Website Development Coach Ashish Achieves ₹874,000 in 9 months

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Here's an inspiring story of Web Development Coach Ashish Shukla from Prayagraj.

He started teaching during the lockdown, working 8-9 hours, but he was unsatisfied with his earnings and wanted to scale up his business.

Then in mid-2020, he came across the Freedom Business Model and joined our community with his hunger to grow and dedication. He quickly implemented his knowledge, built his courses and community around his niche, and achieved ₹874,000 in 9 months.

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✅ Income - ₹874,000 in 12 months
✅ Designation - Web Development Coach
✅ Community - Code Karo
✅ Students - 1200+ Members
✅ Based In - Prayagraj

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