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This video on What is web development and its future will explain the concept of Full-stack web development. Web development is one of the commonly heard phrases today. But what exactly is it? And what does it encompass? This video will answer all your questions. In addition, you will also go through the importance of web development in 2022. Below are the topics we are going to discuss in this Web Development tutorial.
00:00:00 What is front-end development?
00:01:45 Front-end languages
00:03:29 Front-end libraries and frameworks
00:04:23 What is backend development?
00:04:50 Backend languages and frameworks
00:05:32 Database Management System.
00:06:42 What is Web Development?
00:07:37 Frameworks and libraries in 2022.
00:08:25 Major Future Trends in Web Development.

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