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Ux ui as second career ageism

Should Age Discrimination Be an Integral Part of Employment Discrimination Law?

I rarely hear complaints about age discrimination in academia, though I often hear complaints about gender and race discrimination. I believe all of these phenomena are real and unfortunate , and I wonder what exactly this discrepancy indicates. If anything, I suspect age discrimination is far more extreme, at least when it comes to the final stage of the process, namely the actual interview and hiring decisions.

Or is there some other reason for this difference in worry? I believe also that older, newly minted doctoral candidates bring useful differences in perspective, as can women and ethnic minorities, due to their differing life experiences. Here is an article about age discrimination in academia , although I find the cited evidence inconclusive.

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Career Change at 45: Top Jobs for Career Changers

I believe it is very bad, although I do not have data. I believe that if a year-old, with an excellent vita and newly minted Ph. I am very pleased with the openness of my own university, I will add in passing. Perhaps there are not many examples of this kind of age discrimination do you know of any? In part that is because older individuals are so discouraged from going down that path in the first place.

In an employment context, ageist ideas will play out in old for” something and the second related to intergenerational disentitlement;.

Changing Careers Over 50: The Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

Changing Careers Over 50: The Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

Is that too old to start learning to code? Even millennials ask it. Like exposing themselves as a clunky beginner might become an embarrassing fashion statement? When you turn 30, you have no experience with being Learning and striving to become a developer with some age and business-world experience can result in tremendous advantages. Those benefits will serve both you and the company or client that is going to hire you:. You have problem-solving creds.

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DevRel, Diversity and Open Source: Floor Drees on Codemotion Amsterdam 2019

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Ageist Stereotypes and Age Discrimination

It's not just 60+ learners who are not financially fully supported: anyone wanting to take a second undergraduate degree (with a few select exceptions).

“They said it was too late for me”: How Olga Switched Careers at 50

The freeCodeCamp Forum

The freeCodeCamp Forum

Learn how to highlight your education to make your resume shine. Education is an important section to include on your resume, as it helps potential employers build a picture of your qualifications for the job. Some roles may even require a particular degree, and your resume is the best place to show that you have it. For each school you have attended, consider including some combination of the following always include the three bolded items :. Rank your highest degrees first and continue in reverse chronological order. If you haven't completed college, list your high school education.

Scientists used to think that cognitive abilities leveled off around middle age, but now see the brain as constantly evolving. According to U.

How to use custom font in wordpress

How to use custom font in wordpress

3 Different Ways to Add Custom Fonts to Your WordPress Site Theme

This includes:. Several websites contribute font development and different styles of fonts in which you can simply download and opt to your personal website. Some of the example websites include Google font, Font Squirrel, adobe fonts, and a lot more.

Before starting to download the font you need, you will have to check whether the font belongs to a particular category. Each has specific functions and capabilities if running in different engines and browsers. All most every font comes under one of these categories. When we choose the modern websites that comprise the modern elements that we are currently working with, opting for TTF or OTF would be a good choice. You can always give your first preference to WOOF. But WOOF fonts are not with wide availability.

From the dashboard,. Once the console is open, scroll down to find the font section in which you will have to add the following code snippet for WordPress to understand the font that you have used its location, and so on. Adding the fonts directly from the file manager to the styles. To do this, click on code edit and add the code snippet that we added previously in the theme editor.

This is a very simple step. You can simply add any global element, such as a paragraph, a heading, or a button, and go to the font section to customize with the Custom font.

Speaking about Google fonts in specific, Google fonts navigate your font, downloaded directly to the WordPress site, which makes it customized and optimized with WordPress without doing much with the steps. For more with google fonts, click the link below. Easy Google Fonts. Custom Adobe Fonts Typekit.

“How to Add Custom Fonts to a WordPress Theme” Code Answer

css file in the webfontkit zip you will download. However you will need to add the fonts/ bit in front of the font filenames the src urls to let the browser.

