Windows vs. macOs for Web Development - Online Talk

Traditionally web development has been about Linux, but due to the difficulty of use on some pre-made computers, many people have adopted Mac, which is ready-to-use and is able to do most of what Linux does. But did you know that while they look similar, they have very different internals?

Concurrently, in the 2010s, Microsoft has become a great player in the Open Source community, and some important people have switched to Windows and put so much love into making it a great development machine too.

For this talk, we are excited to welcome a software engineer Florian Brönnimann who will talk about the technical aspects of web development on Windows, what are the strengths and weaknesses and how to make the most out of each system when it comes to development, and much more.

In this workshop we will:

Explore what's the state of web development on Windows in 2022.
Cover the technical aspects behind the Windows Subsystem on Linux as well as development with native ports of the toolchains, explain which is best depending on the context.
Compare with the state of web development on Mac, the availability of open source software on both platforms, and why you might prefer to use one or another.
Show some little known tricks when working on Windows and Mac machines to be more productive, including some more obscure features of the new Windows Terminal.

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