Working with Engineers as a UI/UX Designer | Challenges in Product Design

What is the day in the life of a UI/UX designer? What exactly are the job scopes of a UI/UX designer? What challenges do UI/UX designers face, especially when working with engineers? And what is the typical design thinking process like? Ft. Youtuber Lindie Botes, who is also the Product Design Manager at 99.co!

Moving on from Cybersecurity from the previous session, we learn all about the artistic aspect of a tech product with Product Design Manager at 99.co, Lindie Botes! It’s truly an enriching session for everyone to understand that it’s not all just art and aesthetic – Hear about the design thinking process, user research, design system and more. How do product designers work with engineers, and why should engineers think about aspects of design as well?

It’s always great to learn more about the challenges faced by our fellow colleagues whom we work with to gain an appreciation of what they do. And you never know, Product Design might just be the thing for you too! If you’ve ever had that artistic side of you that you wished you could incorporate into your work, tune in to check out if this role is what you’re looking for!

Apart from her role at 99.co, Lindie Botes is also a Polyglot Youtuber and Public Speaker with a passion for language learning. She graduated with a degree in Information Design from University of Pretoria.

▬ Contents in this Video
00:00 – Who’s Lindie?
01:10 – Product Design at 99.co
05:00 – Design Thinking Process
11:50 – Who do Product Designers work with?
14:40 – Design Systems
18:52 – How do Designers and Engineers work together?
25:20 – Do designers talk differently from engineers?
27:30 – What irritates you when working with engineers?
30:37 – Biggest UI/UX challenges faced working at 99.co
32:57 – How can developers improve in gaining design intuition?
38:07 – Why should engineers want to know about design?
41:17 – What should prospective engineers learn?
42:23 – Thoughts on black hat UI, aka ‘dark patterns’?
45:27 – UI and languages learning
48:45 – Roles that intersect engineering and design
52:24 – How do you know what to ask when doing user research?
56:00 – How to step into the world of design?

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