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Joomla 1.5 config file

The following will help you determine your user flows as you design your website. Information architecture IA is a discipline that allows you to organize information clearly and logically for your visitors. Good IA is a result of solid user research and usability testing.

Tree testing happens before designing the actual interface. Navigation is a cornerstone of usability. Links are a key element in web navigation. Their visual and functional design has a direct impact on usability.

Follow a few rules with these interactive elements:. Losing their spot forces the user to scroll through content they have already seen, which leads to unnecessary interaction cost. Breadcrumbs are a set of contextual links that function as a navigation aid on websites. Some visitors come to a website looking for a specific item. Content strategy—which refers to planning, creating, and managing content on your website—will help with this exercise. Each page has its own goal, such as informing visitors about something or encouraging them to convert.

Once you understand the goal of the page, only then should you work on the design or write the content. A properly structured page will help visitors find each user interface element.

While there are no one-size-fits-all rules, there are a few website design guidelines that will help you create a solid structure:. People are more likely to quickly scan a web page than to read everything there. You can help visitors find what they need with a good visual hierarchy, which refers to the arrangement or presentation of elements on a web page in a way that indicates their importance that is, where their eyes should focus first, second, etc.

But no matter the cause of such behavior, your website should appear fast and responsive. Here are some ways to achieve this:. Skeleton screens are an excellent alternative to this. These containers are essentially a temporarily blank version of the page, into which information is gradually loaded. Because information is incrementally displayed on the screen, it feels like things are happening immediately.

A lot of websites use low contrast for text copy. While gray text on a white background may look cool, it is also illegible and inaccessible. Low contrast is especially problematic for users with low vision and those who struggle with contrast sensitivity. Low-contrast text is hard to read on a desktop, but it becomes even more difficult on mobile. Imagine trying to read low-contrast text on a mobile device while walking in bright sunlight.

They recommend the following contrast ratios for body text and image text:. To make design accessible for these users, avoid using color alone to convey meaning. One common example of this is in forms. Success and error messages are often green and red, respectively. But red and green are the two most difficult colors to distinguish for people with color-vision deficiency. Instead, designers should use color to highlight or complement what is already visible. Images and illustrations are a significant part of the web experience for people who can see and for blind users.

Blind people use assistive technologies, such as screen readers, to interpret websites. Consider two examples—first, Threadless , a popular t-shirt store. The only text information available is a combination of price and size.

Gather feedback early on in the design process and iterate throughout. Users hate slow-loading web pages. According to Nielsen Norman Group, there are three response-time limits:. But even a few seconds of delay can make an experience unpleasant. Tools like PageSpeed Insights will help you find the causes. This testing method consists of showing one of two versions randomly to an equal number of users and then reviewing analytics to see which version accomplished your goal more effectively.

A good specification is critical because without it, the developers will have to either rely on guesswork when building the website or go back to the designer to get answers to their questions.

But assembling a specification manually can be a headache and usually takes significant time, depending on the complexity of the design. Designers no longer have to spend time authoring specifications to communicate positioning, colors, text styles, or fonts to the developer.

Internet Technology And Web Design

A Web Designer is a creative IT professional who designs the visual appearance, organizes the layout, and ensures the easy navigation of a website.

What is web design, how to do it right and best skills

The concept of web design and development has been around for about as long as websites have existed. It used to have a much simpler definition because website creation used to be a much simpler process.

A design system for the federal government.

Are you a Sussex based company, wanting to get more local contracts? With 20 years in the business, and a close knit web design team based in Eastbourne, Worldwide Webdesign is your local, one stop shop for professional web design. We do everything for you, that is Web related, making it easy to build your online presence. Since simple omissions or mistakes can cost you in lost business, when it comes to websites, this is one case where it can be wiser to leave some jobs to an expert and spend more time getting on with what you do best. After a consultation, we build the website, and deliver it to you complete in every detail; professional websites with great graphics and content, easy management tools, time saving booking systems and more.

Awwwards are the Website Awards that recognize and promote the talent and effort of the best developers, designers and web agencies in the world.

It begins with ideas and conversations and ends in conversions and sales. Shaped by your brand, your ethos, and your character, we combine creative thinking and expert insight to create an interactive digital journey that is designed to enthuse, captivate and engage your target audience. Blending creativity, imagination, and originality with in-depth market research, expert analysis and attention to detail, Elite Internet Technologies brings you unrivaled website design in Thousand Oaks. We sketch like artists, but we build websites with both aesthetics and purpose in mind.

