tool for developing web applications for commercial purposes.

But initially, it was only version control software. GitHub allows you to share and store code, contribute to open-source projects and keep track of revisions. WordPress is an online blogging platform developed with PHP. It is extremely popular and handles millions of free users and paid members. It is an excellent platform for hosting your websites.

With an ever-growing repository of plugins, Grunt provides an excellent coding environment for developers. Also, Grunt supports other frontend web tools such as Sass or RequireJS to perform the pre-configured tasks.

How to Choose Right Technology Stack for Web Product Development

Ever wanted to get the best discounts? View offers. Disclosure: Hackr. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Frameworks have become an essential part of web development, as the standards of web applications are always rising, so does the complexity of the technology needed. A web app has a backend server-side and a frontend client-side , so we discuss both best Backend frameworks as well as frontend frameworks. Thanks to the skyrocketing popularity of Node.

In a nutshell, whether you are looking to build a responsive website or web applications that work smoothly with popular web browsers, JavaScript comes to your.

Web development comes with a huge set of rules and techniques every website developer should know about. If you want a website to look and function as you wish them to, you need to get familiar with web technologies that will help you achieve your goal. And while it sounds quite complicated, once you know what you are doing, understanding web technology and the way it works becomes significantly easier. Fret not if it is not coming easily to you immediately. We present you with an introduction to web technologies and the latest web technologies list hoping it will make things at least a bit easier for you. Web technologies are the markup languages and multimedia packages computers use to communicate. Browsers request information and then they show us in the way we can understand. Think of them as the interpreters of the web. Here are the most popular ones:.

Web development tools have come a long way since the dawn of the internet.

Modern Website Design

We are always looking for new ways to improve user experience on our websites and landing pages, so keeping an eye out for new technologies to improve what we do is always top of mind. Below is a list of some new, and some not so new, techniques that we find work really well for us. First and foremost is the Media Query. These conditions are defined by the screen width of your browser and it allows websites to respond and display content in the best possible layout for the screen width you are using while viewing the website. One issue we run into a lot is displaying long lists of items within select boxes. Country lists are often a good example of this. If a user does not see his country at the top of the list, he could have to scroll through a list of hundreds of items just to find the one he needs at the bottom of the list. Well, you no longer have to worry about that with some of the cool jQuery plugins available such as Selectize that allow you to turn a long list into a searchable list.

Front-end technologies are for the “client side” of your website or application. They're used to develop the interactive components of your.

Web Technology

9 Web Technologies Every Web Developer Must Know in 2021

By using this website you agree to our terms of service. Web development trends have significantly evolved over the past decade.

The web and web standards

Web development also involves the use of modern object-oriented languages such as C , Java and JavaScript. It is expected you will be comfortable with using modern object-oriented languages and their relevant features such as inheritance, interfaces and asynchronous programming styles. Students who have some minor gaps in their background knowledge will be given directed reading to help them catch up. As a part of this module, you are expected to work in a group to develop a modern web application. Having successfully completed this module, you will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:. Cloud Native: Using containers, functions, and data to build next-generation applications. Michael J.

A typical web application consists at minimum of a database, web servers, operating system, and the development environment. Any firm developing websites should have the knowledge and human resources to implement these functions by a number of available platforms in the market. It is also important for clients to understand the tech stacks used by their web developers, as they affect the user experience and application functionality.

Our community is visited by hundreds of web development professionals every day. Ask your question and get a quick answer for free. Do you know the answer to this question? Write a quick response to it. With your help, we will make our community stronger. JavaScript is a multi-paradigm language that supports event-driven, functional, and mandatory including object-oriented and prototype-based programming types.

Our goal is to create a strong community in which everyone will support each other. If you find a question and know the answer to it, help others with your knowledge. This site uses cookies. We use them to improve the performance of our website and your interaction with it. Confirm your consent by clicking OK. Home javascript - How to make conditional dropdown in wordpress votes. Undefined asked.

Help Others Solve Their Issues Our goal is to create a strong community in which everyone will support each other. Confirm your consent by clicking OK OK.

Download Dropdown Content WordPress plugin for free/paid from Download Free WP Plugins. You can also compare Dropdown Content with relative plugins as well.

Ultimate Guide on Creating a WordPress Dropdown Menu for Beginners

It provides a lot of features to the developer to make the development easy.

The plugin

Always use a child theme to customize your theme, and test your code on a staging website before migrating to production. Before opening a new topic, you might want to follow the troubleshooting steps. A couple of months ago, I showed how to use the Polylang language plugin with Customizr. Polylang is easy to set up and use. It even has an option for you to include flags or language names or both , directly to the menu, with no coding.

Country/State Dynamic Drop Down List in Wordpress

Country/State Dynamic Drop Down List in Wordpress

Sortable list or drag and drop list in WordPress is one of the features that you may need when you developing your own widget or plugin.

Missing style. Updating errors. Installing GP Premium. Installing GeneratePress.

Select Dropdown Countries Template for WordPress developers

I was recently working on a WordPress site for a client, specifically, on a contact form for the website.

We use a dropdown menu on WPBeginner, go ahead and take your mouse over the navigation menu on top. WordPress Agency for Development. WordPress comes with a built-in menu management system that allows you to easily add navigation menus to your WordPress site. If you are starting a blog or creating a website with only a few pages, then you can add them in the single row. However, if you run an online store or a large website, then you may want to add more links to the navigation menu. Dropdown menus help you solve the limited space issue by showing menu links only when users bring their mouse over to a parent item. They also allow you to organize the menu structure by topics or hierarchy.

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