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Website Designing Complete Course, Lecture#6 ( What is a http ),
Assalam -O-Alikum,
In this video we will provide u a complete Detailed video about "What is a http"How http works" http kiya hota ha" and " How http works" which is presented by paktasking,In this video "What is a http" We will learn about "Hyper Text Transfer Protocol" and about "What is a http in urdu". After this video we will learn What is a Https.What is Https and SSL...So,Keep watching our Web Designing course In which we will start from a Basic level than go toward Intermediate Level and than we will archive our ADVANCE level. On the next videos,We will learn "how to Build a website"" how to make website"At the end of the course I will give u FREE WEBSITE TAMPLATES WITH SOURCE CODE!!!!!!!
( web Development & Designing Course OVERVIEW)
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( What is a web site?)
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( What is a Web Browser )
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