Set up events to make your creative react to the user's actions, even physical gestures like touch, rotation, or shaking on mobile devices. Use preset events, or build your own from scratch with JavaScript.

Graphic Designer. Stream Portfolio About. Web design. Web design from Tanja Krstevska. Weehoo - Web design. Slika - Web design.

Albus webdesign

recent works

An excellent variety with creamy-white trumpet-shaped flowers produced in large, rounded heads from summer into the autumn. Items that we have specially sourced for you may take longer and in these cases we usually suggest upto 14 days before shipping. We are not being insistent on this; it just helps us out a little more. Maybe speak to your neighbours and see if they would like to order anything as well. That will always help.

Not all plants offered through the website will necessarily be immediately available in the garden centre. Therefore please still allow working days for your order to be ready. View other products in Summer-Flowering Bulbs ». At Kelways, we are confident that the products we supply are of a high standard and quality.

All our plants with a hardiness rating of H4 and above are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of delivery, with the exception of bedding plants, annuals, seeds and bulbs. We pride ourselves in selecting the best plants available and will never knowingly send anything of substandard quality.

If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact us via email at sales kelways. If we require any plants to be returned to us where we agree that the reason for return is our fault, we will arrange for our couriers to collect them from you at our expense. For instances where the customer may have changed their mind or made a mistake in their order, please just contact us and we will do all we can to help.

Some plants may be ordered in advance of their availability period i. For any product where this applies, you will be shown the month for when these products will be delivered. None of the above affects your statutory rights as a consumer. Agapanthus africanus Albus 3x eye plants. Agapanthus minor Alba Agapanthus africanus. Collect in Store This item is available for collection.

Visual Lure Launches New Website for a St. Louis Based Photo/Wedding Album Company

Visual Lure recently launched The Signature Collection website. Sal is an international award winning photographer who felt the market was lacking a user friendly photo album solution, so we helped him develop a website that was easy to use, easy to order from and easy to upload images to once the order was placed. The front-end of the website is built in WordPress so that their staff can easily maintain those sections, and the store, along with the Virtual Album Builder were built in PHP with a fully custom admin section. The Virtual Album Builder allows registered users to build their albums online with a preview of the product and real time pricing.

View Albus Webdesign ( location, revenue, industry and description. Find related and similar companies as well as employees by title.

Ater Albus

A luxury Dutch family-run boutique experience in the vibrant city centre of Amsterdam. The cutting-edge design of our luxury hotel is matched in our approach to environmentalism. The Albus Hotel Amsterdam. Select the date on which you want to travel so that we can immediately show the available rooms and correct prices:. Book now Standard Double Room - All features. Why Getadayroom Best price guarantee no reservation fees Book without a credit card payment at the hotel Instant confirmation by e-mail free cancellation Access to all hotel facilities wellness, swimming pool, fitness,

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The charismatic rapper's second album captures absolutely none of his real-life persona. It is among the most insipid, vacuous statements in recent pop history.


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Tristique Turpis Ltd. What we did. Photography / Graphic design / Web design. VIEW THE PROJECT.

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Albus Webdesign — WordPress website specialist is one of the most highly rated places of Noord-Brabant across the 'Internet companies' category of Nicelocal. It has 8 scores from clients, averaging at 4. This establishment is operating at the following address: Netherlands, Ridderhof Albus Webdesign — WordPress website specialist works by this schedule: Mon-fri: - Additional information could be found by visiting the website: www.

Intersmart solution is one of the best web solution providers with a strong clientele in Kochi. Having established ourselves as a top web design company in Cochin, we make sure that all our endeavours demonstrate artistic yet technically rich designs backed up with the most powerful technologies available in the market.

Studio Albus offer full design services for both single-residential and multi-residential projects. This is on a case-by-case basis and may include:. Studio Albus also offer full design services for retail and commercial projects. Studio Albus can also provide their services in Project Marketing. Artwork development for both print and digital media, such as brochures, mail-outs, sales books, large format printing, website design, signboards, hoarding and fence mesh. Sales Display Suites, including all interior design services as per above.

