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Best iphone apps for web designers

Pdf creator wordpress plugin

Muestra tus productos y servicios. Y todo, de forma global. Tanto si vendes collares de tachuelas para gatos o acceso continuado a tu contenido, hazlo con una plataforma completamente personalizable que te permite abrir tu tienda online a la vez que crecen tus ventas y tu negocio. Utiliza las herramientas SEO incorporadas, MailChimp, integraciones con Google Analytics y otras opciones para introducir tu negocio en el mercado. Tenemos el servicio y las herramientas que necesitas para seguir creciendo.

Using our PRO plugin helps you to generate PDF with the Elementor Page Builder while retaining the same layout and elements on the page as on the website, blog, custom posts and so on. It helps to achieve trust and credibility among the potential customers and allows the business owners to achieve their branding goals.

Furthermore, the plugin has several features such as Custom CSS settings that help you to customize the page elements available on the Elementor Page Builder plugin. To bestow the best user experience to all your buyers, we have included all Elementor Page Builder elements specifically designed for online shopping websites.

10 Best WordPress PDF Plugins

A custom stamp will be applied dynamically before downloading the file. You can configure specific options like stamp text, positions, colors easily from the settings page. Easy installation, like any other regular plugin, upload and activate, no complicated setup option, just a simple setting page with simple options but covered everything you need Protect eBook Protect your eBook s from being shared illegally on file-sharing sites. Watermark Image As well as text you also can add an image watermark to your PDF file with the specified transparency level. Version 2.

My recommendation is the 'PDF Generator for WordPress' plugin by MakeWebBetter. In your admin dashboard go to Plugin→ Add New and search for MakeWebBet.

How to find professional domain names. Top 10 Best Shared Hosting. Dynamic Content for Elementor Nulled Extend Elementor with state of the art progression devices for web subject matter experts. As of now, imagine a presence where Designers and Devs can finally reside individually in agreement. Mind blowing and exceptional Widgets and Extensions, arranged with the express inspiration driving making content with Dynamic Content Nulled. The impelled interpretations are made by our progression bunch. In this manner, you can get the principal thing! Assuming you generally dislike presenting, planning, or using the thing.

PDF Creator For ARForms ( Version: 1.1.1 )

You can use php function as well as shortcode to display pdf download button. You can select different icons and text from backend for your download button. In this plugin we are using service of freehtmltopdf. If you were unable to find the answer to your question on the FAQ or in any of the documentation, you should check the support forum on WordPress. Simply from back end choose any pdf button icon to display pdf button.

Find centralized, trusted content and collaborate around the technologies you use most. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search.

PDF & Print - WordPress Posts and Pages PDF Generator Plugin

Make data from WordPress form submissions easy to read, search, and share by saving them as a PDF document. Have you ever tried sharing data from form submissions with a colleague or a customer? Maybe you tried exporting entries from WordPress forms as CSV files but found this format difficult to read and even harder to search? Instead, the easiest way to share form data in a readable format is by saving them as a PDF document. Converting data into a PDF version makes it so you can store, send in email, share, and print all the WordPress form entries in no time. The PDF file format is also readily readable for just about anyone using any desktop or mobile device.

Installing a PDF Embedder plugin will allow you to upload your papers Step 1: From your Wordpress Dashboard navigate to the Plugins tab.

They are varied in nature and fulfill different tasks. Read on below for a brief description of the plugins, and we were particular about open-source software. This is an excellent choice if you want to upload and embed PDFs straight into your site. The files will be automatically modified to their innate size and shape with PDF Embedder.

HTML PDF Generator Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I may receive compensation when you click on links to products in this post. For an explanation of my Advertising Policy, visit this page. Thanks for reading! However, sometimes we simply want to include a gallery of easily clickable documents including PDFs to a WordPress post or page.

Do you need a quick answer? We have made sure that every plugin you find here works smoothly with the newest WordPress themes.

Add text, images, shapes or freehand annotations to a PDF document. Edit the size, font, and color of the added content. Sign a document and request signatures. Stamp an image or text over your PDF in seconds.

The Treehouse Community is a meeting place for developers, designers, and programmers of all backgrounds and skill levels to get support. Collaborate here on code errors or bugs that you need feedback on, or asking for an extra set of eyes on your latest project. Join thousands of Treehouse students and alumni in the community today. Note: Only Treehouse students can comment or ask questions, but non-students are welcome to browse our conversations.