Adding a unique font to your website is a great way to make your design stand out online. In this article, I will walk you through the step-by-step process for adding any font to your website. Note: because websites are not all built and managed the same way, I will introduce the most universal approach for adding custom fonts and then explain how the most popular website building platforms support custom fonts. Technically speaking, you can add just about any font to any website. However, when searching for a font online, you always want to keep in mind the price, the license agreement , and the installation method. Without further ado, here are some of the most popular font libraries to help you find that perfect font:. Google fonts boast an impressive library of close to libre license fonts that can be browsed via their interactive web directory. Because of their Developer API , Google Fonts are arguably the easiest fonts to add to your site and where I would recommending starting your search. Related: Top 20 most popular Google Fonts. The new and improved service now provides Creative Cloud subscribers subscribers with easy access to their entire library of fonts through the click of a button.

Important Note: If the webfont is already being loaded by your theme, skip to Part 2 below.

Add Custom fonts to Flatsome

Your WordPress theme probably comes with multiple fonts for you to choose from, but the options can be pretty limited. The most well-known place to find custom WordPress fonts is definitely Google Fonts. Another well-known option is Adobe Fonts. Adobe Typekit Web Fonts offers thousands of beautiful fonts that can quickly be added to any of your web projects. Finally, you can find lots of other sites that aggregate multiple fonts for free and at premium rates.

How To Add Custom Fonts In WordPress

It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. I have to use a font for a website which I can't find in Typekit and can't upload to Fontsquirrel. So I can't make a webkit. I tried to embed the font with CSS and font-face , but it doesn't seem to work. My mistake was that I wrote the complete path in the url and not the path from the stylesheet which is located in the theme-folder. This is the fontsquirrel config data.

Head over to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Appearance >> themes >> theme editor. Once the console is open, scroll down to find the font. Find centralized, trusted content and collaborate around the technologies you use most.

Adding and Customizing Fonts in a WordPress Theme

Adding and Customizing Fonts in a WordPress Theme

SEO + Effective Ads for Facebook, IG, LinkedIn, and Google

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web developer jobs near New York, NY

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Conceptualized Design

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WordPress Development New York

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Other Services

Other Services

Cnn new website design

Googleing Down Under

Tim created the website to share information about the World Wide Web project. Originally, the project was meant to streamline information sharing between scientists. The first website explained basics like what the world wide web was, what type of information was available, how to understand your browser, etc. The site is still online today , but not all of the content is accessible. We got a real jam going now, welcome to the Space Jam.

This gem from is burned into the memories of so many 90s kids. When this site came out, it was the pinnacle of web design. The starry tiled background with clip art planets, spaceships, and basketballs invited us to browse around and learn more about the Space Jam universe.

Hampster Dance encapsulates so much of early internet culture — a meme built on a Geocities site featuring rows of animated GIFs of hamsters, topped off with an auto-play ing song.

Once the word had spread through forwarded emails, Hampster Dance became a sort of litmus test. In , auctions went virtual. AuctionBay — later changed to eBay — was a weekend coding project that turned into an internet staple. Founder Pierre Omidyar made the first sale — a broken laser pointer — shortly after launching. What makes early eBay so iconic is not its design, but rather its social impact.

Collectors were no longer limited by geography. They could scour the internet for vintage ceramics, treasured toys from their childhood, or get in on the Beanie Baby craze. The website showcased bright colors and mixed fonts. And with grainy clip art scattered throughout, the version of eBay fit comfortably into the 90s web design aesthetic. From the fundamentals to advanced topics — learn how to build sites in Webflow and become the designer you always wanted to be.

This combination is what made Pitchfork such a significant 90s website. It adapted two familiar mediums in a way that encouraged people to stay on the site and consume more content. Plus, the regular updates and in-depth reviews made Pitchfork a trusted resource for the latest in the music scene.

The original site had a classic 90s web design aesthetic. The homepage opened with low-resolution clip art images — some of which spun, danced, and moved — on a patterned background designed to look like a LEGO base.

While the site had plenty of clumsy 90s web design elements like the large Home and Go to Top icons, it also had some impressive functionality for the time period. For example, the Play section led to an on-site treasure hunt and a space mystery video game. By , both the number of websites available and people enjoying them were steadily rising. And so, Webaholics — a directory site of top links — was born. Oddly enough, the site also functioned as a support group forum for people who felt addicted to the internet.

