What's Next: Startups, Privacy and Regulations with Kasia Toczko

Data privacy has never been a hotter topic. As can be found in the podcast, “Privacy is a human right” yet it is not a matter of great concern for many countries around the world. Today we check in with Kasia Toczko - Head of Communications at PrivMX on the importance of protecting your data and privacy as a startup, a team, and above all an individual. Tune in now!

In this podcast, we will find out:

7:46-12:12: The complex relationship between startups and digital privacy,
12:40-14:50: Where the borderline is in (data) regulations between helping and hindering progress,
21:00-26:25: The measures startups can take right now to better protect their data and privacy, tip of the day,

All about privacy and data protection: Listen Now.


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