Use the Current User ID with Pods for WordPress

This article shows how to get the user role of the current user in WordPress from within the loop using PHP code. WordPress is a very dynamic and flexible platform. You can use it for pretty much anything.

WordPress offers a user accounts functionality with user role interface for users to create and manage their profiles. If a user has a role of Administrator, Editor or Author role, that means you can let him or her to update their profile information from the WordPress dashboard. You can edit these roles by adding or removing capabilities for each role or create new custom user role.

In this short tutorial we showed you how to get the user role of the current user in WordPress programmatically. February 28, March 2, by Users Insights Team. How to get current user role in WordPress.

How to Get Current User Role in WordPress & Display Roles

I've run into a devilish problem while developing a game portal for a social network site built on top of wordpress and I'm about at my wits end. From the game's HSController javascript I'm attempting to retrieve the current logged in user's name through a php file getCurrentUser. Once the javascript gets the username, it posts that username and score to addscore. To sum up the flow of the scripts HSController. The only problem is that it doesn't actually post the user's name to the table. I am thinking that this is some kind of security issue that denies?

Get metadata about the current user. Resource Information. Method, GET. URL, ultrasoft.solutionsess.

How To Get WordPress User Display Name

In the initial setup for the WordPress site as a user, we would have not had a concern about having the user as a prime user or an Admin user. But later, necessities may lead to the need of changing the regular user settings to an admin user for authorization, security and accessing specific options, and controlling access to all files. Adding this code to the themes functions. Pasting this code snippet in the functions. The first and foremost necessity for this is being an FTP client. If you are a new user of FTP, refer to some basic concepts for a better understanding of the upcoming process. Adding a common account is fairly easy to adopt.

This guide will explain how you can invite other contributors to work on your website with you, using the Users area of your WordPress.

Written by Jamie Juviler. Things get even more complex on a team where each person has different site-related jobs. This is why WordPress user roles are a must. User roles help you, the webmaster, manage everyone involved in building and maintaining your WordPress website. Capabilities include lower-level permissions, like creating an account on a site or leaving a comment on a post, to higher-level ones, like modifying plugins, themes, and users. User roles help you keep track of these contributors and ensure everyone stays in their own lane.

WordPress User Last Login

You may be looking for a WordPress user ID for many reasons. This will lead you to the user edit page. Good luck on your WordPress development journey! If you have any questions let me know in the comments below! Not fully sure of the question but you could render it in your header and style it accordingly. Additionally you could add it to a themed hook to show it up in the relevant place.

In Listable, our listing directory WordPress theme, you can place an Avatar + Current Username in the Navigation menu by going to Appearance.

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Not sure how to get a user ID in WordPress? In WordPress, there are many reasons when we need to find the user ID of an account and sometimes we are not quite sure how to get it.

Display the Current User’s Membership Level Name

How to get current user role in WordPress

Drupal Commerce is a distribution capable of building e-commerce sites. In this series of tutorials, you will learn how to create a Drupal Commerce site from scratch.

Blog/ Drupal Commerce Tutorial - Create your first e-commerce store

Any idea can be implemented with the power and flexibility of such website-building platform as Drupal. Of course, if the development process is entrusted to.

Stay Safe and Stay Well. Is it better suited for your own online business needs and feature requirements than other eCommerce platforms out there? To give you a hand, here's a list of 11 excellent reasons why you'd lean towards Drupal eCommerce solutions for building your e-commerce site. You're free to extend Drupal eCommerce platform's core functionality, to adapt, and extend its code till it meets your needs entirely. Which is not the case when you go for a commercial solution: you're not granted access to the core code for any custom software development work that you might need to make. And by that I mean that it's designed to keep the resources and the time required to handle your online store's growth at a minimum. It becomes the perfect option for your own eCommerce website if you're planning to reach out to your customers across an entire network of sales channels, thus boosting your digital marketing efforts. Then, the API-first initiative allows you to tap into a headless commerce Drupal architecture and:.

Is Drupal Commerce the right choice for you?

The everlasting conflict between the two powerful leading open source platforms, Wordpress and Drupal continues in the eCommerce arena as well.

How to integrate Drupal Commerce with 2Checkout

Drupal Tutorial

On the one hand, it led to a drop in revenue for small and medium businesses and the closure of some of them. Most of all, the coronavirus affected trade, art, entertainment, catering, and the hotel business. On the other hand, "online" saved the business from a total drop. As time passes by, the pandemic conditions dated became our new normal. Online retail keeps growing as if nothing happened. According to Statista, the overall income of online shops in reached 5 trillion dollars, including 3,5 trillion from mobile purchases. The future seems to be bright, too: will bring 5,5 trillion to brands, and the year is anticipated to generate 7 trillion dollars.

