Wrap circle text around image in CSS | using shape outline | flowing text around an image tutorial

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Source code is here
Click here to download source code

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this is wrap around an image name folder in which the source code will be provided in google drive

About the Main point cover in video
00:00 Introduction
00:12 Main Coding start here
10:50 Thank for watching

Used Websites for creating code is
1. Google fonts - having satisfied font used in the video - https://fonts.google.com/
2. VS CODE - code editor - https://code.visualstudio.com/download
3. Flat UI Color - https://flatuicolors.com/
4. jQuery cdn - https://code.jquery.com/
5. CSS Gradient color picker - https://cssgradient.io/
6. Add to my github account - [email protected]:VISHAL-KUMAR786/webpage_04.git
7. fontawesome link - https://fontawesome.com/
8. clip path maker - https://bennettfeely.com/clippy/
Used NCS song in this video are
1.Beat your competition..
2.Different Heaven & EH DE - My Heart.
3.Jarico - Landscape.
4.Cartoon On and On .

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