What Is The PHP Setup And How To Optimise It For A Fast Loading Website

Approximately 50% of all webpages are delivered via PHP, an open source scripting language created specifically for web development. Making sure that your PHP Setup is optimised and updated is important for you because it will deliver higher loading speed on your site, meaning better user experience and thus, better SEO rankings.

But how can you manage your PHP setup and how can you optimise it for a fast loading website?

Despite seeming quite overwhelming, the truth is that nowadays managing and optimising your PHP Setup can be a piece of cake thanks to the latest technologies of top-notch hosting providers such as SiteGround. What some time ago meant hours and hours of code compiling, now can be done in just a few clicks. Let’s see how!

In this video, you will learn from the knowledgeable PHP expert Cal Evans:

00:00 Intro
00:24 What is the PHP Setup and why is important for page speed
01:42 How to optimise your PHP setup for maximum site speed
02:34 How to Update to the latest version of PHP
02:48 If you are managing your own server
03:01 If you host your website in a managed web hosting provider
03:48 How to manage the PHP setup manually
04:47 How to use the managed PHP setup service from SiteGround
05:03 What is the Ultrafast PHP setup from SiteGround
05:39 Main benefits and speed gains of Ultrafast PHP
06:30 How to activate the Ultrafast PHP setup on SiteGround

07:03 Wrap up
07:46 Final comments

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