Y2K Millennium Aesthetic Analysis - Techno-utopian futurism of early 2000's

A visual nostalgia trip back to late 90's / early 00's. Today we're discussing the art, fashion, architecture, interior design, technology and pop culture — all obsessed with the silver clad, 3D rendered, liquid-infused visions of the distant imaginary future so prevalent throughout the era.

Whether you're looking to relive your childhood memories or to simply find out more about the Y2K due to the aesthetic's current revival — immerse yourself in the world of cargo pants, crop tops, alien-like music videos, blobjects, frosty tips, inflatable chairs and silver eye shadows while learning about the history, the context and the inner mechanisms of the Y2K millennium style.

0 - intro 00:00
1 - the basics 02:38
2 - the origins 07:05
3 - visualising change 22:49
4 - music videos 29:02
5 - fashion 34:32
6 - architecture & interior 38:00
7 - art & design 42:44
8 - the demise 48:46
9 - conclusion 55:54

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