Website Guide Stage 1: Plan Your Website | Website Planning and Web Design for SEO

If you're starting a new business or you have an existing #business that you're creating a new website for, then this video is for you.

Later this month, I'm launching a free guide that walks you through the 3 Stages of creating a website from scratch - a website that will get traffic from Google - and so I've consolidated everything from Stage 1 into this video!

So this is everything that you need to plan so when it comes time to actually build your #website, you'll already have things in place so it doesn't take *forever*. This isn't necessarily a very SEO-specific video, but rather about the steps you take before building out and optimizing your site.

Stage 1 (this video): Website planning
Stage 2: Website + #SEO basics (coming soon!)
Stage 3: Website optimization (coming soon!)

0:00 Intro
4:51: Step 1: Choose your website software
9:07: Step 2: Buy your domain
11:23: Step 3: DIY or hire a designer?
13:22: Step 4: Identify your basic pages
16:21 Step 5: Map your customer journey
17:31 Outro

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