What Is The Average Life Span Of A Website?

What Is The Average Life Span Of A Website?

David Kley of Hexxen Media Group and Orange Design discusses the average life span/expectancy of a website and factors that go into determining when to rebuild or refresh your online business entity.

0:20 - Between 2.5 - 3 years for most industries.

0:50 - Are you due for Technology Upgrades?
EX: Joomla, vs WordPress, vs Custom. Outdated Plugins, Version compatibility issues, etc.

1:50 - Has your content strategy changed?
Moving from No Updates, vs Scheduled Updates, vs Constant Updates.
Also, how easy is it to update your existing site?
Are you able to update yourself vs always calling your agency or "web person"?

3:00 - Have the design trends changed in your industry?
Modern is lots of whitespace, airy, simple, vs cramped, cluttered, and confusing. Take a look at sites in your industry and see what designs resonate with you the most, then go back and look at your own. Do you get the same feeling?

4:20 - Tired of hearing about mobile yet? Don't be.
Mobile friendly vs mobile-first indexing. Mobile rankings are different from desktop in many cases. Google can and will restrict the ranking of sites with a bad mobile experience in many cases.

6:08 - How are your rankings? Rankings and search traffic declines happen often for sites with "stale" content. Google likes to see fresh content, (that is USEFUL) and well-optimized.

6:55 - How are your conversions? Is your conversion rate declining or increasing? Do you make it easy for users to contact you in your desired method? (calls, forms, orders, etc).

7:50 - How to extend the lifespan of your Website.

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