WikiJS - Long request,I'm finally covering WikiJS - an Open Source, Self Hosted, Powerful Wiki!

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WikiJS Home Page

Raw Script to Install Docker and Docker-CE

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=== Timestamps ===
00:00 Beginning
00:09 Intro to WikiJS
03:15 Thank you to my Patrons at Patreon, and my subscribers on Youtube
04:55 Setup a Non-Root User in Linux
07:40 Setup our Docker folder Structure for Install
08:45 Add our docker-compose.yml file
12:15 Install Docker and Docker-Compose
16:50 Setup our Portainer-CE Instance (GUI for Docker)
18:20 Install WikiJS with Docker-Compose
20:30 Setup WikiJS
22:45 Setup a FQDN (Full URL) for our WikiJS Install with SSL
25:00 WikiJS Admin Dashboard
25:35 Create our WikiJS Main Page
28:30 WikiJS Settings
40:00 How to Contribute to WikiJS
41:30 Looking at a more Setup WikiJS System - Setup Navigation

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