An excellent variety with creamy-white trumpet-shaped flowers produced in large, rounded heads from summer into the autumn. Items that we have specially sourced for you may take longer and in these cases we usually suggest upto 14 days before shipping. We are not being insistent on this; it just helps us out a little more. Maybe speak to your neighbours and see if they would like to order anything as well.

Project management plugins help you organize your projects directly from your WordPress dashboard. Using these plugins it becomes very easy to manage your projects and team members. This is especially true if your company hosts remote work. Project management plugins not only increase efficiency, but can increase your productivity and save a lot of time. In this article, we will tell you about the best project management plugins to choose from.

Quality control checks by a project manager might also be involved to make sure things are up to a certain standard. We have gathered up the top WordPress project management plugins and tools with WordPress integration which can help you stay organized and on tasks.

This is a completely free core plugin, but it also has premium extensions which allow you to add frontend editing capabilities as well as project timelines. You can find the premium extension list here , with a few favorites including Calendar View, Customizer, Custom Fields, and Email Notifications. The real extension bundles come into play when you choose bigger packages.

Overall, UpStream looks like a viable project management solution for anyone looking to keep costs low without sacrificing value. You can customize fields and colors for your own organization and generate an unlimited number of projects and users. We also like the calendars and Gantt charts for visualizations of the projects.

It does exactly what we need it to do by helping you coordinate projects with teams and loop in your clients. Some of the features involved with the integration include the ability to send invoices between WordPress and Avaza, and options to create new tasks, projects, customers, and products without any need to copy these details over from one program to the other.

However, there is a free plan that supports unlimited collaborators, one user, and five active projects. So, a very small company could take advantage of that. All plans include regular free updates, secure data, and mobile-friendly versions to access your projects and users from mobile devices.

We like that the Avaza software integrates with QuickBooks Online and Xero, streamlining the accounting process. Some other parts of the Avaza suite include resource scheduling, online invoicing, and expense management. Automating communication between Avaza and WordPress is key to making this integration work well when it comes to project management. We enjoy that you can add new users and write comments about projects from either system and sync with the other. The Avaza project manager interface is similar to Trello , showing multiple boards for dragging and dropping tasks from left to right.

Multiple views are provided, and you can track the percentage of the project done with no problem. Developers divide the features into administrator features and client features then incorporate premium features for those who need them. As an administrator, you have complete control over user access. You can upload files to each client and project page and get an overview of the past client uploads.

The primary purpose of the SP Project and Document Manager plugin is to share files in a fast and efficient manner. That Community Version is completely free. As a whole, this premium version is more for giving you access to the wide range of addons sold by the developers. From healthcare to banking, and education to manufacturing, the SP Project and Document Manager plugin is a valuable option for expanding upon your current project manager or potentially using it as a primary tool.

Having said that, we assume that the majority of users will consider this as a way to compliment a more powerful project management plugin. Airtable offers a few ways to integrate its software with the WordPress content management system.

Airtable is often considered a top project management tool for businesses of all sizes. Airtable is completely different from the trendy Trello-style project management design, or the Kanban setup that we see in so many project managers.

Instead, Airtable issues databases, like spreadsheets, with flexible online tools to organize projects and maintain control over those spreadsheets.

The WordPress integration is great for making new records in Airtable when certain triggers happen in WordPress. There are also options to archive old WordPress content into an Airtable database. Freedcamp provides project management elements for task lists, Kanban boards, subtasks, and other essentials, all organized into a neat package.

The collaboration looks like a strong point as well, since Freedcamp gives you a forum-like discussion section to spread ideas and talk about all current projects. Several premium addons are available for you to consider.

Addons for invoicing, reports, CRMs , and issue trackers are excellent for bringing together all small business tasks.

The core Panorama plugin is there for incorporating simple project management into your WordPress site. The developers often offer discounts, so keep an eye out for those. Check out the Project Panorama website for information on pricing, support, and a full demo.

The free plugin handles projects and tasks, with the help of a mobile app. Create a personal dashboard and run discussions with attachments for all projects. You can create an unlimited number of projects and customize your interface with logos and colors from your company. Creating projects is done in the WordPress dashboard, where you can then include the details of each project, assign users, and mark tasks and deadlines. The price is appealing for all organizations, while the cleanliness of the interface will convince many users to stick around.

