WordPress 5.9 Tutorial | Full Site Editing Tutorial

In this tutorial, I walk you through the new features that come with WordPress 5.9. A lot has changed in this version. The theme customizer, menu customizer, and widget customizer are all gone. In WordPress 5.9, you can create and adjust all those things using the Block Editor. And you see all the results in real-time.

Since it can take quite some time to find your way around in WordPress 5.9, I decided to dive deep, practice a lot and create a tutorial about it. We will discuss creating a menu, creating the header, using classical or block themes, and Full Site Editing (FSE). I will show you how to navigate through the Gutenberg Page Builder and create a page from scratch.

We will add extra Gutenberg blocks, work with patterns (my favorite feature), and the Block Styler. I will talk about the header template, footer template, blog template, archive template, and we will add a sidebar and use blocks instead of widgets to fill your sidebar.

In my opinion, using Full Site Editing and The Gutenberg Page Builder is not the easiest and best way yet to create websites, but step by step, WordPress is getting better and better.

You can go to a specific subject in the video by clicking on one of the timestamps below.

Timestamps WordPress 5.9 Full Site Editing

00:00 Intro
01:29 Classical WordPress Themes vs. WordPress Block Themes
02:30 Old WordPress vs. WordPress 5.9
03:16 Create A Menu In WordPress 5.9
04:37 Add Pages To Your WordPress 5.9 Website
07:11 Adjust The Header
08:26 Configure The Logo
09:24 Can You Use WordPress 5.9 With Classical Themes?
10:14 Add A Block Theme / Full Site Editing Theme
13:05 Introduction To The Gutenberg Editor
16:34 Add Third Party Blocks To Gutenberg
18:31 WordPress 5.9 Patterns
21:25 Add Patterns From Multiple Block Themes
23:02 The Block Styler
26:42 Adjust the Global Colors and Block Styles

Make A Page Using Gutenberg
28:35 Create A Hero Section
33:40 Create An Advanced Button
39:00 Create A 3 Column Section
44:00 Finish The Page
48:35 Adjust Images
49:50 Optimise The Page For All Devices

51:28 Create A Blog Page
52:32 Adjust The Blog Template
56:21 Adjust The Footer
59:01 Create A Single Post Template
01:01:20: Create A Sidebar
01:06:24 Thank You
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