What Made This Customer Service Rep Endure Long Months of Rejection Before Landing His First Freela

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Masakit ma-reject. Tama?

No one wants it.

But it’s a reality we need to face as a freelancer.

Like our JasSuccess guest tomorrow who’s a former customer service representative.

Meet Papz.

He’s been freelancing for less than 12 months.

He loves spending time with his family while being able to provide for them. The work-from-home setup also helps them save money for their goals.

However, going full-time freelancing isn’t a walk in the park.

In fact, he faced many challenges including rejections and ghosting.

Let's get to meet him live as he shares with us his successful transition to freelancing.

How it all started for him.

The setbacks he faced.

And of course, how he got his first client.
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