The standard view for managing a project has tabs for the Overview, Tasks, Discussion, and Progress, all of which are accessible with the click of a button. Task Manager Pro is one of the few respectable project manager plugins on CodeCanyon. As with many plugins on the marketplace, the pricing is a one-time fee, then you have the option to pay for additional customer support.

WP Project Manager

Want to make your project management smooth? Before diving into project management, you must know what project management actually is. PMBOK refers that project is only a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique service, result or product. Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements. It is important to maintain all the steps to manage a software project successfully.

Today we are going to take a quick look at the plugin. Zephyr Project Manager is a modern, easy to use project manager for WordPress, to help.

Top 8 WordPress Project Management Plugins In 2022

12 Best Free WordPress Project Management Plugins

At UnlimitedWP, our goal is to build web projects that offer beautiful experiences.

WordPress for Project Management via Plugins and Other Resources

Written by Clint Fontanella ClontFont. There are thousands available and each one does something different for your site. Long story short, plugins are bits of code that provide access to new features and tools. For instance, one tool that many WordPress users download is a project management plugin. These plugins help content managers and bloggers keep track of various campaigns being published through their site.

If you are looking for the best WordPress project management plugins to make your life easier, you can start with these 6 WP project manager plugins.

Effortless Project Management with WordPress in Five Easy Steps

Project Manager + WordPress (Legacy) Integrations

Advertise here? Some of these web-based solutions are free or have a trial period, while others need a paid membership, but they can all help any company deal with common project management issues.

We use cookies to understand how you interact with our site, to personalize and streamline your experience, and to tailor advertising. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies and accept our Privacy Policy. You already use WordPress to run your website. Why not use it for project management? With the best WordPress project management plugin, you can organize your tasks and projects in no time.

Google reviews for joomla

Google reviews for joomla

JD Ohio Joomla Template Review [Giveaway Inside – 10+ Winners]

He declared on social media on Tuesday, the 24th of May that a long time old, high-profile streamer and player Joomla 25 died. Joomla was active of the Overwatch community since the release of the Blizzard games in He was known for his incredible skills on Widowmakers, and his dozens of videos show his mechanical strength over the years. He stopped reporting about his condition more than a week before the death of his parents.

I have never met a single person in my life, says Noonie. His legacy will carry regardless of the amount of time it takes. The Overwatch community paid tribute to the streamer by sharing video and inspiring words with him. However, no official details regarding the cause of his death have been confirmed now. Maybe not, but how can they pass up one We knew Dauntless was big, but I think the majority of folks would've guessed it had 30 million players.

A two year-long hell for one streamer of World of Warcraft will hopefully end. Evan Baltierra was arrested for harassing The event runs The survivalbox V Rising appeared to be turning from strength to strength in its first week of rapid access. PlayStation announced that it would no longer charge players who bought PS Plus subscriptions at a discounted rate a higher Skip to the content.

Home May 25 Overwatcher Joomla dies. EeveeA EeveeA May 24, Noah S. May 25, William B. Search for:. Game News. League of Legends. World of Warcraft.

Adding Google Tag Manager to a Joomla site

Our web hosting is trusted by more than domains for its top speed, unmatched security, 24/7 fast, and expert support! Get started now!

We got exciting news for everyone, our free Joomla translation component - JA Multilingual now also supports Google translate apart from Bing Translator. While both the services are great, Bing allows 2 million characters translations a month for free whereas Google translate is fully commercial. We have a little comparison chart down below highlighting the features of Bing translator and Google translate. We have also updated JA Multilingual component to support auto translation of metatags and meta description, which should be helpful from the SEO point of view. The new version also fixes the bugs reported by users. The extension has been well received by users, which is evident from the multiple 5 stars ratings on Joomla Extension Directory JED. You can refer to our previous blog post to catch up on its key features which are highlighted as below:. Meta descriptions are more important than the meta keywords when it comes to SEO optimization of your Joomla site.

TechNews Reviews Joomla Template

TechNews Reviews Joomla Template

Elfsight Google Reviews is a simple module, which allows you to add to your site reviews about your offers from posted on Google. Using our widget, you can use filters to hide away unwanted reviews, reveal your star and number ratings from Google, display information about the authors, and show a button that will redirect visitors to write a new review on Google. Elfsight Google Reviews will help you show your high social proof on your site and increase sales. You are free to embed the review widget on any page of your site, or put it into the template, and it will be revealed on all pages. Reviews can work well on product pages or About Us page, where you want to show your high rating.

