What is a Mini Prototype? | "Charlotte's Web"

So you want to spin a web?

You desire to craft a story people will remember, recommend, and retell to their friends?

Well, oh shucks, call me Charlotte ... because I am here and onboard to make that dream a reality!

Together we can weave a dynamic first draft outline that follows a story arc proven to be successful.

Together in four sessions we will work to develop:

** Three character profiles

** An inciting incident that entices a reader in Act 1

** An anchoring scene with a value change that maintains interest in Act 11

** And a major reversal that is irrevocable and transforms the main character in a way that is rewarding, making the story worthy the investment of time in Act 111

You will leave with a lot of spinning left to do but a semblance of whole in which to write and revise!

If this sounds of interest to you – please get in touch –[email protected]
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