In fact, Rich Barrette created the site after two of his classmates dropped out of school due to spending too much time online. Stories from self-proclaimed Webaholics ranged from funny to serious, but the main draw of the site seemed to be the curated list of top links. Webaholics really loved the 90s design trend of large, dramatic Word Art — those drop shadow text images that were so heavily favored in school projects. The site also featured award badge icons and links to press mentions of the Webaholics site.

Build your site for free and take as long as you need. Skip to main content Webflow logo. Get started — it's free. Trusted by teams at. Rease Kirchner Content Marketing Manager. No items found.

The question was timely — two days later, CNN announced that they created a text-only version of their site with no ads or videos. The same week, NPR began promoting its text-only site, text. These text-only sites — which used to be more popular in the early days of the Internet, when networks were slower and bandwidth was at a premium — are incredibly useful, and not just during natural disasters. Related: Designing Journalism Products for Accessibility. Hands down the best news site design of Maybe I'm just a grognard but this is pretty much the best designed news site I've seen.

With the new design provided by CNN Indonesia, we can explore various news categories more 7 Must-Know Websites To Boost Your Frontends.

Welcome to the Interaction Design Association

The new design is beautiful, clean, organized and well-structured. It invites the eye to scan and find something interesting with the goal of clicking through to another page. The previous design was somewhat cluttered and not very inviting; the content looked liked it was being forced into an unstructured space. The new layout is very different and embraces a number of modern web design and usability best practices and trends. Taking a cursory look at their primary stylesheet , they appear to have loosely based their style and grid on the Blueprint CSS framework.

Sponsored by Uizard.

3 customizable design templates for ‘cnn’

Education Navigation on the CNN website operial Reports A nice feature on the an area is presented that lists the latest two or three stories for each.

Morgan Freemans lawyer demands that CNN retract its sexual-harassment story on the actor

Because this tutorial uses the Keras Sequential API , creating and training your model will take just a few lines of code. The dataset is divided into 50, training images and 10, testing images. The classes are mutually exclusive and there is no overlap between them. To verify that the dataset looks correct, let's plot the first 25 images from the training set and display the class name below each image:. The 6 lines of code below define the convolutional base using a common pattern: a stack of Conv2D and MaxPooling2D layers.

Choose an option that suits your business and targets your main audience.

These websites are scattered on the World Wide Web like stars in the galaxy, there are just too many of them. There was once a time when the sites were only text-based and were utilised solely by government organisations or some big names to convey information and fast forward to today even the smallest of businesses have their own website. Although the number of these websites might be overwhelming, they can be easily classified as ten different types. In spite of the sheer amount of sites on the web today, no two are genuinely equivalent. There is a wide range of classification of websites, with each filling an alternate need, wearing an alternate plan, and accompanying fluctuating structure costs. Here are ten of the most well-known kinds of sites you'll see around the web.

Written by Peter Beare on August 17, Posted in Webmasters Blog. While the American summer has been fast coming to and end I have been Down Under in Australia celebrating my parents 50th wedding anniversary.

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Previously I have shared some types of Navbar , But this is different from others. This menu has more content than its width, and all extra overflow materials are hidden.

In this menu, you have scroll left or right to see all the menu items. There are no navigation buttons for PC users, they have to scroll by pressing buttons on the keyboard. This menu bar has a minimal design, some nav items with a fixed logo. You can use this on your website after some customization.

If you want then you can show the scroll bar , I have hidden that element using CSS command. If you are thinking now how this Scrolling Menu Bar actually is, then see the preview given below. Now you can see this visually, there also a button above for seeing it live. If you like this, then get the source code of its. First I have created a main div and placed all the nav item inside it. For creating horizontal scrolling I have put max-height to hide some elements. After that, for creating scrolling effect used overflow - x : auto ; X for horizontal scrolling only.

I want to embark on a payment integration system project. Can you help me? Web Dev Trick. Share on Facebook. Best Gear for Budding Web Designers. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address!

how to create a horizontal menu bar using navigation control and css

how to create a horizontal menu bar using navigation control and css

Horizontal Navigation is a pair of macros that allows you to add an interactive AUI-styled horizontal navigation bar, making content easier to navigate and.

Create a responsive navbar with React and CSS

Armstrong Number Program. Reverse String using Pointer. Half Pyramid with Numbers. Print Colored Text in Python. Remove Numbers from String. Compare two Dates. Serialization and Deserialization. Java Library Functions.

