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You don’t need to spend $10k on a Bootcamp to become a backend developer in 2021.
Whether you need to learn: Node, Express, SQL, NoSQL, REST, JSON, APIs, or the latest fancy technologies, you can do it for free, leveraging the power of the internet.
I’ve personally gathered, watched, tested, and reviewed thousands of resources, to come up with the only:
JavaScript-based backend roadmap you’ll ever need in 2021.
1. The Start of Your Backend Journey: Learn how the web works
2. Backend Development: Fundamentals of Computer Science
3. Backend Development: Learn HTML and CSS
4. Store Your Backend Code in a Repo — Learn Git/Version Control
5. Learn the Fundamentals of Web Security
6. Add a Pinch of Interactivity— JavaScript
7. The Start of Your Backend Journey — Node.js and NPM
8. Create Powerful APIs: learn Express.js
9. Connect Your Backend to a Database
10. Ship You Backend Faster: Continuous Delivery & Dev Ops.
11. Learn by Doing: Create Projects
12. Start Monetizing as a Backend Developer
13. Add Types to Your JavaScript Backend: TypeScript
14. Pick a JavaScript Backend Framework
15. React-Based Backend Frameworks: Next.js and Gatsby
17. Shift the Heavy Lifting To the Backend: Learn GraphQL
18. Create Lighting fast APIs With Web Assembly.
19. Decentralize Your Backend With Web3.0

Conclusion: Continue building projects
Learning backend development in 2021 can be completely free. In this roadmap, I’ve listed the best resources I’ve used to start my backend journey using JavaScript and landing my first freelancing jobs.
To learn how to code, though, a roadmap is not enough: you need to practice, and you can practice by building projects.
“The best way to learn is by solving problems” — Elon Musk
Solve problems, and you’ll get paid for it!

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Amit Gujrathi
(Team Technomonk)
Web design
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