Before this template, we have launched Free Joomla Templates and we got a great response to them and we are glad that you all loved these templates.

Based on our record, Joomla seems to be more popular. It has been mentiond 2 times since March We are tracking product recommendations and mentions on Reddit, HackerNews and some other platforms. They can help you identify which product is more popular and what people think of it. WordPress - WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog.

This is an effective Joomla Review Extension that allows your customers to make a review or rating for your products. Besides.

Reviews Joomla Templates

Based on online research and 47 Joomla reviews, Joomla's overall score is 4. Joomla's review score is based on Joomla's customer ratings, its brand popularity, its price competitiveness, as well as the breadth and quality of features it offers to customers.

With Buildium you can approve lease applications, resolve maintenance issues, handle payments and update financials, from wherever you are. Deliver the services they want—and need—to keep them renewing year after year. Find properties next door or across the country. With Buildium, you can expand your door count at your own pace, while continuing to provide the level of service your residents expect. Whether you manage five doors or five thousand, you need a simple, unified platform that powers you to be your best. Get paid faster with online payments.

Web based asset tracking software open source

GPS tracking unit

Accelerate work and unlock potential with powerful apps that connect your data, workflows and teams. Create custom interfaces that give each and every teammate the relevant information they need, and a simple way to take action. All your information. Always up to date. At your fingertips. Keep everything in sync across your organization.

Begin building on day one. Discover deep integrations, advanced extensibility, expert support—everything your organization needs to reach new heights. Connect everything. Achieve anything. Sign up for free. BETA Interface with work in a new way Create custom interfaces that give each and every teammate the relevant information they need, and a simple way to take action. Bring all your data together. Get started quickly Begin building on day one.

Expand toolkits. Develop solutions. Get expert support. Take work to the next level with pre-built extensions. Explore Marketplace.

Best Open-Source Inventory Management Options of 2022

Its elegant, modern interface is fast to learn and easy for new users, yet powerful for professionals. That means you can work with camera original quality images throughout the entire process. High end professionals working on feature films and television shows use DaVinci Resolve more than any other solution! You also get the legendary quality of Fairlight audio processing for the best sound in the industry!

The key difference between an open source Digtial Asset Management tool and a proprietary DAM platform is that the former's source code is.

The 4 Best Free and Open-Source Maintenance Management Software Platforms

An open source project by. More products.

The best privacy online

The best privacy online

Written by Anna Fitzgerald. Take the mobile communications Motorola as an example. It used to take employees 20 minutes on average to find, convert, and deliver each image they used. To save time and money, Motorola adopted a digital asset management DAM system. Your company can also save thousands of dollars and hours of manpower with a DAM system.

Fidelity International Usage Agreement

AMS (Asset Management Software) is a dedicated application which Check whether free trial or demonstration is provided by the company.

The finance, HR, and planning system for a changing world.

Asset management in IT teams is mostly about keeping track of the physical hardware that comprises your infrastructure and keeping tabs on mobile devices and virtual machines. In recent years, IT asset management ITAM has grown to include software licenses and cloud subscriptions, so organizations can gain a complete overview of everything they own or have invested in as part of their IT infrastructure.

Check out the full lineup for Tableau Conference

Check out the full lineup for Tableau Conference

Why You Should Choose an Open Source Digital Asset Management Software

Inventory management software is an essential tool for any business. It allows your retail or manufacturing company to track, manage and dispense inventory. This can usually be achieved with a specialized software program that users generally have to pay for. This software typically has a need for constant updating, which means it requires a large amount of storage space on the computer.

You could take a risk and hope that everything goes well, but Smash Balloon has a nice tutorial that helps you almost completely avoid all issues with Facebook. The tutorial walks you through how to create a developer account on Facebook along with an app.

This allows you to side-step some of the problems you may encounter. Facebook actually has its own option for adding a little widget to your WordPress site. Facebook then reveals two bits of code for you to copy and paste into your WordPress site. Copy the first one and paste it into the header. The second code snippet can be pasted anywhere on your website you want the module to appear.

However, this plugin provides a far more lightweight solution with minimal settings. That way, you can almost instantly get your Facebook posts on your website and not have to worry much about customization. Having the option of both shortcodes and widgets is also a nice plus. Nextend Social Login and Register generates an area on your WordPress website for new users to create profiles with their already existing social profiles.

