Website Designer Sydney - 7 reasons we use WordPress web design - addictiondigitalmarketing.com.au

Web Designer Sydney - 7 reasons we use WordPress for Web Design - addictiondigitalmarketing.com.au

00:00 7 Reasons we use WordPress for our Website Design.

00:10 Reason 1. Most commonly used CMS for website design. WordPress is the world's most popular content management system, CMS allows you to make changes easily to the look and feel of your website without detailed coding.

00:40 Reason 2. Easy to use, set up, and maintain your website. WordPress provides a simple interface that reduces the amount of time, knowledge, and effort needed to manage your website.

00:53 Reason 3. It's an open-source technology. This means that the code is not owned by one company, you can use the software how you want to a huge community of developers around the world maintain WordPress and contribute to its going development.

01:20 Reason 4. It's flexible. The huge range of themes and plugins makes WordPress really versatile. So you can use it for all types of businesses.

02:05 Reason 5. It scales with your business. It's easy to start simply and add to your website as your business grows.

02:20 Reason 6. It's cost-effective. WordPress is free to install and use. You just need a hosting account and a domain name, saving your budget for more exciting things like SEO to help your business grow.

02:34 Reason 7. It's mature. WordPress is more than 18 years old, meaning any early-stage bugs associated with first iterations during software development have been ironed out.

So that's why we choose WordPress for our website design and development.

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Web Designer Sydney - 7 reasons we use WordPress for web design - addictiondigitalmarketing.com.au
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