The Best HTML and CSS Menu Examples for Designers

Inside a recommended container div, there are 2 main parts of the navbar. A logo or brand link, and the navigations links. You can align these links to the left or right. You will have to make sure yourself that links do not overlap if you use this.

This blog post will cover the following points: -What is a responsive navigation menu bar? The navigation menu bar is one of the most important parts of any website.

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Defining explicit widths and heights should always be avoided wherever possible, as doing so will make the document a lot less future-proof, flexible and extensible… Suppose you have four items in your navigation menu—you can work out the width of these and use margin:0 auto; to centre them. However, there is a way to have a centred horizontal navigation without knowing an explicit width, and without adding CSS. Pretty standard, an unordered list of menu items. I have highlighted the bits that do the majority of the work:. Here I have given them a larger hit area by adding paddingpx;. Try using Firebug or similar to add other list items on the fly, and watch as they seamlessly centre in the list. I have tested this in IE to find it works perfectly.

CSS3 Awesome Menu · Navigation Bar · Touch device jelly menu concept · An other navigation item · Pure CSS3 Drop-down Navigation with Effects · Flat.

Horizontal Menu Using Pure CSS

Horizontal Menu Using Pure CSS

A good user flow contributes enormously to a successful website. The content, positioning and appearance should therefore be well thought out. Here you will find some inspirations for your own navigation menu! With the right effects and animations they also become a real eye-catcher. Both desktop and mobile menus are available.

You can find navigation bars on almost any website on the internet. Learn how to code and style one in this article!

The navigation speeds up the search of your users within your site. With CSS Flexbox, it is quite practical to code a basic navigation bar without the need of using floats or complicated pixel calculations. The navigation bar consists of an unordered list with 9 links. There are 2 groups of links. The first 6 links take the user to different pages of the site.

Common examples of navigation sections are menus, tables of contents, and indexes. This element only includes the global attributes. With appropriate CSS, this can be presented as a sidebar, navigation bar, or drop-down menu.

Drupal Answers is a question and answer site for Drupal developers and administrators. It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. As far as I can tell your code is fine except for a small syntax error; you're missing a closing parenthesis on the end of the statement. It should be:.

Drupal 7 db_query_range

Drupal 7 database operations

The release of Drupal 7 has brought a lot of changes for developers: new features, updated APIs, deprecated modules, and more. One of the biggest changes is Drupal 7's new database API, an object-oriented system that fundamentally alters the way most developers will build database queries in Drupal. In this article, we'll take a look at how the new API dramatically simplified one contrib module's complex code, and how to spot similar opportunities in your own code.

Rather than writing a SQL query in raw text and calling a helper function to execute the query, developers create a "query" object, call methods on it to add fields, filters, sorts, and other query elements, then call the query object's "execute" method.

While it may not sound like a big difference, it's a real shift for those who are used to hand-writing their SQL. Take a look at the following example:. Both of these code snippets are doing the same thing: pulling the id, title, and author id from columns in the Node table that match certain criteria, then sorting the results and ensuring only 5 matches are returned.

It's what VotingAPI uses to retrieve all of a user's votes, all of the votes on a particular piece of content, the average and total number of votes on a given node, and more.

While it's a bit ugly, it handles all of the different permutations of requests pretty smoothly. Still, it's an awful lot of code.

While what it's doing is conceptually simple, the fact that it has to build all of those different queries out of text makes it an exercise in doing efficient string manipulation without exposing developers to SQL injection attacks. That code is doing all of the same work that the Drupal 6 version is doing. It's taking in a set of filter criteria, creating a new query, adding filters as needed, executing the query, and returning the results.

However, DB:TNG's object oriented approach and the convenience of its 'condition' method eliminate huge swaths of special-case code. It handles the difference between checking for a column being equal to one value vs the column being inside a set of values; it properly escapes strings; and it handles building query elements for different data types automatically.

The result is a simple, tidy function that's much easier to debug if something goes wrong. Obviously, not all modules require this sort of internal query-building function. However, if you find yourself building quite a large number of similar queries into your modules, or you build queries with many different sets of filter criteria, do yourself a favor and take a spin through the Database API reference , the online documentation , and the Example Module's database sample code.