Drupal Commerce was created to develop eCommerce websites as well as applications. This technology does not limit your business to a website but also allows.

Top Reasons why Drupal is a Good Fit for your E-Commerce Website

Selling products online is not just about successful eCommerce, but managing data as well as customer engagement across the platform. Drupal integrated with Drupal commerce offers unprecedented results that are highly secure, stable, create engaging web experiences and drive website traffic. The combination also ensures that both users and customers have a seamless experience, reduced development time, easy maintenance, and control of SEO, CRO, and website analytics tool among others.

Our Design experiments and success stories. Design Open Source Illustration System. Stay tuned to our Design Podcast Designwise. Popular Searches. Site Studio - Theme Architecture While working on Site Studio developers mostly work on the site-building part instead of writing….

Drupal e-Commerce module is designed to build a website for online sales.

Turtle reality. This is a highly successful e-commerce site built for a client we have been working with for around 10 years, this is the 4th site we have built for them 2nd Drupal website. One of the key reasons for the upgrade was to be mobile-friendly , a must-have for any website these days. The homepage features a content-managed slider linking through to promoted products and also a carousel showing featured products. Interchangeable blocks can be added to promote special or seasonal offers. Quantity calculators for a range of products ensure customers order the right amount! Next day shipping cuts off after 10am and customers can even choose their delivery day.

Cross-Site Scripting XSS attacks are a type of injection, in which malicious scripts are injected into otherwise benign and trusted websites. XSS attacks occur when an attacker uses a web application to send malicious code, generally in the form of a browser side script, to a different end user. Flaws that allow these attacks to succeed are quite widespread and occur anywhere a web application uses input from a user within the output it generates without validating or encoding it. An attacker can use XSS to send a malicious script to an unsuspecting user.

Php get data from web page

You cannot set the value of a variable on Page1 and expect it to be imported to Page2 by the exigencies of HTML itself. You can use HTML to display a form, and someone can enter some information using it-but unless you employ some extra means to pass the information to another page or program, the variable will simply vanish into the ether as soon as you move to another page.

This is where a form-handling technology like PHP comes in. PHP will catch the variable tossed from one page to the next and make it available for further use. PHP happens to be unusually good at this type of data-passing function, which makes it fast and easy to employ for a wide variety of Web site tasks.

Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS & HTML5, 3rd Edition by

Want a systematic guidance? Download the Octoparse handbook for step-by-step learning. Whether a digital native or immigrant, you probably know the basic functions of Excel inside out. With Excel, it is easy to accomplish simple tasks like sorting, filtering and outlining data and making charts based on them.

With it, you can find the tags on an HTML page with selectors pretty much (a built-in PHP component) for extracting data from web pages.

Use PHP to retrieve information from a MySQL/MariaDB database

In this section, we discuss some things you need to know about passing data between Web pages. The most important thing to recall about the way the Web works is that the HTTP protocol itself is stateless. This means that each HTTP request-in most cases, this translates to each resource HTML page, jpg file,style sheet, and so on being asked for and delivered-is independent of all the others, knows nothing substantive about the identity of the client, and has no memory. Each request initiate a discrete process, which serve up one single solitary file and then is automatically killed off.

To fetch data from the database in PHP using jQuery ajax.

Programming Historian

How to Fetch Data From Database in PHP using Ajax

Now you can publish the 2 pages and test your form. Note: You can not test a PHP form on your local computer, the script must be executed on a web server with.

How to Handle AJAX request on the Same Page – PHP

You might have seen one of our other tutorials on how to scrape websites, for example with Ruby , JavaScript or Python , and wondered: what about the most widely used server-side programming language for websites , which, at the same time, is the one of the most dreaded? Believe it or not, but PHP and web scraping have much in common: just like PHP, web scraping can be used either in a quick and dirty way, or in a more elaborate fashion and supported with the help of additional tools and services. In this article, we'll look at some ways to scrape the web with PHP.

Network communication between a browser and a terminal device using client-side Web techniques e.

Examples of php web applications

PHP is one of the hugely sought-after programming languages in current times. This open-source Web application development language is without a doubt growing in popularity by leaps and bounds as most developers prefer PHP for web applications as well as a mobile app backend. A few of the notable characteristics offered by this potent PHP web application language are -power, stability, sustainability, and profitability. So, when a developer gets all this at one place there is no need to look any further for anything.