This typically speeds up the process and increases the number of users you have on your site. The free version is robust enough for small businesses, offering login widgets and shortcodes, editable buttons, and Facebook profile pictures. The premium plugin provides some interesting features such as a WooCommerce integration, additional providers like LinkedIn , and several login layouts.

Not only does the plugin provide sharing buttons, but it counts the number of shares from each network. This way, a user sees how many other people like the page, giving you some social proof. The entire plugin is free for you to use, and there are no additional charges for upgrades or extensions. Having said that, there are a few add-ons, such as a Pinterest image upload and a caching status.

After that, you can decide to add an image , attachment, or link to the post. As mentioned, you have settings for choosing the posts that should be sent to Facebook. This is done with the help of filter items.

More and more companies are starting to provide customer support through the Facebook chat module or other chat plugins. The benefits of adding this plugin include the fact that billions of people are on Facebook. Also, you have the opportunity to quickly share product information, social buttons, and reviews in the chatbox.

It offers more of a suite, with tools for contact forms, social buttons, and banners. Yoast SEO may not seem like a Facebook plugin to some, but it actually has some excellent features for improving your Facebook posts from WordPress. A big part of the idea behind Yoast is to attract more visitors from SEO organic traffic but also from social networks. It does this by optimizing your posts and ensuring that your content is appealing when shared on Facebook and other networks.

After that, all of the shared posts will have the right content and some good-looking featured images. However, if you find that your images are wrong, missing, or not sized properly on Facebook, consider downloading and installing the Thumb Fixer for Social Media plugin.

The Simple Like Page Plugin is all about telling your customers or users that they should follow your brand on Facebook. In short, the plugin reveals a small module on your website, similar to your Facebook Business page, but in a miniature fashion.

You can see everything from the cover image to some of the people who like the page. This is particularly convenient since it cuts down on the steps needed to gain followers.

Video Gallery WordPress Plugin /w YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook pages

The Facebook album plugin allows you to create a web gallery from a Facebook album easily. It works perfectly when you need to sync all your Facebook photos with your website. Just create an EmbedSocial account and follow the setup steps. No credit card.

Free download Facebook Gallery - Wordpress Plugin Nulled. This item was published on and sold by author rafsegat. But you can.

Facebook Album WordPress Plugin

Make your web pages fast on all devices

Facebook certainly know how to get people sharing and there are now over two billion users to share with. Estimates of million new photos being uploaded each day were bandied about several years ago. Photos, memes and other images are a huge part of the popularity of Facebook. Images are the most uploaded and create the most interaction of all the various Facebook content types. Consistently one of the most-visited websites in the world, Facebook can help users on your website too.

Enhance your Marketing Efforts.

Turn emails into revenue

Have you ever wondered how to build a WordPress web gallery in a minute? As a person that has blogging and web design experience, I personally understand the pain when it comes to building a web gallery. The steps are more than simple and the time is forever. Well, some or all of the above steps and problems are solved by WordPress plugins that help users to generate albums from their social media accounts, With these plugins, they can very easy and quickly display social media albums on their website. Related to this, the problems for fresh and updated photos in a web gallery are solved, no more hosting of the photos and no more cropping or optimizing for the web. The Top 4 plugins that can display social media photos on your website are the following:.

Enhance your social media management with Hootsuite, the leading social media dashboard. Manage multiple networks and profiles and measure your campaign.

There are also plugins that give you the ability to use Facebook Messenger to add a live chat feature to your website and start communicating with your site visitors via the familiar Facebook interface. Other plugins cover adding Facebook login functionality to your website, a quick way to create custom Facebook apps for your page, and a way to enhance your WordPress website commenting system with Facebook. If you want to harness some of the power and brand recognition of Facebook, then these Facebook widgets and plugins for WordPress should give you plenty of options. Today, a live chat system is a must for all kinds of websites.

Social Rabbit allows editing, posting photos and publishing video from Media Gallery to your Facebook account. You can also create an album, which will automatically upload pictures from a Service according to the keywords you set. For example, using Pixabay. This album will upload a required amount of new pictures to post and also delete the old already posted ones. Choose an image and click the brush icon.

Modula offers a powerful solution to adding photo galleries to your WordPress. And seeks to empower creatives of all kinds, including photographers, designers, and artists and arm them with the ability to share their work with all their loyal followers.

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