You Can't Buy a Raspberry Pi — Why?

It's easier to spot the Loch Ness Monster than to get your hands on a Raspberry Pi right now. Is the situation getting any better? Are there any other options?

In today's livestream I'll discuss what's going on, with some updates from Eben Upton himself, and talk about (and test!) some alternative boards, like the new CB1 from BigTreeTech. And we'll discuss why some people might consider another SBC.

Products mentioned in the video (some links are affiliate links):

- BigTreeTech CB1:
- (Alternate link:
- BigTreeTech PI4B:
- Pine64 SOQuartz:
- Radxa CM3:

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00:00:00 - Why can't you buy a Pi?
00:15:50 - No colon?
00:18:45 - Pi alternatives
00:27:58 - BigTreeTech CB1 and PI4B
00:33:52 - Getting started can be hard
00:42:17 - Flashing Debian to the CB1
00:51:05 - Will it boot?
00:58:51 - Getting familiar at 100 Mbps
01:04:32 - Australia!
01:07:28 - CM4 on PI4B?
01:12:00 - Alternatives aren't necessarily replacements
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