There are several frameworks and websites, which have been developed in PHP. Top businesses across the globe have vouched for technological competency of this platform. Given below is a list of world-famous websites, which have been built on PHP. They are working successfully thus indicating an impressive performance graph of this platform.

Tumblr is another very popular microblogging-networking platform, which was made by David Karp. You have an idea, video or an image share it on Tumblr and you will be amazed at its reach.

Again, Tumblr has a base in PHP, which makes browsing through images and videos seamless. Tumblr actually boasts Flickr is basically an image and video hosting website bolstered by Yahoo.

WordPress is so simple to navigate that an average Internet user can actually build a website or blog for him without putting in much effort. Baidu is a search engine, which is primarily used in China.

Digg is powered by PHP technology is a well-known information sharing and entertainment website. It takes pride in the user-driven social content it offers and it is PHP that lends it consistency. Looking to buy royalty free pictures on the net- your search will end at iStockphoto which boasts of an extensive library of some amazing pictures. This microstock photography supplier is an ideal example of functionality and scope of the PHP development platform.

Rating 4. Insights PHP Development. Posted by Rahul Mathur May 8, Let the Ideas Roll! Virgin Islands U. Please prove you are human by selecting the Flag. Rahul Mathur. No Comments Comments are closed.

The main PHP frameworks are: · Laravel – this full stack PHP framework has an elegant syntax, providing for a creative & enjoyable web development. · Symfony –.

Programmers love the latest version of PHP because it's one of the faster scripting languages check out our PHP 7 vs HHVM post , but maintaining optimal performance requires more than quickly executing code. The best tool for improving PHP performance isn't any individual program; it's knowing which problems to look for and how to address them. This guide will cover everything you need to know to ensure that your PHP applications always run smoothly. PHP is a scripting language invented by Rasmus Lerdorf in PHP 4, which was released in , included an in-memory compiler and executor model that enabled PHP to be used for creating dynamic web applications. In , PHP 7. At the time of writing this article, the newest available version is PHP 7. Performance and speed are not necessarily synonymous.

How to Develop a Web Application With PHP MySQL – Simple Example

PHP is mainly focused on server-side scripting, so you can do anything any other CGI program can do, such as collect form data, generate dynamic page content, or send and receive cookies. But PHP can do much more. There are three main areas where PHP scripts are used. Server-side scripting.

Or use Facebook:. By registering you agree with our terms of use.

Why A Simple PHP Framework Works for Websites

Slim is a PHP micro framework that helps you quickly write simple yet powerful web applications and APIs.

Role of PHP in Web Applications

As a developer, you must know how to build secure and bulletproof applications. It is your duty is to ensure the security of your applications and to prevent attacks. Make sure you have these items sorted out when deploying your applications to production environments:. This can be through the URL, but can also occur via a stored technique such as the database. Directory traversal attacks, also known as.. Data can be set as index.

PHP has become one of the most popular web scripting languages out there thanks to its simplicity and ease of use. PHP frameworks are very useful for developers because they help organize code into modules, which makes creating applications easier.

We recommend you install the Slim Framework with the Composer dependency manager. The easiest way to start working with Slim is to create a project using Slim-Skeleton as a base by running this bash command:. It supports parameters and pattern matching. Build your application with concentric middleware to tweak the HTTP request and response objects around your Slim app. Slim supports dependency injection so you have complete control of your external tools. We are excited to announce the Slim 4. The docs are located here.

Congratulations for your success completion of the SQL tutorial series. How about developing an simple web application using PHP and MySQL that hides all the SQL statements inside and provide a visual graphical user interface for the users to use when interacting with the database? PHP is a general purpose server side scripting language that we can use to develop dynamic web sites and applications. PHP only needs to be installed on the web server that will host the web application and client applications can access the server resources via web browsers.

Upload html to web host

Or the server cache, as described above. That means there are typically one of two things that caused it:. There are a wide range of issues that can come up when hosting websites. This is why Media Temple offers excellent customer service for agencies, freelancers, and creatives — and provides extended hands-on assistance with Advanced Support services. Selecting a hosting package that suits the scale of your projects — with the right power and scalability — is vital to keeping sites running quickly and consistently.

The prominence of WordPress makes it an attractive target to hackers, criminals, and other bad actors. If there is an issue, this usually means one of two things: Your web browser is loading an old version of the site.

