What's Better UX Design or Development?

What's better a UX Designer or Developer? I've got 5 minutes to answer this one and it's going to be tough...

UX stands for User Experience. This is how a user (who is a person like you and me) interacts and feels about a product that you make. Every company in the world wants people to use the product that they create and as a UX Designer, it’s your job to make something simple to use, solve a clear problem, and put the end-user at the center of the design process. Thinking about and understanding who is going to use your product is important. 

An example of a product you might work on could be creating a new e-commerce website for a fashion brand or adding additional features to an existing mobile banking app. 

Just as a side note I’ve personally worked on both of these and that’s why I mention them without actually thinking of any fictional products haha. That’s the great thing about being a designer, you can work across many different industries because the tasks remain the same. 

A lot of people ask do you need to know code to be a UX designer. You may get a lot of different answers but from my experience, you don't. I know the basics of Html and CSS and that's it. As a junior designer, you don't need to know code as this is a different job. In every place, I've worked as part of the team are Front-end developers. 

A Front-end developer will take your design and make it come to life. They will put it together in code for whatever type of product you are working on. If you are designing a website then this will be HTML, CSS, and javascript. If you are designing an app then this will be different. There may also be Java developers (which is an entirely different code language than javascript just to make things confusing) on your team if things are a little more complicated. Many tools I've built have multiple front-end and java developers working together over multiple months to create. This is why I believe you don't need to know code. It might be nice to know but it certainly isn't necessary and I know this first hand so don't worry.

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