You Avakai Me Ice Cream | Episode - 8 | aha minis | @Sheetal Gauthaman | Udbhav | Infinitum Media

The Eighth serving on #ahaMinis is here!
Episode 8 of #YouAvakaiMeIceCream is streaming now.

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ahaMini’s kitchen is now open with You Avakai Me Ice Cream! The story of two food-lovers with contrasting taste fusing to make a perfect recipe. Watch it now!

"You Avakai Me Ice Cream" is a Telugu RomCom Web Series Featuring #SheetalGauthaman & Udbhav Raghunandhan as Leads.

Cast: Sheetal Gauthaman, Udbhav Raghunandhan, Srividya, Ramesh Bhuvanagiri, Subbaraya Sharma, Snigdha Nayani, Sandeep, Hariprasad, Siddharth, Yashwanth, Sowmya Reddy, Mahendra, Sunitha.

Story by SD Chada
Written and Directed by Bhargav Dasari
Cinematography by Bharath Mallela
Editing & DI - Kumba ShivaKumar
VFX - Teja Siva Sai, Pavan Kumar Konte
Poster Design - design Manchu
Script Co-ordination - Shrija Reddy and Sreeram
Music by Naveen Kumar/ Srujan Shashanka
Additional Music - Srujan Shashanka
Sound Engineer - Nalli Vamsi Vinod (Nani)
Costumes & Styling : Pavani Ramisetty
Make up: Sindhuja Reddy
Assistant Directors - Sreeram, Vamshi, Vamsi Kumar
Line Producer - Ram Varayuri
Creative Producer - Sri Vidya Maharshi

This is Produced by Infinitum Media

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