Wix Review: A Web Developer tries to use Wix


In this Wix Review we're going to look at Wix from a Web developer or SEO expert's perspective. Fortunately for developers and designers all over the world, Wix is terrible.

The builder is extremely limited. Wix is so limited that even themes meant for programmers have more built in functionality than Wix.

With Elementor and GeneratePress, for example, we're able to set a responsive background image and select separate versions of the image to display on mobile, desktop, and tablet screens.

Not so with Wix, at least not that I could find. Heck, I couldn't even figure out how to set a background to certain sections in Wix.

Then we need to talk about performance. Simple switching from Wix to Shared hosting on BlueHost (even using JPGS on Bluehost and WebP on Wix, BlueHost was twice as fast as Wix right out of the box.

While Wix took about 12 seconds to load, Bluehost without optimizations loaded in 5.8 seconds.

Then by simply installing a plugin we were able to improve the efficiency even more down to like 2.1 seconds or something on BlueHost, still using JPGs instead of WebP formatted images.

If you're going to build a website, under almost no circumstances should you even bother wasting your time with a Wix Website. You'll almost always be better of on WordPress.

So this Wix review pretty much concludes that Wix is bad and should almost never be used.
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