What It's Like to Be a Web Developer - Episode 68 - RDPS

Roniel and DaRon discuss what it's like to be a Web developer (e.g., website developer, web designer, full-stack web developer, back-end web developer, web app developer). This video is intended to help people understand the position, itself, what's it's like, what it takes to become one, and other information. As will always be the case, our discussion is unscripted, organic, and completely off the cuff.

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\\ Main Video Content \\
00:00:00 - Introduction
00:00:50 - Barriers to Entry
00:02:31 - Different Kinds of "Web Developers"
00:06:35 - The Trouble With Web Design
00:07:25 - The Web Development Career Path
00:11:26 - The Result of Weak or Missing Coding Standards
00:13:21 - Pay/Salary
00:15:29 - The Problem With Low Barrier to Entry Jobs
00:17:41 - How Browsers Impact Web Design
00:18:52 - Freelancing
00:21:12 - The Impact of WYSIWYGs and CMSes on the Industry
00:25:48 - Final Advice
00:28:10 - Conclusion

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