Wix Website Tutorials - Make Your Own Website with these tutorials using Wix.com

We scour YouTube to bring you the best wix website tutorials around. From a Wix Certified professional - and if you need help, you can always check us out at https://www.wixwebdesign.co or https://www.brandstreetagency.com - our Sister e-commerce website is https://www.illusionphotograph.com - like what you see, use Coupon 20OFF for 20% off our colorful phone cases.

The ULTIMATE Wix Website Builder Tutorial - This is the tutorial to watch to start building your Wix Website!

To start make sure you open a wix account: https://bit.ly/3yps2gr
Web Hosting - https://bit.ly/3LIWfuE

Next follow the steps to start creating a great looking website. It's not difficult using the Wix Editor and I wanted to show you how you can do it in 20 minutes. Of course you can continue editing after you've finished watching but this down and dirty tutorial is just what you need to get started.

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The ultimate Wix Website Design Tutorial - learn how to create a beautiful Wix Website, easily and quickly without any prior knowledge. Why Wix? Well, we are a Wix Certified Partner - what does that mean? We've created dozens of websites for our business clients using the Wix platform. Wix is by far the best platform for a beginner as it's a WYSIWYG (Wiz- EE - Wig - What you see is What you Get) type editor. Makes it super easy to create your website.

You could save hundreds of dollars by doing your own design. And if you're not comfortable, give us a shout out at https://www.brandstreetagency.com and we'll help you create an awesome website. #wix #wixwebsitedesign #wixbeginners #wix2022
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