Why Getting Web Design Leads Is So Hard Now [and what to do about it]

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Getting web design leads has gotten a lot harder over the last few years for several reasons. Trying to be the one-stop shop for all web design and digital marketing services is no longer a profitable model for web designers. Even if you're a freelance web designer, there are better ways to get leads. Let's take a look.

The hidden problem with trying to reach leads beyond our referral network is that, as web designers today, we're not actually competing against other web designers. If you're positioning your business as a one-stop shop for web design and digital marketing, you're competing against Upwork, Fiverr, Bark, and all the online communities of freelancers.

If you try to run ads, for example, your ads are not competing against other freelancers. The ads are competing against Upwork and Fiverr. Upwork has a much larger marketing budget than web designers like you and me. I saw an Upwork ad on TV last weekend!

So, when you start trying to reach out beyond referrals so you aren't relying exclusively on word-of-mouth for leads Upwork has saturated the advertising space with their ads. They have also created a more solid offer than we can create on our own as small web design agencies.

The solution to all of this is to stop trying to compete head-to-head with Upwork and Fiverr by pivoting in a way that they can't. It's time for web designers to give up the fight for becoming an all-in-one solution for "garden variety" web design and digital marketing services. Upwork and Fiverr have won that battle. The new way to get leads for web design is first to develop a solution that solves a problem for a niche audience. Then, reach out to people who have the problem that you solve and offer them the results they need (not just the web design services they think they want).

When you pivot into offering business solutions and not just web design and digital marketing services, that not only how to get referrals but it becomes a complete client acquisition funnel to get more referrals and to get more clients even from outside your social circle.
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