What is HTML, CSS & JavaScript | Web Development Course #1 Introduction

Course covers everything you need to know about HTML

Basic syntax - all the common tags used to develop web content

How and where you can write HTML - top resources and links included

Learn about HTML structure within web pages

Explore HTML5 semantic elements

Build your own HTML template

Create HTML lists, hyperlinks, and add images

Build tables for even more HTML structure

Create Forms with in depth form examples and HTML tag explanations

Add iframes and more cool HTML elements

Create your own mini HTML site using only HTML

All this and more.

Course covers everything you need to know about CSS

Find the top resources and links to help you learn

The basics of styling

How to use Classes and ID to select elements

Explore ALL the colors for fonts and backgrounds

Move content display properties

Learn how to apply styling to common HTML like Lists, Tables, and more

Everything you need to style your text and make it look fantastic - including Google Fonts

Floats to position elements and content

The BOX MODEL - padding, margins, border, height, and width for each element

CSS positioning

Working with Hyperlinks and making it look good

CSS Pseudo Class

Course covers everything you need to know about JavaScript

explore how to write JavaScript basics

Data types the building blocks of coding

Using Variables to hold data

Functions invoking blocks of code

JavaScript operators and assignment syntax

JavaScript Objects and Arrays

Conditions and Switches to apply logic

Loops and iterating through data

Arrays and array methods

Document object to manipulate HTML element content

all this and much more

Course covers everything you need to know about JavaScript Document Object Model DOM

Selecting elements within the DOM

Manipulating element content and text output

Adding styling and classes using JavaScript

Event Listeners to add user interaction to your web content

Building and creating elements with JavaScript

Build an interactive list project from scratch

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrHQtWBVsxs&list=PLKf7GYNMvJ1OytXnsd1KDXjn9QVy7qnbj
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