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WordPress Web Design Pricing Plan. For small businesses based in Ireland.
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Website Starter is a bespoke designed one page website for single professionals and micro businesses. It’s created for you and for your visitors browsing your dream website. Simply, change the content within seconds and see the difference. You don’t need to be a programmer to change the code and it’s built on a super friendly, reliable and fast working drag and drop builder.

Let me explain you what features will you get
Website Essentials are the most useful and highly effective website elements like image slider, gallery, social media feed, testimonials, pricing table and many other - helping your visitors effectively make a decision on your dream website.

Booking & Contact Form - a professional contact form that will collect all enquiries to your business mailbox, and the copy of that business mail will be delivered to your private mailbox improving your awareness and reply reaction. You will also get a booking system that is very useful for all kinds of professional services starting from barbers up to dentists where clients can book date and time and you will be able to see and manage this booking within seconds. It also comes with analytical tools and reports so you will know exactly what is the income, what are the spendings.

Local SEO - Your dream website will be displayed next to others in your local area, which will improve visibility, discoverability and return of investment within 1 to 3 months since the website launch. Yes - this has been tested, feel free to check out my case studies.

Free Hosting and Domain - you’ll get a 1 year of free fast, secure and stable web hosting and web domain for free, simple as that.

SSL Encrypted - Is a cryptographic protocol created to link communication between user and server. Google and your visitors prefer websites with lock icons next to url addresses, it builds more trust so you will get this feature for free.

If you still don’t know which plan will be a better option for your wallet - let me know, click on the get started, fill out the form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
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