Website Guide Stage 2: Building Your Basic Website + SEO Basics | Website Planning & Web Design

This video is all about how to take your website plan and turn it into a published website. If you haven't already watched Stage 1: Planning Your Website, make sure to go ahead and watch that video first:

This is Stage 2 of our Website Guide series (Stage 3 is coming soon!) where you'll learn all about the basics of designing a website that will attract the right visitors for your business. We go through the five steps: Copywriting, branding, Setting up your site, local SEO, and synthesizing all of your marketing materials.

If you'd like to get all of this information in a downloadable PDF format, go to

0:00 Intro
2:42 The five steps to building your website
3:32 Step 1: Write your website copy
7:15 Step 2: Design your visual brand
8:01 Step 3: Set up your site
9:22 Step 4: Add local SEO
13:27 Step 5: Synthesize your marketing hub
18:16 Launch your website!
22:45 Outro


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