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What is HTTP?
Hey guys! In this video I'm going over what is http (and also https). I discuss the most important things you need to know about what is the http protocol and how it works. HTTP is an important concept to understand as a web developer so if you've been struggling, need a refresher or want to have a better grasp on the topic, this video is for you. I talk about pretty much everything. From what is a protocol, an http request, http response, and what is an http client and server. I go into the details of how http requests and responses look like, especially when it comes to http request methods and headers, and response status codes and message bodies. I also discuss https and why it is also important. Hopefully, if anyone comes along and asks you what is http in the future, after watching this video, you'll know.

00:00 - Introduction
00:26 - What is a Protocol?
01:05 - Client/Server Communication
01:48 - Example in Browser
02:45 - Example with Curl
03:37 - Request Format
05:09 - Response Format
05:45 - Response Example (Curl)
06:43 - Response Example (Browser)
08:02 - Important Points
08:58 - Conclusion

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