Why is Django Web Framework Good for Web Development Companie #shorts

Before starting a web project, it is important to choose the right language and tools. Web libraries and frameworks play a massive role in defining your web application or website’s scalability, performance, speed, and user experiences.

While frontend frameworks take care of the look and feel of your web app, languages like Python govern the backend development. Python is simple to use and provides extensive libraries and frameworks to increase developer’s productivity.

Django web framework is the most popular Python-based framework, according to the 2020 JetBrains Developer’s Survey which surveyed more than 19,000 web developers.

Which companies are using Django currently?

Be it social media web apps like Instagram, government websites like Nasa, or media sharing platforms like Youtube and Spotify, the list of companies using Django goes on.

Companies prefer this framework because Django apps are cross-platform, scalable, database-driven and highly secure.

Along with companies, there are many freelancers and experienced developers who work with Django regularly. The Django community is very vast and helpful. Django has 59.4 K stars on GitHub with 2090+ contributors.
Some advantages of using Django are –

KISS and DRF compliant
Intelligent Templating System
Powerful Object Relational Mapper(ORM)
Automatic Admin Interface
REST framework
Safety and Security
Testing and Debugging Support
Web design
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