Host or CDN is serving a cached version of your site Your web host or content delivery network CDN may also be serving a cached version of the page. Uploaded your site to the wrong place This web hosting problem is more complicated, but there are two things you need to check.

Make sure you uploaded the website to the right folder on your hosting account. Typically, these files will be called something like index. Cache rules everything around us. That means there are typically one of two things that caused it: Your hosting company is experiencing downtime. Most web hosts and CDNs offer a status page so you can quickly check for issues without needing to contact the support department. Something with your domain name changed — usually its DNS settings. If all of your website images are missing, there are are two likely explanations: The images failed to upload to your hosting account.

A simple fix is to just try and re-upload them. The images are in the wrong folder. My website layout looks completely wrong. Try re-uploading the CSS files, or your entire site from backups. More by this Author. Related Posts. Media Temple Staff hosting webhosting.

Adding Images to Your Web Pages

Drag and drop your site output folder here. Or, browse to upload. Drag & drop. It's online. Drop a folder with your site's HTML, CSS, and JS files.

Helping a Beginner Understand Getting a Website Live

A static website contains a series of HTML files where each one represents a physical page of a website. Therefore on static sites, every page is a separate HTML file. While visiting the homepage, you are seeing the original homepage file. Basically, static web hosting carries fixed-content, HTML-based websites that represent the related data to all guests. As there are no back-end methods, client-server demands, nor database queries required in delivering a static website, it displays fast performance with its servers always ready with HTML outputs. Additionally, it can add a caching feature to reduce delays. Static websites give extra protection than a dynamic website. Also, the server can manage traffic loads due to the decreased quantity linked with static files. Including all of these perks, static websites pull their strength from their absolute purity. By the growing fame of static site generators, a lot of services have come up offering you to host a static website for free.

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If you have your website saved on your computer or a storage device and wish to place it on our servers, here is how. For beginners or power users uploading their website for the first time, we recommend using the File Manager for its ease of use.

Upload files to a website in my Linux Hosting account

If you need to upload files to your hosting account , you will need to know to which directory to upload them. The specific directory you will upload them to will depend on whether you are working with the main domain, an addon domain, or a subdomain. In this guide, we discuss how to determine the document root of your website. No hosting account? Our VPS Hosting option takes the guesswork out of website hosting. Subdomains The document root for a subdomain is a bit different.

Try creating a test page ultrasoft.solutions upload it and try pulling it using the domain. If it doesn't load then you are not uploading it to the.

Host an HTML Site in 5 easy steps

By default, you can build pages and create content within WordPress without ever having to upload any custom HTML files. In addition, the WordPress theme you use will likely have its own set of pre-designed page templates that you can take advantage of to create a unique website that meets your needs. Beyond that, there are plenty of WordPress landing page plugins you can use to create customized page templates for site visitors to land from search results, email campaigns, and even social media.

You can host your static website in Object Storage. It may not contain any scripts that run on the web server side. To enable hosting, you need public access to the bucket. Otherwise, Object Storage returns a error code to the user trying to access the website. Using routing rules, you can redirect requests based on the object name prefixes or HTTP response codes. You can redirect an object request to other web pages if the object was deleted or redirect the requests that return errors.

In this article we provide you with detailed information about using GitLab Pages to host your website for free on GitLab. We've prepared a step-by-step tutorial on creating a new project for GitLab Pages so you won't get lost in the process.

HTML files make the 'net go round -- while there are a variety of different file types for designing and viewing a website, HTML files are the most prevalent. Once you've created your HTML file, whether you used a design program like Dreamweaver or wrote it by hand in Notepad, you will need a program designed for file transfer protocol to upload and manage that file to your Web server. Download and install your FTP program of choice.

Full Stack Web Developer

This Web design and development training in Abuja, Nigeria takes you from beginning to advanced web design and development with a professional web design trainer in Nigeria. It is practical hands-on training where you build a functioning and real website before you graduate. Bizmarrow offers the best web design and development training in Abuja Nigeria which prepares our students to be job-ready or build their own website at the end of the training.

As the best Web Design Training center in Abuja Nigeria, Bizmarrow website design training focuses on real-world projects-based training with high-quality. Does this mean that you have to spend so much for getting this advance and current industry-oriented web design course? No, not at all, our course fee is much less than other web design training schools and institutes in Abuja Nigeria.

Learn from experts active in their field, not out-of-touch trainers. Whether you want to design and create a website for the first time, or you have been trying to learn on your own with no solid result, our website design training course gives you all you need to become a professional website designer.

