What Does A Day In Life Of A Ux Designer Look like?

I know, so many of people that are not ui ux designer, are wondering what does a ux designer do in life. so in this video, I show my life from morning to night for you, to understand a day in life of a ux designer.

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being ux designer, is kind of nice. you're dealing with cool things, you learn more and more, and the best part is, you always keep going forward. that is the one thing I love about ux design. also ui design is kind of, um, cool.

imagine dealing with colors all day long. wouldn't you be happy? well anyone would be. right? so in short video, I told you what do I do during the day.
hope you enjoy.

00:00 my morning routine as a ux designer
01:01 when I leave home
2:02 it's noon!
02:48 afternoon
03:12 night
Web design
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