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What does good web design actually look like? Today, we're going to show you some good web design examples by looking at before/after shots of our web design work.

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Example 1: Stumpf's Lawn Care - 0:31
Example 2: Rehab1 - 1:43
Example 3: DeSouza Brown - 2:42

Our first example is Stumpf’s Lawn Care, a lawn care company in Lancaster. Discover some important elements of a great website they’ve used to improve their design:
• Clean, Attractive Design
- Looks modern
- Consistent colors and fonts
- Mobile-friendly responsive design: blog.ezmarketing.com/what-is-responsive-design
• Clear Call to Action:
- Get in Touch for a Free Estimate
• Impactful imagery
- Pictures are larger, use images of their actual work, makes you want those lawns
• Strong sales copywriting: blog.ezmarketing.com/how-do-i-write-better-sales-marketing-copy
- Customer-focused, talks about benefits of working with them
- Ex. get the “yard of your dreams”
• Provide Proof
- Added testimonials to build trust

Next we have Rehab1. Here are some of the elements of great web design used to help improve their overall website:
• Be clear about what you do
- Clear headline: “In Home Therapy Services” in residences and senior communities
• Make contact info easy to find
- Added a phone number in the header
- Contact page is more prevalent
• Easy to read
- No more big blocks of text
- Clear headlines & simple copy
• Clear Calls to action
- Added obvious buttons with active language: “Partner with Rehab 1” “Join our Team”

Finally, DeSouza Brown is a luxury property management company in Harrisburg area. Explore some of the elements focused on to improve their website design:
• Attractive Design
- Appeals to their customers: imagery on homepage shows diversity of people they work with
• Clear Navigation
- In a standard spot, which makes it easier to use
- Descriptive links: Apartments for Rent, Properties for Sale
• Robust Content
- Much more content on the page
- Broken into easy-to-read sections that explain what they do, and the types of homes they

Hopefully these web design examples gave you a better idea of what makes a good website and some things to look out for. We’ve got a free checklist of the elements of a great website: https://info.ezmarketing.com/great-website-checklist

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