The training starts from the very basics of getting a website design deal. From what to do first, when someone tells you he needs a website, the cost of different types of website design and development in Abuja and Nigeria as a whole and how much to charge, how to get a domain name for your business or for a clients business, register and host it, down to the practical steps of designing a professional-looking website.

Nigeria is a virgin ground when it comes to the internet, ICT, and technology, more business owners and individuals are realizing that having an online presence a website is a must if they want to succeed in the 21st century. Choosing website design as a career gives you the skill to help Nigerians not just to have a functional website , but to get the best from the internet. You can becomes a web consultant and a trainer after going through this practical websites design training.

The opportunities as a web designer are endless. If you are looking for the best web design training schools in Abuja, Nigeria, you are in the right place, Result has shown that BiZmarrow Technologies is the best place to learn how to design a website in Nigeria.

During your training, you will create and deploy fully-functional websites for your portfolio. Practice with projects that teach you design principles. You will be trained by senior members of BiZmarrow Technologies Ltd Team, having over 10 years experience building functional websites and optimizing them for clients. No previous design experience is required, but be prepared for a rigorous, challenging program that requires consistency, discipline, and accountability.

This course then moves to various website design tools. Join our physical instructor-led interactive, and practical hands-on training in our training centers in Nigeria.

If you want to survive as a web designer, you must be diligent, focused, and trustworthy every time. Web development is not just a good career, but a wonderful and lucrative career path to follow in this digital age. Register today. There are so many sources of earnings by a website designer and developer. Most web designers we have trained earn more than their monthly salaries because they design websites for people and businesses and are into freelancing as well.

On average, a fresher in this sector can expect to earn between N70, and N, per month and even above. Website Design skill is lucrative and pays very well, this is because the demand for a website designer is very high pushing the salary range high. The combination of high demand and lucrative income potential makes web design a popular home business idea.

Chat with us. Skip to content Become a certified web developer by enrolling in this Website Design and Development Training Learn how to design a professional website from beginning to advanced This Web design and development training in Abuja, Nigeria takes you from beginning to advanced web design and development with a professional web design trainer in Nigeria. Click here to register.

Is Web design profitable in Nigeria? Is Web development a good career in Nigeria? How much do web developers earn in Nigeria? Is Website Design lucrative? Home Training Courses Expand child menu Expand. Careers Expand child menu Expand.

Website Design Training in Abuja, Website Design and Development Training School Abuja Nigeria, Learn How to Design & Create Beautiful Websites in Abuja.

Build Something Cool from Scratch

Front End web development Certification Institutes in Nigeria

Artificial intelligence Technologies is the best when it comes to web development training in Abuja. We know how to help you get the best out of our Web Development Training in Abuja Nigeria so as to build your career. If you enroll for this training course at our ICT training center at Gimbiya Street area 11 Abuja, you will learn the following;. These programing languages can perform different futures and can be used to carry out different objectives on the web. You may also want to read React Native training in Abuja.

You will be required to create a design concept and prototypes for numerous products. A long time project that will be guided by the tutor to not only assist in your growth but to help you create a portfolio for yourself.

We take great care to create error free, mobile friendly and affordable websites. Why not give us a call today on At Ketcom Integrated Services Company, we offer one-on-one training that is personalized to suit your learning style. We are interested in helping you achieve your aim of coming to us because we believe that if we impact the right knowledge more and more people will be lifted out of poverty directly and indirectly through the skills you have acquired. We teach what we are practicing so you will be seeing and learning from practical examples of what you will experience in a real life situation.

SWITCH CAREER: Front and Back-End Web Development Crash Course. Learning website development is a great way to jump in a new career or enhance your current.

Donsoft Communications offer training on elearning software, ehealth software, training packages, web design, web development, fraud detection system, online result processing system, eboook development and other basic and advanced computer programs. DBN Networks is a computer training institute that offers courses and certification on web designing and basic computer programmes. He-Reigns Computers Institute offers training in e-commerce website design, blog development and other ranges of computer courses.

In that post, one of the skills considered was Programming skill or coding — one of the lucrative skills of our time. Some parents have since reached out to our team at Edusko, asking where their kids and teenagers could learn programming in Nigeria.

My first contact with programming was in as a second-year Diploma student when I had to take a course on Visual Basic. From the start it was quite evident that the lecturers taking the course were out of their depth. If you say it must not have been a pleasant experience for me, you can please say it again.

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