What is UX & UI Design | Lecture One

What is UX Design
UX design talks about the kind of experience a user or a group of users receives when they interact with a product or a service.
The goal of a UX designer is to create accessible, efficient, relevant, hassle-free & pleasant user experiences.
The UX design considers every element that shapes their experience like how the user feels, and how easy it is for the user to accomplish the desired tasks. It could be anything from how a product feels when held in hand to the checkout process while purchasing anything online or a mere google search.
UX is focused on the user’s journey to solve a problem
UX is applied to physical and digital products both
UX creates structural design solutions for pain points experienced by a user anywhere along their journey with a product.

UI Design -
A human-first approach to design the AESTHETIC EXPERIENCE of a PRODUCT.
UI focuses only on the visual touchpoints that allow a user to interact with a product. UI is applied only on the digital products only
UI combines the use of typography, color palettes, buttons, animation, and images.
UI results in products that delight users aesthetically

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