What is Development? App, Web, and Game Dev Explained, including IDE, Coding, Design, HTML and more!

Layman's explanation for Software Development, broken down into App Development, Web Development, and Game Development.

This channel is dedicated to explaining complicated technology into simple terms that anyone can grasp, especially the layman. Learning about digital technology is important to the field of computer science, whether it is for the creative arts, coding or programming, data work, history, game development, web design, app building, and more. Whether it is tips, hints, tricks, hacks, or even a tutorial, education of these topics is what it is all about, whether for beginners or advanced, it is digital technology, explained!

Original music created using Logic Pro X and video edited via Final Cut Pro X with additional graphics provided through Blender 3D and the Unity Game Engine.

CC YouTube Videos:
5 Minute 3D Eyeball Blender Tutorial by omtay
9 - SQL - Show Tables of a Database by Trial & Error - Self Paced Learning
A Day In The Coder Life by Adron Hall
Add widgets to WIX from IDX Broker and IDXAddons com by RealtyCandy
Advanced SQL Tutorial | CTE (Common Table Expression) by Alex The Analyst
App Lab - Buttons 01 by Codergarten
Beginners Acrylic Painting Course by willkempartschool
binary code - free, 4k, 10 seconds loop, overlay by Gam Ol
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered Team Deathmatch | 24-13 (No Commentary) by Jax
Computer Code Flythrough Loop by AFK
Computer terminal code video sequence - free stock video by Eric Paul Goldie
Dixie Springs Utah - Open House by Nick & Michon Rastopchin, St George Realtors
Dollars Falling Down Background Video - Wealth Visualization Money Falling by Motion stock
Free Envato Elements and Elementor Plugins - Free Wordpress Templates by Carlos Barraza
Fortnite Gameplay | No commentary | Fortnite Victory by Dark Steel
GitHub - How to create a team in GitHub by DevopsGuru
Google Sites - Embed WordPress by Tom Mullaney
How to (2020) Release your game on GOOGLE PLAY by Epitome
How to create UML Class Diagrams with IntelliJ Ultimate macOS by Teacher Marcos
How to make a pop-up page using html CSS and JavaScript by Murtaza Hassani
How to MIRROR Geometry in Maya | Maya 2020 Tutorial for Beginners by Game Dev Academy
How to Post on Instagram 2021 Beginners Tutorial by Dan's Creative Space
How to Underwater lo-fi muffled effect | Drake sweep effect | Logic Pro x FL Studio Pro Tools by Sooper
I made a Roblox game in 10 minutes... by Ph4ntomize
In The Loop - How 3D Models Are Made in Games by Dreamloop Games
Intel Is Changing the Game for Indie Game Developer Renee Gittins by UPROXX Studio
Introducing WordPress 5.9 by WordPress
Introduction to Synfig Studio by Synfig
iPhone 11 Pro Max Review by PINet MMO
Learn over 30+ languages for FREE with Duolingo by duolingo
Learning To Use A Sledge-Hammer For The First Time... by Em Gems
Managing Mobile Games as a Business? by Slush
Marble texture GIMP Tutorial by GimperoArtiste
Material SnackBar with Action Tutorial (Android Studio 2020) by Code Palace
Page Types in Weebly by Lindsey Donhauser
Professional Guides: Getting Insight Into Work by GitHub Training & Guides
Project Reunite - Development Prototype Test run by STAR Team
Python vs C/C++ vs Assembly side-by-side comparison by xmdi
Reverse SNAP prototype test firing by Daniel Beaver
Scratch Tutorial: how to make a info button! by Corgi Playz
Shit Voice Over People Say Episode 1 by RMK Management
Space Parallax Design with HTML, CSS, and Javascript ( JQuery) by mr.uxdesigner
Steam Summer Sale 2021 Recommendations by SEANISONFIRE
Step 3: How to setup VLC on your Windows PC — ShotKam Tutorials by ShotKam
Super Mario 3D Land New York Launch Event! by Area DMG
Super Mario Bros NES First Level Gameplay | HQ | No Commentary by yuk1ne
synfig animation speedwork by Vn Ch
The Unreal Engine Developer Course Learn C++ & Make Games by Factor3D
Top 5 Best Smartwatch Picks 2021 With Review by ScottsProductReviews
Unity 3D : Menus Part 1 (Panel Backgrounds) by Royal Skies
Virtual reality glasses | Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap - review by Global consumer
What does a Frontend Developer Actually Do? by Gyasi Linje
Why doesn't my code work? Indentation Errors by TokyoEdtech
Wordpress: Templates and meta by Roel Van de Paar
XBOX SERIES X REVIEW: Controller, UI, Graphics & more! by SQUAD
Zero to iOS App In An Hour - Day of Curiosity #29 by Jeremy Pedersen

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