What are Domain names and Web Hosting How to Buy Class 3

About This Class
Are you struggling in finding out an easy Web Designing Course in Hindi?

Are you struggling in finding out an easy WordPress Course in Hindi?

Are you struggling in finding out an easy eCommerce Development Course in Hindi?

Are you struggling with programming knowledge?

If yes, then your search ends here

In this course, you will learn how to make a WordPress Website without programming knowledge. I have explained the lectures in detail:

how you can start with the Domain name,
how to buy Web Hosting,
how to install WordPress,
how to create pages,
how to create menus,
how to integrate a shopping cart,
how to integrate Online Payments System and much more.
This course is 100% for Beginners - Those who don't know anything about Programming can easily create a Website with WordPress.

This course is designed in the Hindi Language to make it easy for the people who understand the Hindi Language in a better way.

So, if your search queries are:

WordPress in Hindi
How to make a website
How to make a website in Hindi
How to make an eCommerce website in Hindi
Learn WordPress in Hindi
Learn eCommerce in Hindi
WordPress for Beginners in Hindi
WordPress tutorials in Hindi, etc.
Then this is the right class for you. Enroll Today!

★★★★★★★★ Class Projects ★★★★★★★★

Once you complete this class then build an eCommerce website for a Pizza delivery business.

Following Tasks needs to be completed:

Integrate WooCommerce Plugin.
Integrate PayPal Payment Gateway(Create a free account on PayPal.com first).
Create 2 Product Categories - Veg Pizza & Non-Veg Pizza and set them as Menu.
Create 4 Pizza Products.
Create Add-on Options with each Pizza.
Set the Delivery Fee $5.

Building a Pizza Delivery website is an exact same process that I taught you in the eCommerce development part in this class. Only the products are different.
For adding "Add-on" options, use "Extra Product Options" plugin from WordPress.org
After completing all the lectures of my class, I am sure you will be able to build a complete Pizza Delivery Site. But if you would have any questions, feel free to ask.

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