Drupal 7 – Creating arbitrary ANDed/ORed database queries using the DBTNG abstraction layer

Drupal 7 uses PDO to connect to the database. In fact, the database abstraction layer before Drupal 7 is consistent with some concepts of PDO. It uses the same method to operate different types of databases, reducing the work of module developers, and improving program compatibility and portability. With the introduction of PDO, compared to the previous version, the database interface certainly has a lot of changes. Now, there is no more.

Modify db_query(), db_query_range(), and pager_query() to take an extra parameter, $slave_safe, but only in the array version. Convert core to.

Change Drupal7 Comments - Submitted by Guest (not verified)

One of the innovations Drupal 7 was an object-oriented approach in the system of building queries to the database. The main advantages of this campaign are the lack of binding to a particular database and the convenience of code support. In Drupal 8, all these functions are marked as deprecated with the release of Drupal 9 they will be removed from the kernel , and it is recommended that database queries be performed based on the corresponding class system. General principles of interaction with the database in Drupal 8 are based on obtaining the connection object to the current database and calling the methods of this object to build the final query and obtain the result of its execution. You can get the connection object using the service container Drupal class using its static database method. After receiving the connection object, you need to get the object corresponding to the requested query type. As in the seventh version, Drupal 8 builds the query based on methods such as fields , join , condition , and so on. The most commonly used method of "communicating" with a database is a sample. When developing modules, we often have to deal with the need to obtain data from the tables of contra modules or the Drupal kernel.

Drupal module: create a text format

Drupal is one of the most popular Content Management Systems CMS and is used increasingly in high-visibility sites, such as www. Drupal is one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) and The newer version 7 (D7) and the older, but still quite popular.

Drupal provides a database abstraction layer to provide developers with the ability to support multiple database servers easily. The intent of this layer is to preserve the syntax and power of SQL as much as possible, but also allow developers a way to leverage more complex functionality in a unified way. It also provides a structured interface for dynamically constructing queries when appropriate, and enforcing security checks and similar good practices. For example, one might wish to return a list of the most recent 10 nodes authored by a given user.

Drupal db_query_range SQL query

Then, a plugin is written to translate that query into native style and write the query in the initial language which is Database Abstraction layer. One of the biggest changes is Drupal 7's new database API, an object-oriented system which change the way most developers will build database queries in Drupal. Every developer is familiar with basic sql query, Where we are used to writing a query in usual fashion. Thereafter, we need to call the execute method. And executing them by calling execute method.

The release of Drupal 7 has brought a lot of changes for developers: new features, updated APIs, deprecated modules, and more. One of the biggest changes is Drupal 7's new database API, an object-oriented system that fundamentally alters the way most developers will build database queries in Drupal.

Cracking Drupal®: A Drop in the Bucket by Greg Knaddison

Cracking Drupal®: A Drop in the Bucket by Greg Knaddison

A lot of Drupal sites, though, need to be measured not only under heavy anonymous traffic load users who aren't logged in , but also under heavy authenticated-user load. C is for Cookie are lacking. Instead of constantly going into the database and looking up session IDs and such nonsense, I have a simple script, which is quite revised from the era script originally from 2bits that worked with Drupal 5 , which will give you the proper ab commands for stress-testing your Drupal site under authenticated user load. Simply copy the attached script source pasted below to your site's docroot, and run the command from the command line as follows:.

Best wordpress theme for travel agent

Remember Me. D5 Creation's Support will be with you, Always! Create an Account. Themes: FAQs? Current Version: We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits.

25 Best WordPress Themes for Travel Blogs

Just sit in front of the laptop screen and start developing your business, using top-rated themes for WordPress. All these templates are fully-featured, responsive and mobile friendly, search engine optimized and compatible with all popular browsers. Still hesitating? Look through this collection and watch the live demos to see how each template works! This responsive hiking tours template is an ideal base for any outdoor activities and extreme sports for adrenaline rush lovers.

It has a user-friendly visual composer that will help you to build a website and manage all your web-pages easily and simply. Also, it has an excellent documentation, which will make the setup process clear and understandable.

This is a yachting and cruising WordPress template with a clean design and well-built structure. It will be a perfect match for boating businesses, cruising, marine companies, voyages etc.

