What's the future of the full-stack web developer? Taylor Otwell interview (creator of Laravel)

In 2022, it seems like a lot of web development is moving to JavaScript and front-end libraries like React and Vue. What's going to happen to back-end frameworks like Laravel (PHP) and Ruby on Rails?

0:00 In the indie SaaS world, full-stack web devs are what you want
0:54 What's popular on web-dev-Twitter isn't necessarily what's popular
1:32 The kinds of web apps being built in JavaScript vs Laravel and Rails
2:21 Young developers are learning JavaScript first
3:34 How to attract more young developers to Laravel and Rails?
5:45 Most web apps don't run on Firebase; they run on MySQL
6:38 It's OK to be critical of the new stuff, but still be open to it.
7:44 How will Justin buy his drugs without knowing web3?
8:02 We need to make PHP (and Laravel) the fun, easy, accessible option
11:53 Many older web devs got started in HyperCard, Adobe Flash, Microsoft Access

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