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Good day to everyone!
My name is Ivan, i am a web designer, and it turned to be that I really enjoy this business.
I have already had an experience with landings, business card sites, corporate, online stores.
I work with different types of clients as with coaching, psychology, construction business, design studio as well as the car delivery.
I will be glad to open the door of opportunities and enlarge my knowledge by dealing with any new other fields, because something new is always interesting. "Never stop learning, life teaches us every day".
The image of my ideal client is a person who guesses, understands, knows for sure about the need for his own website.

What can I do on the web nowerday?
1. Conduct market analysis in your area. Highlight the strengths / weaknesses of competitors
2. Analyze the audience and make hypotheses regarding visualization and animation
3. Draw the design of the site in the Figma program, Open access for you to work together with edits
4. Transfer the design to the Tilda platform, I am also at the stage of learning Webflow
5. It is possible to work under a contract. I break all the work into stages, for general convenience with the fulfillment of obligations
6. I teach the necessary skills for minimal site editing without involving a developer.

And last, but not ileast, i love sincere, open-minded people who know how to negotiate. Do hope to see you very soon for the new challenges and well-deserved opportunities.

I am fluent in Russian and Ukrainian. With the help of a pro interpreter, I can hold the conversations and meetings in English, French and Italian.
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