It has an eye-catching design, robust structure and a great number of additional pages. Also, it has an attractive slider with large image blocks and intuitive navigation. This is a wonderful solution for hotels, resorts, and spa services.

This is a bright theme released under the GPL 3. Also, this template comes with a wide choice of header, footer and sidebar styles together with the Google web fonts integration. This template is an ideal choice for extreme sports and active lifestyle enthusiasts. It will be suitable for rafting, canoeing, kayaking, paddling, and other kinds of extreme water sports.

Try this hotel rent template and represent your own hotel on the Internet. It has a user-friendly booking form that will allow making appointments right on your website. It also has the WordPress live customizer, which will ease the process of editing several times.

This template will be suitable for hotels, room booking services, hostels, and resorts. It has the vibrant clean layout, which will deliver the best UX to your customers. What is more, the theme is search engine ready, so you will be able to make your website 1 in search results too.

This is a professionally designed theme with the advanced functionality and Cherry framework. It is complemented with a sticky drop-down menu, which provides intuitive navigation.

Besides, this template is well-documented, so you will be able to set it up just following the instructions included. This stunning travel blog responsive WordPress template has the advanced theme options, sliced PSD, and the back-to-top button, which will improve the website navigation. Also, it is supplied with the calendar, custom page templates, dropdown menu, social options, and tag cloud. Watch the live demo to try it in action! In addition, the template features 4 top-notch gallery scripts: accordion, carousel, isotope, and slider.

This theme has a simple and visually appealing homepage that will please even the most exacting clients. It is fully-featured, responsive, cross-browser compatible and search engine optimized. Dare to try it! If you are building a website for hotel or travel agencies then you may also be interested in checking out these Hotel Email Marketing templates. This company provides all its clients not only with awesome templates for any purposes but also with the free eBooks for novice website owners.

Do get in touch if you want to share any useful resource with our community. Hiking Tours Responsive WordPress Template This responsive hiking tours template is an ideal base for any outdoor activities and extreme sports for adrenaline rush lovers. Details Demo Sports and Recreation Responsive WordPress Theme This template has an integrated intuitive page builder with a useful drag-and-drop interface, which will help you to customize a website without any great effort.

Details Demo If you are building a website for hotel or travel agencies then you may also be interested in checking out these Hotel Email Marketing templates. SDR Team.

20 Beautiful Travel WordPress Themes for Hotels and Travel Agencies

Theme WordPress Travel Agency by Rara Theme - Travel Agency is a free WordPress theme to create travel online booking website for tour.

Best Travel Agency & Tour Company WordPress Themes

Do you love to travel like me? If so, you may be interested in starting your own travel blog.

Travel Agency WordPress Themes, 15 Best Globe Trotting Themes to Discover in 2021

7+ Best Travel Agency WordPress Themes in 2022

Traveling business is growing every single day. Consistently the costs of voyaging diminish, while in the meantime the number who goes keeps on expanding rapidly. This has prompted fast advancement of nations and famous travel goals in areas the whole way across the globe. The best part about the movement from a business viewpoint is the way that travel is such a differing and lucrative business specialty. Flights, inns, travels, climbing gatherings, thus numerous different types of movement exist. Everybody has their own particular enthusiasm throughout everyday life. It is a stunning background to join your energy with another and energizing area.

15+ Best WordPress Travel Agency Themes for ; Entrada. An excellent retina-ready & responsive tourist agency and booking app theme for.

The 10 Best WordPress Travel Themes

Travel blogging is among the easiest ways to raise money when moving online. And instead, what are you doing? You get the WordPress Travel Themes for free! Check the following free themes for your travel blog to be perfect. A handy built-in admin panel allows you to give the web its initial look.

A Premium Travel agency WordPress theme that is soft on the eye. This premium goliath is not a prototype version of the free theme but it is far superior to it.

By Sofia Sha. Travel agency websites should have the power to encourage visitors to pack their bags and go on a vacation. The vivid and vibrant images and elegant design of such websites can easily do the trick. However, as there are plenty of travel agencies out there, you might find it a little bit hard to acquire new customers. What you can do to overcome this situation is to include critical information that travellers are expecting. For instance, you could give recommendations on the best hotels, outdoor activities, and must-visit sights.

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